Weight I have lost

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That Whole Year in Review

Well if you want to know about it, just go read. :)

However, as I was getting ready for a holiday party I put on my favorite sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. Hold the phone...I wore this last year on this date (minus a day). And I have a picture.

So this is 25+ pounds lighter Al (with a camera that desperately needs to be replaced since it has no flash). Last year, I positioned that Santa Claus infront of me so you couldn't see the pulling of the shirt. If you look closely you can see the pulling on the sides of the 18W jeans, you can see the multiple chins, you can see my cheeks trying to impersonate Santa's.

This year, there may be a little pulling in my 16 (Note- no W behind that 16) jeans. But they button and I need a belt to keep them up. Someone told me I need to get rid of my favorite sweatshirt (I realize it does nothing for me, but I love it). And I have less multiple chins. I need to buy some more makeup and hair gel.

And give thanks to Delane at Euphoric Agony for sending me her "fat" clothes (those were her jeans- the 16s, not the 18Ws...they eventually split in the thigh, so I had to throw them out.).

Let's hope to more weight loss and healthy running in 2011. I just bought some compression pants to run in. Supposed to hold in my hip and my back all the way through my IT Band.
We shall see.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magnet for Douchebags!

It's been long known that I don't like people. They annoy the shit out of me. Today was no exception. It started in the grocery store.

I do not understand packing out the grocery store after 8AM on a weekend. Especially a 24 hour grocery store. Why aren't things done at night? So after figuring out the cart couldn't get to the meat section, can only go down certain aisles in the veggie section, forget about going down the soup aisle, I was doing good. Then we hit the chip aisle, the soda aisle, and dairy. You couldn't go straight from eggs to cheese to orange juice to milk. It didn't make a difference since the packer didn't pack out OJ, and when I mentioned this, he didn't offer to go in the back (the vegetable packers know I'm a bitch and will go through their boxes or go to the back and ask for what I need). The coke man had his forklift thing in the middle of the aisle so no going down to get overpriced soda (when the gas station is cheaper than the grocery, that is sad). So Frito Lay man wouldn't get out of our way, and I had it. My mood quickly sank. After getting home, I went to the gym.

One treadmill and all TVs had ESPN. However, my TM had the remote, so I watch a Law and Order that I had only seen 17 times. I was not watching Cam Newton, douchebag. Anyway the gym was a little more crowded than usual. So there is a famous Douchebag who won one of those cooking shows who goes to my gym (Edited- He only came in as a finalist so he is a loser). He doesn't do anything at the gym (which is clearly evident from the fat rolls on his turkey neck). He is a DB because he insults other chefs around town for their style of food. So anyway he comes into the cardio section and sits (doesn't pedal) on a bike and talks on his phone. After that workout, he stands on a treadmill and talks on the phone. He got off, when someone asked him if he was actually going to use it (there was a line for the treadmills). But complete lack of clue. So KG, you have officially surpassed RB in douchebaggery.

Another person annoyed me on the treadmills. I do not understand going so fast that you can't keep up. Every 5 seconds, the woman beside me was on the rails of her treadmill. Seriously she probably could knock down a mile off her total. What is wrong with going slow and steady? However she liked me a lot. With my new Justin Bieber haircut (yes, I look better than Tom Brady), when I shook my head, she got a ton of my sweat. So in that respect, I'm glad her TM went fast. She was gone faster!

I really need to find my headphones so I can drown these people out!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oops! I did it again!

I was all excited last month that I would be able to run again and start training for a Mercedes Emblem that I could wear around my neck. But that pesky bursitis decided to not let me. So alas, I didn't sign up. I took off most of November (I ran once).

Guinness has reached 36 pounds (hooray). We are getting used to the fact that we are house-bound or can only travel limited distance, thus cramping our vacation style (not to mention that pesky thing called $0.00 in savings and a $90/wk Guinness-food bill).

Once again, I had to fight the government and won (sort of), with them charging me $500 for a water bill. I say sort of because it turned out no one actually read my water meter for 2.5 years. They read my neighbors. So my neighbor and I both paid the same water bill, except they paid it for their meter and I paid it based off a reading off their meter but the reading was assigned to my meter (typical Atlanta bureaucracy). Anyway after writing my councilmen, the mayor, the water commissioner and the deputy water commissioners, I was noticed and we worked out something we can all live with.

The hip still hurts. I'm kind of resigned to it hurting forever. It isn't full blown can't walk hurt. It is "getting on my nerves, low grade hurt." So after ignoring my Kentucky Derby emails for 3 months, I knew I had to make a decision. Why now...because one of the emails gave me a discount if I signed up in November because I answered a survey awhile back.

To run or not to run. I knew D wanted to do it. I know I want to do it. I know Guinness, if still alive, will be coming with us and it is a long car ride. D said if I couldn't run it, he would walk it with me. I told him don't be silly, he would just have to wait at the end for a really long time. :)

So Monday, I saved that whopping $5 and...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Romp and Stomp 5K

Romp and Stomp today! So this is the first 5K I have run since January. And the first race I've run since the half-marathon in April. And the first race post physical therapy.

All week I've been worried about running it because my hip/ass hurt (thank you insurance company for deciding the doctor and physical therapist didn't know what they were talking about and going against their orders, canceling all further appointments...iroll).

This morning D and I woke up. My ass hurt and it was cold. I stretched out the muscles and got up. A little sad...Porter died a year ago today, and we are coming to the conclusion we will be doing the same with Guinness sooner than later. Anyway, we got dressed. It was 34 degrees. What to wear...a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt and running pants. Hmmm do I have a hat? D found it. Got my knee brace, and Garmin and music. A was outside waiting for us, and off we were. We parked .33 miles away from the start and walked over. It really wasn't that cold.

Porter in my hat, 2008

Since we got our race packets yesterday, there was nothing to do but wait for 20 minutes. Of course A found a zillion people she knew (maybe really only 2). They said there was 10 minutes so we headed to the start. True Atlanta form, we had chips but no race start mat, so again, glad for the Garmin. We were talking and then all of a sudden everyone started running. I guess the race started. Turned on the music, the HRM, and hit start on the Garmin when I got to the start line.

D was off. I paced A for about .7 miles, and then she decided she wanted to run faster (no, I wasn't running next to her to find this out, her feet just started going faster). I noticed I was having trouble breathing (cold air in the lungs).

This is a flat course by ATL standards...lots of little fast hills. I passed part of where the Beltline is going (I'll be dead before this project happens). Also passed the coffee shop that allows dogs as long as they aren't Rotts or Pitts (either allow all or none, imo). Apparently my friend was by there volunteering, but since I run with my head down, I didn't see. I hit 1 mile. 12:36. Um that can't be right. I am not moving that fast. But ok. But shit! My Garmin was on bike status so no pacing info. Oh well, I'll survive.

I passed Old Man. I recognized him from the last time I ran the Romp and Stomp. I couldn't pass him last time and I was running and he was walking. Go me! I passed him. Most of this mile was in the "residential" area. If you are familiar with Cabbagetown, you know the houses basically touch each other and walking distance to the mill (now those houses are a good bit of money and the mill is condos...where the tornado hit in 2008). So winding up and down 2 streets (2nd mile 13:09), and then up past my favorite bar, Milltown. I was all by myself (since the people who jumped in the race, aka cheating, had passed me). I was pretty sure the old man and the police were the only ones behind me. I was by no one. Up to the Krog Street Tunnel (awesome flooded pics during the floods of 2009). Garmin didn't like the tunnel. I started it at mile 2.57 and finished at 2.87. This tunnel out and back is NOT .3 miles. But apparently it isn't much shorter. So out of the tunnel, and my ass was hurting. I thought if I stopped (I was on a hill) I wouldn't restart. I wasn't sure where the finish was, because the course had changed, so I kept going. My watch beeped mile 3. It said 12:02. Um, no f-ing way. I could actually see the mile 3 marker, so I decided to go with that. Although I forgot to look when I got there. I turned again and saw D! That means the finish is near!!!!

Sure enough I could see the finish. I really had no kick because the cold was hurting my lungs. D ran the end with me. I crossed at 40:18. This is my 2nd best time. Garmin said 3.18 miles.

I met up with A. D had gotten a PR, and A was content with her run. They both were excited I ran the whole thing. I think a little more than me, since I was a bit disappointed with my time. I sat on a stone wall (icing my ass), and then we left. While walking back to the car, I started thinking...I ran 3 miles for the first time since August. I ran the whole thing. What do I have to be disappointed about? So I decided I like my time. I relaxed for the most part while running, and felt ok. How can I fault that? Go me!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Pics of the Pups

Because I do love to torture them...

Mom, I told you I don't want to be a pumpkin!

I'm Super Scuttlebutt!

Changed my mind! I'm a Pumpkin!

Snow White. That's better!

Look at me! I'm so cute!

Enough of this, I'm going to go dig in the bushes!

What? I have to come inside! Ok! But Dirt, I'm coming back to dig!

&#@*($&@#*($^ Hip

So D and I went running on the track on Saturday. They redid my lovely track. It is now burgundy and foamy. Long gone is the pot-holed asphalt circle that I loved. Oh well. I ran consecutively for 2.5 miles. Then the ass started hurting so I walked. Then I stopped and rubbed my ass. Yes, quite a sight. I finished the 3 miles at about 41 minutes. I was happy. The hardest things...to run without thinking about pace, regardless of my watch. My head keeps telling me faster, faster. Anther hard thing is to actually stop when I hurt. I really focused on it. And another hard thing is to actually not think about being hurt. I keep thinking if I run fast, I might hurt myself. So it is all vicious. But the hip and ass felt pretty good after the run.

Scuttlebutt ran with D. He can run 2 miles. D can run a lot more. So D's time was way off. Gdog stayed home. I don't even think she knew we were gone. I did all my stretches when I got home.

So imagine my dismay on Monday when my hip started hurting. I took my Aleve, did my stretches, etc. Tuesday, I got up to go run, and it hurt (and it was cold). So no go. Wednesday, same thing. Today, I'm really hurting. And I have a 5K on Saturday. WTF?

I'm up another freaking pound. I read what everyone wrote, last week. Being an engineer, I couldn't ever journal I drank 1 glass of something without measuring it. Same goes for food. So I know my portions are correct, and I write as I go. Since I don't cook, I don't ever have tastes. And I actually focused on it to make sure I wasn't having bites, licks or tastes. One time I had 1 tsp of feta (told you I measure). It is most likely stress, but seriously, I'm up 7 pounds from the lowest weight. That is going to take like 6 months to get off. I'm so ticked off with WeWa right now. I figured if I'm up 7 pounds, let's make it real. So I had a cookie (4 points).

Gdog is doing ok. She still stares at walls. I'm still positioning her in front of the TV so she doesn't looks so pathetic. She lost .6 pounds at her weekly vet visit. But she has also been sick all over the house, and hadn't had her 2nd (or 3rd) feeding yet that day So, I wasn't too upset with that. Plus she had fun afterward at PetSmart and in the car. The ALZ meds are supposed to make her not get much worse. I'm not sure what that means. I mean, a dog who refuses to eat, stares at walls and pees indoors and wonders what she is supposed to do outdoors? How much worse do you get? I don't want to even find out. Still she has taken up playing with SB some. And her smile is still infectious. And she still loves belly rubs. So she and I are still happy, even with this *(#&$*(&@#Q$(& hip.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Up and Down and Up

I'm not really sure what my weight it doing except going up. I'm following WeWa, but I just watch my weight go up. A well balanced diet and exercise must not be the key to losing weight.

Exercise, Al? You did what? Yes! So far this week I ran two times, both before work. I ran Tuesday and Wednesday. Well I walk/ran, as that is all I can do. But I'm below 30 minutes for 2 miles, so that is something. Wednesday's run caused my hip some soreness, so I took today off. I don't feel sore today. So I'll try tomorrow morning and see how I do.

In other news, D diagnosed Guinness with Cognitive Disorder Syndrome (why is disorder and syndrome in the same problem?). What is that, you ask? Doggie Alzheimer's. She pretty much has met all the criteria. One of the vets seems to think she has a brain tumor, but after thinking about it, D and I don't think it is that, because for all her issues, she would have been dead by now and even if not dead...as many blood panels as this dog has endured, it would have picked something up. So another one of G's vets agreed it could be CDS. So she is on drugs. They won't make her better but should stop the progression, if they work (60% chance). I actually feel good with a diagnosis because I can stop telling vets that there is something wrong and having no one believe me. It still is hard though watching this dog just stare into walls. Oh well, it is what it is, and look out if you think G was spoiled before!

We were going to do a 5K this weekend, but it was sold out. So the 5K next week is still on. I'm excited.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Quick Update

Guinness is "on the mend." She still has a feeding tube, and I don't think she'll ever recover but she seems to be happy. She did get steroids on Wednesday, which she didn't take too kindly to (hyper ventilating, vomiting, mucusy and gassy). Thursday we didn't give her any, and she was fine. Today I took her to the vet. The vet insisted it wasn't the steroids, but I think came around to the fact I wasn't giving Guinness anymore. So back on Tuesday for a new dressing for her food tube. We came home and I fed her. And made an appointment for her and Scuttlebutt to see Santa.

Tuesday, the insurance company informed my PT it was my last visit. It was bittersweet. I really enjoyed going. Especially the last few weeks because it was a great tension reliever. I'll miss K, but I know where to find her.

I also signed up for a 5K. K (the PT) told me to go for it. I just have to know when to walk. I can do that.

So after work, Wednesday I went to the gym. I ran/walked 2 miles in 29 minutes. I felt pretty good. Stretched afterward.

My weight was down from last week but not much and not what the ticker says. Oh well, I'm working on it.

This weekend, I am planning another run, a trip to the eye doctor, taking Scuttlebutt to daycare and playing with Guinness. SB has been a real trooper. He knows something is up, and being a puppy (he is 18 mos, but he will be a puppy until he is 8 or 9 yo), he has a hard time understanding he doesn't get all the love. But he does back off Food Tube time. Oh and my bike gloves come in handy for the food tube syringes. Since I'm not biking, I'm glad they have another use.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's just Beer!

So since August D and I have been planning to go to the Knoxville Brewer's Jam. It would be our only vacation this year, as we are still in unemployment debt. In early September I bought the tickets. D's parents and my dad paid for the hotel (D's bday present). We were worried about Guinness and who would watch her. Feeding her had become a chore. After getting on Puppy Prozac, we seemed comfortable letting her go to daycare.

Then the whole specialist thing happened. Then she got a food tube. No problem. She could come with us. And for 3 weeks, Oct 16 was just going to be fun. It was ingrained in my head.

So feeding G with a food tube has proven to be a challenge. Our hands hurts; I'm developing carpal tunnel in my thumb from pushing food through syringes; we routinely get "Fuck you and die" looks from Guinness. Fun times. Still October 16!

Friday night, D and I were both tired. Fed G and we all went to bed. I fell asleep with G and D in the bed. It was about 930. At 1115, we heard moaning. Being as I can sleep through anything, I was confused. I thought it was SB whining to go out. I was petting Guinness in the bed. Wrong! I was petting SB, and Guinness was moaning and gasping for air. She couldn't breathe. D got up and she had puked in the room twice. He went downstairs and it was much worse. I noticed the plunger wasn't in G's food tube. We couldn't find it, so D got the spare which didn't have a top. She seemed a little better but still had trouble breathing. We got dressed (put hoodies over our pajamas) and off to the ER, which we didn't know where it was. I sat in the back while D drove. I really don't know what he did. Between crying that this was "the time", and trying to console G, and drinking water, we were suddenly there. We got there at midnight. I was so disoriented, I realized today that I gave them the wrong phone number (like I messed up my own). They took her back and said something about the plunger top. She tried to bite them when they took her temperature (normal). They took her for x-rays, where she also tried to bite them.

The vet came in with the X-rays. G's stomach had these big blobs on them as did her intestines. "Oh God! Look at all those tumors," is what I thought. Um no. She had massive gas in her stomach. The vet said she was going to keep her for observation, and to get another X-ray. They brought back in having given her baby colic meds, and Pepcid. G laid on the flood and slept while the vet got more of the history of what has been going on. Considering no one can find anything wrong with her, the vet kept referring to G as anorexic. After talking to her some more, with G still sleeping, the vet assured us she is not in pain, her quality of life is not bad so no putting her down, and it isn't her time yet. But had we not come, she could have developed bloat. After about an hour, G was quietly sleeping, so the vet let us go with no additional x-rays. She gave us a ton of papers. I asked about traveling to which the answer was, "Why couldn't she?"

So, we got home and cleaned up the downstairs. Finally fell asleep at 3AM. The alarm clock went off at 6AM and it was too early. I reset it for 7. At 7, D and I discussed going. He said, "It's just beer. There will be other festivals." I rolled back over, with G next to me, and we both slept until 1030AM.

D and I discussed going to tailgating with friends (I had given my GT tickets away). We decided to get breakfast first (fried ribs with white BBQ sauce!) and a beer. I got a bit weepy which was another fear of the festival (1 beer, drunk and weepy). So we passed on the tailgate. We came home and fed G. Of course she lost the plunger again. But the rest of the day, she was good.

Today one loss of the plunger, after eating. Tomorrow it will be duct taped before going to work.

1 run this week. PT said I can run 7 minutes at 4.3mph. I have yet to try, although I did walk G today for probably .3 miles.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Clear Your Head

So this was the week to get back to running.
Monday is always a rest day, so I went to work. I had a class all week. So I just sat in class and learned about project management. And that, what a total racket. I should market a process and charge for something that should be common sense. My God!

Anyway, D took G to the vet on Tuesday. We were all excited that she had taken her meds, she was eating and seemed to be better. He emailed me in class, and said she had lost another pound. Tears instantly started. I sat in the class and cried. I'm sure I was a great student for the instructor. D said we had to take her to a specialist. Seriously, again? This can't be happening to us. We just went through this 11 months ago with Porter. Needless to say, I came home and we cried and played with her. Wednesday she acted normal, and we were confused. More crying. More wondering. Still in class. Still no gym.

I checked with the instructor. I had to attend 80% of the class. So D and I agreed whatever the doctor said, I wasn't going to find out until 4PM on Thursday. At 3 he called me. All her tests were negative. They were going to run a test for Addison's. I googled it and it was a manageable disease. I never have prayed so hard for a disease.

Friday I took the day off, because we thought we were going to be putting her down on Thursday, and then if it wasn't Addison's we didn't know how I would react. Well Friday D called me (he went to work). Not Addison's. The specialists are at a loss. Another appointment on Monday. I thought about what I would do if D weren't in the picture. I would get the endoscopy as planned and the food tube. But if that turns out to be nothing, I would stop. At what point do you say, she is *just* a dog. Well head X-rays are the stopping point for me. D said the same thing. So we hope the endoscopy will find something, but I'm not optimistic. But we know our plan.

Friday night, I got an email that I passed my test. I'm a Certified Reliability Engineer. I want to celebrate but it seems like forever ago that I studied and took that test.

D and I decided not to go to GT's homecoming. The thought of all the people was too overwhelming, and both of us were emotionally exhausted. We dd play with G and Scuttlebutt outside. G likes to dig holes and stand on the neighbor's lawn.

Guinness 2 weeks ago

Saturday we went to the gym. Guinness wanted to go. But she has major hip deterioration, so it's a no go. Anyway, the gym was fine. I got 2.2 miles in 37 minutes (walk 5, run 5 etc.). Hip felt better to run on than to walk. Actually hip was fine, it was the butt muscles. We went to lunch to try a new beer, which wasn't there, so we had (yes, we HAD to go) to go to a bar to try another beer. After, we went to the grocery to get doggie treats. We watched football, played with G and Scuttlebutt, and I might have passed out at 830pm.

I have running on the agenda this week. It keeps my head clear. And God knows I need it.

We are still planning on the beer fest in Knoxville next weekend. Guinness will come with us, and SB will go to daycare. Instead of bar hopping after the fest, we will get a growler or 3 and some pizza and spend time in the Hilton. Guinness will have another state crossed off her list. The US Traveler.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well I met my goal today (weight loss). Now I have to change it. I couldn't figure out for the longest time why I set the goal there. I'm still not really sure. It isn't a century change. It isn't a round number lost and it isn't a 10%. But it is what it is. Now I have to figure out what to change it too. I think I have 60 more pounds to lose to get to the "proper weight." I don't know if I have ever been the "proper weight." Whatever, I will just set another goal and meet that. I definitely know, that I'm not setting it for 60 pounds. That would be defeatist.

It seems we have only had one new recipe so far this week, chicken in pan sauce. I was eh about it, because it was too salty. But I think it can be good.

I saw the doctor on Tuesday, and got more X-rays. (Why couldn't he have done this on the first set of X-rays?) My pelvis is definitely off, but he thinks lifts in my left shoe will do the trick. Although he couldn't explain why my left shoe wears out faster than my right one, since my right foot strikes first (left hip is the hurting one).

I haven't run or stretched (properly) since Sunday. I have studied more than I think I have ever studied for anything. And I still don't feel ready. Also all the studying is hurting my leg. Of course it is because I study, sitting Indian-Style on the bed and then bend over a book. The PT told me to stop. I don't know how to study any other way. I guess she wants me to use a table and chair. Eh. I have until Saturday and then this will be done and assuming I fail, I will get to retake this exam in March. Yeah, I have a positive attitude. I despise statistics, and I can't for the life of me figure out if you have N samples with a standard deviation of this, at a 10% Confidence level what is the range for the reliability to be 95%. Do you use a Z table or a 2-tailed tolerance table? I don't know. Every time I think I know, I'm wrong. Of course all the tests I've taken provide both answers in the multiple choice. (Oh, and I don't know what I'm talking about either).

So Sunday, I'm going to walk. And Tuesday I will walk. Wednesday I will assess. Wednesday seems very far from now...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Jogged!

So D and I have been eating and drinking heavily giving no thought whatsoever.

Yeah, um no. I'm journaling, drinking water and eating healthy (if Kraft Mac and Cheese is healthy--sorry I love the stuff).

Yesterday was ribs and beer. I got a good buzz before the GT game (drunk before noon...hooray!). Anyway, yesterday was the walking and sit down, stand, sit , stand test. I felt decent (especially with beer). We got to 4th quarter and the sun hit me before anything else. They ran out of water, and after 96 oz of soda and sitting directly in the sun, I was just HOT. Plus Tech was sucking!!!

So we left. My leg felt fine, but lung power? OMG! I had none. I was breathing heavily. I was that fat chick walking and huffing and puffing and wheezing walking 10 feet. Anyway, I kept pushing and FINALLY got back to the car. D drove home and I studied for about 10 minutes before I fell asleep for 2 hours. Woke up and watched a lot of games and at 8, thought I was going pass out from exhaustion.

This morning, woke up and went with D for a bagel. Came home and made the grocery list...a few new recipes will be added this week to the other blog. Then I went to the gym for the jog.

I felt a little twingey, but decided to ignore it. Started 5 minutes of walking at 3mph. 5 minutes passed. Ramped up to 4.3 mph, and ran for 5 minutes. Hip felt fine. Back to 3mph, up to 4.3 mph, back to 3, up to 4.3 and back to 3. 2.01 miles total. I then did 30 minutes of stretching.

Felt fine. So walking out to the car 2 cops pulled a car over, 4 cops jumped out with guns drawn running to the car. No place for me to duck incase of a shootout (yes, I thought about that). I got in my car, and still couldn't go anywhere because the cops blocked me in. Whatever it was, a cop moved a car and off I went to the grocery.

I'm sore now, but I'm not sitting correctly. So off to study and sit correctly.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jogging...Not Sure What That is

So this week, I hit 26 pounds. I'm not sure how since D, Guinness and I sat on the front lawn on Saturday and consumed lots of beer.
But 3 days in a row the scale was reading about the same so I'll take it.

PT Tuesday and she informed me that I could walk 15 minutes on Wednesday, 20 Th, 25 F, 30 from Sat-Tuesday. (treadmill flat surface). I also took a practice test for my exam. I did poorly. Studying took a priority over exercise. Although Thursday I took some time and went to the gym. D did 3 miles while I walked 1 mile and did a ton of stretches.

Today, I can't walk. I had PT. I told her I had thigh pain. WTH? So I changed and we figured out why (no, I don't look at myself in the morning, I guess). I have a bruise/cut on my thigh that is purple/blue/black/yellow/red. PT lady was laughing at me, because it got there between last night and today. So I know I was sober, but no clue where I hit my thigh. Anyway she had me do squat walks today. You put your legs in the green stretchy thing and get in the squat position and walk sideways down the hall, and back. In the squat position. Twice. I begged her to let me run a HM, because it had to be easier than this. OMG!
All the usual stretches.

And she wrote a letter to my doctor explaining her thoughts of why I need an orthotist for orthotics if I'm to keep running. (I called Doc to get a referral to the orthotist and got told to come in for an exam instead).

But... I'm all happy I got to walk on the treadmill. PT lady changed her mind. Walk 25 minutes today on the TM. Tomorrow take a break because I have to walk to the football stadium and stand up sit down stand up sit down. If my pain is less than a 1 on the 1-10 scale, on Sunday I get to jog for 5 minutes. I don't know what jogging is, but I think it is running with a less serious face.

So here's to GT winning tomorrow and for my leg to not hurt.

Because I want to be all clown face on Sunday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More than 5.5 years, but...

So watching what I'm eating has been becoming very life-consuming since I can't run it off at the moment.

So I started the month tired of counting points, calories or anything. And Football meant beer consumption. I gained 2.5 pounds, and decided to just do Weight Watchers last week, and not Sparkpeople. I tracked all the beer. I tracked the dip. I tracked the 30 points I eat a day instead of fewer points. And I woke up this morning to a 3 pound loss.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Old and Grumpy but not Rude

I got my shot yesterday.

It was a mildly amusing visit. I am walking to the office building. This old man sees me and runs to the door (many doc's offices in the building). He doesn't hold the first set of doors. After he doesn't hold the second set I went, "Thank you for not holding the door. Your manners are apparent!"

With that, I went to the rest room and forgot about the man. Went to the doc's office. Guess who was there? Yep. He was filling out paperwork. I signed in and saw we had the same appointment time. No biggie. The doc seemed efficient last time I was there.

So I'm sitting there and the doctor (not the nurse) calls me back. Old man goes, "I was first. Why does SHE get to go back." I'm like, "Whatever, he can go before me. Seriously dude." The receptionist goes, "Sit down and shut up. You haven't even finished your paperwork." The doctor sees all of this. I'm now laughing; the doc is rolling his eyes. Anyway, I go back. It takes all of 20 seconds to get the shot. It didn't hurt at all (I can handle a shot, but not a papercut). Then the doc talks to me for 10 minutes about current events. I guess he didn't want to see the other guy either.

I was telling a friend about this, and she said she hopes she never gets old and grumpy. I said old and grumpy was fine, but being rude is entirely different.

Now as for the cortisone, silly me thought it was going to be like Novocaine, for some reason. I couldn't have been more wrong. Today I'm sore...more bruised feeling. It hurts to walk, but sitting is fine. So hopefully in a few days, I'll feel better.

Still in PT. I have lots of stretches to do.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Staying Positive

If you know me or read about me, you know I'm just a naturally optimistic person, 100% of the time, never waiting for the other shoe to drop.

OK, now that you stopped laughing...yeah, this week was very odd.

G-dog's health isn't great. She has lost a ton of weight in the past year (18 pounds), when she was supposed to gain (5). So I'm resigned to the fact the end is near, I just don't know when. D was on vacation this past week, and I think wasn't as "comfortable" as I was with this news. He took her to the vet on Tuesday when she lost yet another pound. I tried not to think about it, because this was about the same time last year that Porter started on her vet visits, and we all know how that ended up. Anyway, D called me and said G has a sore left hip and he got her appetite stimulants. We looked up the appetite stimulant and it is an anti-depressant. So...is your dog supposed to look like you, because I thought you were supposed to look like your dog? But G has sore hips and is now on "Doggie Prozac." She has eaten some, but today she wants to be left alone. So that's what she is up too. Although the other day, the dog was so high, I swear she would have eaten the shit out of a bag of Doritos.

On the hip front (mine, not hers), it still hurts. 2 more PT visits done. I was really confused as it is more my butt (piriformis) than my hip at this point. So should I get a cortisone shot? What would it do? What wouldn't it do? So I called my dad and asked him. He said at this point, doing nothing but PT was not working. Get the shot and the worst it would do is not work. So I called the doctor and I should get a shot Tuesday. I should mention that I saw the doctor before starting PT. Xrays were normal. And I didn't have arthritis. I think it is my hips are uneven, combined with the over-usage. But I don't have a medical degree, so what do I know?

I was supposed to go to a 5K on Saturday to support D and a friend. On Friday, D and I were looking at the website. The start and finish were 2 miles apart (not following the course). The T-shirt and after-party were 1/2 mile away from the finish. I knew from the after party to the start (where you would park) was straight uphill. There was a bus option, but seriously? Would you like a non-participant on the bus? I wouldn't. So D and I decided I would stay home.

So these types of things usually set me off. And I was more happy. Why? Because I worked late every day. Seriously, this made me happy. I can't remember the last time I worked this hard, and didn't notice the clock. The only reason I know it is 6PM, is that the AC goes off at 6. So by 630 it is really hot. But my brain is being tested, I'm being tested, and I'm doing something that has some sort of benefit to the company. I feel useful. It kind of overshadows the crap in my life. (Remember this for a later time, when I bitch about work).

So on Saturday, D went to the 5K. Of course he got a PR. He never found my friend, so he just came home. While he was there though, I had 2 pups looking at me like, "Mom, puh-leeeze let us go out!" So I leashed them up. I think I made it 200 feet. I felt that I looked ridiculous. I was practically using Scuttlebutt as a cane. And Guinness was upset because her buddy Mooshu was out and I wouldn't let them play. My other neighbor who is a runner was out. He showed me a stretch that I am already doing, but it is good to know I'm not doing some whacked exercise. We talked a few minutes. G acted foolish still yearning for Mooshu, while Scuttlebutt sat on the sidewalk and behaved.

D came home and we went to our friends' house to watch Georgia Tech lose to Kansas. Yes, Kansas. I know, Kansas! Then we came home and D made dinner. (Really glad it wasn't James Madison they lost to, but Kansas?)

Then we went out to a concert. I used to hear this guy in his band Angie's Hope back in college. For whatever reason, he has been solo, for a really long time (Angie Aparo). I could go look it up why he is solo, but I don't really care. If you ever heard Faith Hill's "Cry," he wrote it (and performs it so much better).

So we left of course too early. So we swung by to say hi to Clay for about 30 minutes. He had spent 5 weeks in Asia. It sounded like a wonderful exciting trip. Then we left and went to Park Tavern. D and I had our wedding reception there 7+ years ago. We hadn't been back since. We had to park far away because parking was $10. Since the concert tickets were only $10, I wasn't going to pay for parking. So we walked further than I walked the dogs. I was pretty much done when we got there. D got us Pale Ales. They brew their own beer. Their beer is good. The Pale is not hoppy, but yet has a good hop flavor, if that makes any sense. I meant to try the IPA, but D was getting my beers, and I forgot to ask for a change.

The first band we heard (I think we missed one) was "Better than the Beatles." They were just a fun cover band of 70s music (but not disco, more Classic Rock). Angie Aparo was really good. He is a good story teller. I had fun (and a lot to drink). D had fun. The walk back to the car was fine, except we were adopted by a cat. Seriously, D had to walk past the car while I got in, so the cat wouldn't get in the car. He was cute, but we aren't cat people, and neither is Guinness. And I don't want to find out if Scuttlebutt likes cats or not.

So when I look back on the week, I had a really good week. I'm really positive about that.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Don't Like This No Running Thing

The weather is seriously pissing me off. Saturday it was 65, yesterday 64 and today it was 58. Perfect running weather. Not perfect weather for me to be laying on the floor doing leg stretches.

Saturday, D went running. I was jealous. I did stretches on the floor and then we went to see GT play. True to form like everything else in my life lately, my mind wandered constantly while watching the game. I wasn't talking, so I'm not sure how I missed 2 TDs, but I did. During the 3rd quarter I realized I was in terrible pain, so we left. At home, I think we watched more football, and random tv and drank some beer and had some chili.

Yesterday we had our Sunday morning date and then did the grocery store. By the time we got back, guess what? I was in pain. So I took a nap. We ended up watching No Reservations and drinking beer.

Today, I was just in pain. I did my stretches. My hip is not getting better. I'm talking to the PT tomorrow (3rd visit). I think I need something else.

I'm tired of complaining about my hip. I'm tired of it hurting. I'm tired of taking meds that aren't working. But besides not running, I cannot walk the dogs, mow the lawn, go shopping, go grocery shopping, help cook, help do laundry, walk to the football stadium, stand through a game, etc. Not to mention I have no focus. I'm all caught up on your blogs, and I read, and can't remember what I just read. I'm trying to study for my certification, and get through 1 page and totally get lost. Ugh!

Yeah, I need to figure out plan B for this hip thing.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sidelined!!! GAH!

So I have run 2 more times since saying I needed to step it up. One was a 3 miler on the treadmill. It was a Tuesday. I felt great. I was going sign up for a 5K that Friday. Wednesday, I changed at work and decided to go to the Alpharetta Greenway, because I wasn't in the mood to run, so I knew that I would drive straight home instead of the gym. Got there and noticed it was cement. Dammit! Oh it is only 2 miles. No biggie. I ran and then went home. I didn't stretch or roll.

Thursday I woke up with the hip hurting. Great. Popped Aleve.
Friday I woke up with the hip hurting. Great. Popped Aleve.
Saturday I woke up with the hip hurting. Great. Popped Aleve.
Sunday I woke up with the hip hurting. Great. Popped Aleve.
Monday I woke up with the hip hurting. Great. Popped Aleve.Tuesday I woke up with the hip hurting. Great. Popped Aleve.

I finally gave in and realized this has become an issue. I called the doctor. I went to see him on Wednesday. He thought it was tendonitis but it wasn't his specialty, so he called the Orthopedist and got me in for the next day. Basically he said my quality of life is going down since I'm canceling or not signing up for events (I didn't sign up for the 5K). And that I was too active for this to be a weekend warrior injury so he was concerned.
Thursday, I went to the Ortho. Got lots of x-rays because they x-rayed the wrong hip due to me not knowing my right from my left. Then the next set didn't come out. Finally got a decent set.

After talking to the doc, he said my shoes wear really well. And I self-diagnosed my knee issue 3 years ago correctly with the proper brace. And I need to stay away from the concrete.

So the good news...I don't have arthritis or any fracture. Bad news, no running for 6 weeks and I have to go to Physical Therapy. He gave me some new meds that don't work worth shit, so I'm going back to Aleve (yes it still hurts). If it doesn't stop hurting in 3 weeks, I have to call for an injection. Which I wanted Thursday, but he said no. Oh well.

I told him I have 2 half-marathons to run in Feb and in April. He said I will be good by then. So that was good to hear. I went and filled the 'script. I kept thinking about no running, and cried in Kroger. So I bought a 6 pack. I came home and D and I drank.
I will ask the PT if there is other exercise. I forgot to ask the doctor.

In other good news, our new washing machine came.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long Time No Post

So I don't know why I haven't posted. Mostly because I don't have anything to talk about.

Still have a job, still studying.

I did realize my running twice a week is not going to cut it in the weight department. So I did make it 3 times last week. Wednesday, I ran 3 miles. I had to stop a few times, although I did manage to run 5.1 mph for 5 minutes and 4.7 mph for at least 20 (I forgot my iPod, so I played with mphs on the treadmill to keep me entertained). D worked late (maybe I ran Tuesday...don't feel like going to look). So I made dinner. Frozen pizza. :)

Saturday, I wasn't in the mood to run. D and I ended up going together. I ran 2, he ran 4. I ran 11 minutes at 5.2 mph. I don't know what I ran the rest at, but I finished 2 miles in under 25 minutes (barely). I didn't stretch, and had some hip soreness throughout the day.

Sunday, I put off running until about 4. D figured out dinner wouldn't be ready until 6 if I started running at 4. So I went to the gym. Somehow he also figured out he could run too if he prepped and then came to the gym after me. So I went and walked my .5 miles in 10 minutes. I got there right at 430 and some DIY show was on. I managed to catch what they were going to do and was a little sad that I wasn't going to see the end result (I have trouble running and looking up at the same time). So I started my run. 4.4 mph. It wasn't fast but I wanted to test if I could run 3 miles straight. 20 minutes passed. I noticed I had managed to watch part of the show (and a lot of commercials). Minutes 25-30 took forever for the Big Reveal, but I managed to watch and not fall. I started on watching the next show. The next thing I know, 41 minutes past. OK, I knew I had about 13 minutes left (I refused to look at mileage). The longest 13 minutes ever. I wanted to stop. I didn't stop. I ran the full 4 miles. The first time since June, I think.

I came home so happy and rolled on the floor. And dinner was ready. Because it is all about the food.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I will Study at Some Point

So I'm supposed to be studying reliability.
Instead, today, I made the dogs cookies. Guinness liked them this morning. Tonight, not so much.

The cookies

Guinness eating a giant Yoda Cookie (made from a pancake mold)

I also took a nap.
I also went on a run.
I also painted my toe nails.
I also made dinner.
So, it is almost 8pm and I haven't cracked the book.
Oh, and I have watched the Psych Marathon and am now on the repeat loop.

So HR answers...I keep a towel on the treadmill, and only looked when I was having trouble catching air. Then I couldn't get it down.
I use a Polar. It wasn't messing with anyone else's because there was no one else there.

So I ran Tuesday. 2 miles. I can run 1 mile without stopping but I get out of breath. Really, I'm not running fast so I don't get it. I did stop 3 times. My HR wouldn't drop from the 180s.

Today I ran 3 miles. I ran 15 minutes and then walked 2 minutes. My HR dropped to 155 from 185. I ran 3 minutes at 4.7 mph, then 4.4 and 4.5. Walked 2 more minutes. HR dropped to 165 from 185. Then I ran 5.o, 4.9 and 4.8 mph each 1 minute. Then 4.3 for 2 minutes, then finished at 4.5. Ran 3 miles at 41.04. So slow from a few months ago. It is a bit discouraging. But my HR is recovering faster, so that is good.

I also walked 1 mile (.5 before and .5 after), stretched the leg for 5 minutes, and rolled for 2 minutes. The rolling doesn't hurt at all now.

Work is good. I'm liking what I'm doing. I don't like getting gussied up (to me) every day. My makeup is making my face look like a 16 year old (Bare Minerals). I can hear my friend B chuckling, because when we went shopping she was getting cleaner, and was like, "You use Dial to wash your face?" That's probably it. I also haven't worn this much makeup since I was about 16.

Almay Mascara
is rocking...No flakes, and no bothering my eyes. Covergirl (don't know what kind)was bugging them after using CG for 20+ years, and they discontinued Covergirl Marathon.

And finally Gatorade, I have a plus and a minus for you. I'll start on the negative so I end on a positive note. Really, I don't like these stage drinks, since I always drink G2 and now keep accidentally pick up Gatorade Stage 2 thinking it is G2. Really, your marketing department gets a BIG FAIL on that.

But the Lemon-Lime and Strawberry Stage 2 is excellent. It tastes like margarita mix. I was drinking it on my walks and couldn't figure out why I had the urge to sit on a patio and eat chips and salsa. Then the light bulb went off. So great job on the taste.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rolling on the Floor

So I'm supposed to be making a grocery list. I have 2 days planned so far (meat loaf and lasagna pasta). Oh well.

So my foam roller came Wednesday. I immediately tried it out. OK, don't try one of these out in bare feet on a wood floor. My feet slid out from under me, I looked ridiculous, and I couldn't stop laughing. Somehow I rolled on the floor for about 4 minutes, laughing the entire time.

Saturday D and I went to the gym. I told him how long I planned to be there, and he planned his run accordingly. After my .5 mile warmup, I started running. I ran for 8 minutes, and then back to a walk for 2 minutes. Next I ran for 6 minutes. My first mile was 14+ minutes. The second mile was a little harder. I was having some issue breathing. My HR was 190. I had to walk for about 3 minutes just to get it down. Every time I ran it went up to 185. So I backed off a little more. I finally finished 3 miles in 42 minutes. So while running, I noticed 2 things...I'm afraid to speed up because I'm afraid my leg will give out (forget hurting, I'm afraid it will just buckle...irrational fear (I hope)). The second thing...what was up with my HR? Was the heat outside affecting inside? I don't know. But getting myself to agree to slow down is very difficult...even when I can't breathe. So the 2 things make me conclude I'm nuts.

After a .5 mile cool down (I got my HR to 160), I stretched and got it to 120. Then we went home. I rolled around on the floor with sneakers. OMG! I thought I was going to die with the roller. It hurt so bad. I got 3 rolls in before I was dying. I tried 2 more times, and then I went and showered.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Ran, and I still have a Hip!

So I decided I was running today.

In preparation for it, I went shopping yesterday with B and M. I bought a belt, some shoes, some more shoes, mascara, blush, hair gunk and toe nail polish. Yes, I still need polish to cover up the black and blue toenails.

Shoe #1. The most comfortable shoe ever!

Shoe #2: Not that great looking, but so comfortable!

I got home and walked SB and Guinness, separately. G and I did a mini-jog home (about 10 feet).

This morning, D and I went to breakfast and then he went to work and I went to the grocery store. My leg hurt, but more like a pulled groin except on the outer hip and under the butt cheek (the technical term). I took my dreaded Aleve and played with Guinness. Finally I decided to go to the gym.

I walked to the treadmill. Oh how I missed you, TM! I got on, and walked, between 2.6 and 3.0 mph. Still some twinging but the same amount as before I started. Longer strides made the hip feel better. .5 miles later, 10 minutes had passed. I burned a whopping 50 calories.

OK, so I decided I would walk 90/run 30 seconds. I started at 3.1mph. I jacked it up to 4.3 mph when it came time to run, and then brought it back to 3.1 when the time came. This wasn't going to work. It took too long to get it to the right pace, so I was only running for about 10 seconds. I tried it again only with 1 minute running. That was better. On the 3rd running segment, I tried 2 minutes. I wanted to go longer. Let me push it. No don't push it. I walked even though I didn't want to. At .6 miles, I ran for 3 minutes. By the time I got to run again I was at .9 miles. So the last run was less than 1 minute.

I walked .5 miles after. My hip still felt the same amount of soreness. It still felt sore under the ass. I finished the walk, and then stretched. That took 5 minutes. Then I went to Aldi to finish the groceries.

So I iced when I got home, and since I iced is when the hip got sore (also did laundry, and hung up clothes, and ironed). So I will try again on Tuesday if the hip feels ok.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bastille Day Came and Went

So yesterday was Bastille Day. I haven't exercised. I didn't exercise.

OK, well, let's back up.
Work started Monday. I sit in the SE corner of the floor. The Bathroom, printer, and soda machine/water fountain are all on the NW corner. Not to mention HR is on the 6th floor (take the stairs) and IT is on the first floor (I used the elevator). So every time I sat down, my hip hurt. But every time I walked, my hip felt good.

Tuesday, Aleve upset me lots, so there were lots of trips to the NW corner and back. Except for the drive home, the hip felt good.

Yesterday, I wouldn't even know I had a hip issue. Same with today.

So I'm going shopping on Saturday with B and M. Not a 5 hour...more like 2 tops. Work is business casual. But more business than casual. So I'm ironing everyday, and cargoes and jeans are a no go. And the zillions of black pants I own are all too small since I haven't worn them since 2004 (packrat). So I'm going with 5 pairs of pants 3 polos, and 4 oxfords. Fridays I can wear jeans, so yay!

I'm going to try the gym on Sunday. Not sure yet doing what.

I lost .7 pounds this week, but still didn't lose the July 4th weight. D on the other hand hit 51 pounds lost.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bastille Day is coming

Bastille Day is coming and I don't think I'll be running.
In fact, as of now I'm not running, biking or swimming.

D and I went shopping last weekend. I'm a once-a-year shopper, so it is usually 5-6 hours. And this trip was no different. Except around hour 4 I was uncomfortable, but trudged through it. Ice and Aleve and 8 days later, and my hip is still in pain. So I can't run or bike. And swimming, well walking to the pool (it is in the middle of the park so no parking), is a no go.

So adjusting Sparkpeople, I can eat 500 calories less. I am so bummed. I'm hoping my doctor will give me a cortizone shot (once I get insurance), and not deal with the MRI, the PT, and all that. Because I can't sleep either. So I'm a complete grouch.

First day of work tomorrow. So I can find out if insurance starts tomorrow or August...I can't remember how long before it kicks in.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Panic on the Streets of London...or Atlanta

So I had countered the offer I received on Friday. I mean, when you are making $7.25/hr just collecting unemployment, it only makes sense to look a gifthorse in the mouth, right? I never countered an offer before. I just accepted what I got. Anyway I talked to the guy on Monday and then went to the grocery store (misplaced the receipt again). Then I sent the counter. I asked for more vacation, a bigger bonus and a higher salary. And then I waited.

No email or phone calls Monday.

Tuesday, I made a list of things to do to keep me busy. The first was to mow the lawn. Guess what didn't work? So instead of completing the rest of the list, I had some beer and took a nap (don't judge me)! No email or phone calls Tuesday. Megabitch Al came out around 5.

Wednesday and no word. What did I do? Oh my God. They are going to withdrawal. I'm in a bad mood. I've had 4 hours of sleep. So, I went for a bike ride. It didn't clear my head. Just made me more panicked and megabitchy. I went and got Guinness some food and both her and SB some Advantix. Came home and the lawnmower started so I mowed the lawn. Came in and ate lunch. By now it was 2. Still nothing. And I have to let them know today. Hands shaking, I called the guy. He said he would call at 3. At 330, still nothing. I'm going to be sick. At 350, he calls. We talk 10 minutes. No extra PTO...corporate policy. No extra bonus...corporate policy. Higher salary...oh we can do that. I nearly fell off the sofa. I accepted the offer. I'm now a Quality Engineer.

So, I haven't had a hair cut since Jan 4. I called the place and they said they could get me in at 630. It was 425, now. Walked the dogs and then and got a huge cut.

Oh did I mention, I'm now a Quality Engineer?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What the Hell Happened?

So Thursday started out wonderfully. I got on the scale. 2.5 pounds down. 20.3 total. Yes 5 years it took, but 20 pounds gone! I went biking. On the way, a recruiter called. While disappointed it was not the job I had interviewed with a week prior, it sounded good. The guy said he would email me, verified my email, and we hung up. Now since I was in the car with no pen, I didn't get his name or email. Whatever. So I went biking. A new harder hill route. At one point, I was thinking, Push, push, push!" As I passed a construction worker who was laughing, I realized I wasn't thinking so much as talking out loud. Anyway, he kept yelling at me that I was almost to the top of the hill. When I reached the top, he yelled, "You did it. Way to go! Be proud." I was feeling proud.

Got home and no email from recruiter man. D had been out of town for 2+days, and I was lonely. I was throwing up, my hip hurt, I was convinced the Aleve was making me sick or I was knocked up (and afraid to verify), SB wouldn't poop. Around 7 I went to the garage to take my bike off my car. I noticed D's car had a flat tire. Geez! I came back upstairs, and SB was eating G's food. I pushed him away and bent to get the bowl. He bit me. Although I didn't hit him, he pretty much was terrified of my wrath. With that, I grabbed my wallet and gave in to a Sonic Float. I came home, ate it, and cried. I texted D what I thought of his job and cried. I now had severe cramps. Guess what...not knocked up. But still afraid of the vomiting meant no meds.
And I cried. That made SB curious so he got in bed and licked my tears. And I fell asleep. I woke up with 4 ticks on me at 4AM. Great. Now I was itching and couldn't sleep. How does a person who despises the outside, who has 2 dogs who don't go outside, and who live in a metro city get ticks? (HOA's pinestraw which will soon be doused in Sevin). So at 6, pups were clamoring to go outside. I got up, and fell down the stairs. At this point, I thought about killing myself, but it seemed I would fuck that up too. I waited until 1045, and we went to the vet for G's monthly weighing. In one month down 4 pounds. So she has lost 20 pounds in a year. This made me sob. Rather than talk to the doctor about how I have no money to see what is wrong with her, we left, and drove to SC.

We live 100 miles away from GA/SC border. 2.5 hours later we hit that border. We stopped once (well twice--Exxon and McDonalds off the same exit) and there was no construction or accidents. I did have a fight with a lady at McDonalds. I was running in to use the facilities. 90 seconds at the most. She yelled as I was going in that she was calling the police on me for leaving my dogs in the car. Seriously...

I just looked at her and said, "Seriously? I mean seriously? Fuck you! No, fuck you. You know what lady, fuck you!" Well being that I was in UGA country (BFE) with my GT car (who am I kidding...all of GA is UGA country), and my luck was just so stellar...I knew the cop had to be across the street and would beat my 90 second pee break, that I got back in the car and left.
As I crossed the border, I called my brother and requested beer to be cold when I got there. G and I decided we deserved a Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich. We found a CFA 2 miles off the interstate and when we got back on the interstate we were 2 miles South of where we got on. And don't waste your time on the Spicy Chicken. It sucked. I too can make a Spicy Chicken Sandwich by dousing chicken with red pepper. Doesn't mean it is tasty. By comparison, Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich rocks. Anyway Guinness liked the sandwich better than I did. So she ate more of it. We finally got to my dad's (5 hours for 230 miles).

Are we there yet?

So because I slept through the entire drive, I didn't get Chick-Fil-A?

I had to run to the Bi-Lo for Zucchini, Cilantro and Green Onions. The express lane was out the wazzoo, so I used self-checkout. Apparently, Bi-Lo doesn't use produce recognition, so the attendant had to put every thing in. Total $2.40. I put in $3. Computer said I put in $2. So, now a manager had to come over and verify I put in $3. Leaving, the attendant gave me my change. Why couldn't anything be easy? It wasn't until I was in the parking lot did I realize I took someone else's change from the self-checkout in addition to the change from the attendant. Oh well@

So, my dad came in from his friend's and asked me how I was. Let the flood gates open. There were sobs. And I don't mean the glamorous Hollywood crying sobs. I mean the hyperventilating, can't breathe, loud, snot-pouring-out-the-nose wails. So loud, I didn't hear the cell phone ring. Anyway, I finished the pasta salad, cleaned up a little, and we went back to his friend's. I listened to my cell phone voice mail as we crossed the street.

That job from over a week ago...I got an offer. Go me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A week in Review

So I'm still counting down to Bastille Day.

Last Thursday, I skipped my workouts due to a 5 hour interview (still haven't heard back yet). Friday was my typical hill bike ride. I have a hill I picked out to eventually get up (like next week). Friday afternoon, I was to meet B for Happy Hour but I felt sick and went to bed at noon and woke up at 5. I blamed my nauseousness on the Aleve I've been taking and cursing.

Saturday was an hour on the elliptical. D came with me and ran for an hour on the treadmill. I found the personal trainer who is super nice (but I don't pay for) has bursitis and was a professional cyclist before she got Ovarian Cancer. She and one of her trainees are doing a Sprint Tri in August. She can't run more than 3 miles since she has bursitis and has broken her pelvis in 3 places (I don't know/didn't ask if they were related). Afterward, D and I went to Dick's to exchange a tent, and to Target because D needed a smaller belt. Actually he needs smaller clothes, but that'll come. We came home and watched Sherlock Holmes and Men who Stare at Goats. Both cute; neither Oscar worthy. B texted me about the lake on Sunday. I said I would go. However this put a big screw up to my bike riding on Sunday.

Sooo, at 630AM on a Sunday, I was out the door to the path to get in a 105 minute bike ride. Started at 7AM. It was about 80 and super humid. Mostly bikers (Get Fit Atlanta, Bimbo (pronouned Beembo) and Team BMW (maybe)) were out. Compared to them, I was recreationally riding. I got to 9+ miles. My ass hurt badly. On the way back the ride from miles 9-12 are uphill (if you want to be technical. It looks flat, but when your ass hurts and you are tired, they are up hill). I finally got back to the car. On my way home, I called B. Still leaving at 10. Got home and got ready and left.

About 20 minutes into the drive, she calls and tells me she only has 3 beers (can't get beer on Sunday in GA). That was fine, but I realized I didn't pack water, so I'll have to stop. So finally I got there a little after 11.. The lake is like a bathtub. And it is only June!!! Anyway, I left after 6 hours.

Because I have some stuff to do at the end of this week, I scrunched all my tri training into the beginning of the week. It is week 4 of tri training, so a taper, if you will.
Monday, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes swimming. I swam my 400M in 11:41. That's the fastest I've ever swum (or swam!)! Yesterday I went 60 minutes on my bike. Pretty fast. 11mph. I started to wonder if I had a road bike how much faster I would be. But my hybrid is fine. I should learn to ride hills before thinking about a new bike (or get a job!).

Today was a 35 minutes elliptical and another 20 minute swim. Nowhere as fast as Monday. Tomorrow 45 minute bike ride and then I'm done. Woohoo!

SB has resumed walking normally sort of, except now he doesn't remember obedience. Treats and losing my temper are going hand in hand. He just loves to dart and pull my shoulder. Last week he pulled me down on my hip. I threatened him and D that I was taking him back to the pound. So treats were pulled back out to teach him to walk on a leash (which he knew until a month ago). Crazy dog!

I have not been the greatest patient. The Aleve caused my stomach great pains which then set off my ulcer that has been dormant for 2 years. So I'm constantly sick to my stomach and won't take the Aleve. Advil seems to be better, and Aldi sells generic for $2/120 pills. I am icing and staying off the treadmill. Oh how I miss it. I'm thinking about "The Stick" or a foam roller for the hip. Haven't decided.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Count down to Bastille Day

So D and I went for a quick run on Sunday. He was going 3, I was going 2. Being that it felt like Hell on Earth, we went to the gym. I started my .3 mile warmup.

Then took the MPH up. I lasted 90 seconds before I was in pain. So I hit the emergency stop. And started to cry (stressed much?). D was well into his run. He signaled he would cut it to 2, so I got on a stationary bike. The guy on the treadmill was in control of the TV. He was watching a Triathlon. I started to cry again. I don't enjoy swimming and biking doesn't give me a good calorie burn. Running, I both enjoy and get something out of... D finally finished and we went home. I had a lot of choice words for lots of people and was pretty much hysterical. I went to bed. I fell asleep for an hour. Then D brought me dinner.

Then I called my dad (a doctor). I described my pain, and he phone diagnosed it as bursitis (I have no insurance and no way to pay for COBRA--what unemployed person can pay for COBRA?, so going to the doctor isn't feasible). He said no running for a month, Aleve everyday, ice, and to stay active. I think he reiterated the staying active about 15 times. I bitched about D's work and the washing machine. His response was, "Wow, you are racking up the shittiest year you've had since what, last year?" This made me laugh, which made me cry. He reiterated the Aleve, ice and staying active.

So Monday I hit 4 stores for groceries (no Aldi savings....I lost the receipt)...basil shouldn't be that hard to find. By the time I got home, hip hurt, so Aleve (which I had to buy). I now know why I hate Aleve. After 2 hours, I need some more and have to wait 10 more hours. Stupid stuff. Still popping it, icing the hip.

Tuesday, I went to the gym. And met the elliptical machine. What a piece of crap machine!!! You shouldn't work out that hard for that little of calorie burn. I also went to the pool and swam 1200 or 1300M. Again counted down hours 'til I could take an Aleve. Checked to see if I could take more earlier. The response was, "Take 2 twice a day!"

Today I went to the Unemployment Office for my last class. Yay 2 months and I don't have to be bothered with them, except the checks. I also went for an hour long bike ride. Hip hurt at mile 10 (went 10.84).

So Doctor Dad doesn't think the tri is doable. D thinks it is. So right now I'm going with Dad's diagnosis, but am icing, hoping, not loading on Aleve, and trying to eat less, so I won't gain the weight I've lost back.

Now I have to go visit Dad so he can diagnose for real. Not that it will be much different.

And counting down to Bastille Day. That's the next time I can run.

Friday, June 11, 2010

No Laundry

I will not be doing anyone else's laundry, no matter how much you beg.
Our washing machine is broken, so I have to take all of the laundry out when it is ready to spin. Then turn on the spin cycle, let it start and throw the clothes in , while praying the clothes don't spit back at me, don't get out of the washer (I know socks have gone through to the neverland of the washer) and the washer doesn't make horrible noises or the front doesn't come apart from the rest of it...all while smelling the motor burning. And then all the extra water that was collected in the bin where the clothes went when I took them out of the machine...to the bathtub. So clearly, I LOVE doing laundry.

I so need a job, so I can buy a purse...or a washing machine...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Listening to my Body...I'm not very good at it!

So Monday was Aldi day. $99 savings to date.

Tuesday was run and swim. It said 3 miles. Ok, I'll run 3 Tuesday, 5 Thursday and 8 on Saturday. No biggie. Off to the gym. I started at 4.7mph and ramped up from there. I ran under 37 minutes, my fastest yet. On the .7 mile cooldown, my hip was twinging. Still nothing exciting. Done!

Walking to the car, wow, my hip hurts. Walking through the grocery, wow my hip hurts. Walking the dogs, wow my hip hurts.

So I went to the pool. I also found out we have an illegal nightclub in the hood with the drug house (I no longer run in the 'hood, if you haven't noticed). Hooray for my skyrocketing property bills!

So I got to the entrance of the park (where to park for the pool) and some movie is filming. So I have to park .5 miles away. Limped but finally got to the pool. Wow my hip hurts! The actual swim was fine. 1200M in 40 minutes. Got out of the pool and son of a bitch! I forgot my towel. So I laid on a chair until I dried off, and then limped back to the car. Wow my hip hurts! Almost got hit going home twice, once by someone who ran a red light, once by some guy who decided to turn straight into me, until I threw my car into reverse and hit the horn. And he flipped me off!? Asshole.

I made dinner, while sitting on a chair. And did 2 loads of laundry. I couldn't sit still.

Yesterday, D had the day off. So with my hip still hurting (but not as badly) we went for a bike ride. 11 miles in 1 hour. My hip hurt in mile 10, but that was when I readjusted in the seat. D said we slowed way down in mile 10 and he thought something was wrong. Got home and then went to the pool. No movie set. We swam 28 minutes (800M). I was slower but I also didn't use my legs to swim. Guinness and I worked on massaging my hip when I got home, as a limp was noticeable. And it hurt.

So today was a 5 mile run. I didn't do it. I wanted to do it. I had to tell my brain I can't. So I did 4 loads of laundry and sat in bed all day because I'm bored out of my mind. I do this everyday, so why is today so bad? Plus I'm hungry. I had lunch at 1015. But my hip feels better. I'm biking tomorrow. And hopefully can do a 2 miler on Saturday. But if it twinges I won't go, or I will stop.

Seriously, who is this woman and what did she do with Al? Since when do I get so upset that I can't run?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun Randomness

Georgia Snail tagged me with the Versatile Blogger tag, indicating I should come up with 7 things that are random...


1. I make homemade sausage. I started when D got me a meat grinder and sausage stuffer for our first anniversary (I asked for it). But I haven't made any in over a year. I need to start again.

2. I don't homebrew, because there is no instant gratification. Also, there are so many craft beers, and so little time.

3. Going on a cruise is my idea of hell. Being stuck with crappy beer, people I don't know/like, being around people in general, and people I don't care to know doesn't sound fun. Also not being able to see land scares the hell out of me. I'm trying to convince myself an Alaskan cruise would be ok. I haven't done well convincing myself. Especially when having good beer means more $$.

4. I have no desire to ever move back to Maryland. Every time I think I might, I remember the weather. People think that because of its location it is a moderate climate. Um, no...it is freezing in the winter, and hot/humid in the summer. The only place worse in terms of humid heat is Florida (the whole state). Even St. Louis isn't as bad as the Baltimore/DC area, in my opinion.

5. I actually do like the humidity for my hair. It is the only time it has body and lift.

6. I have a severe curvature of the spine (but not skoliosis or so say the umpteen doctors growing up). Thus I will never run a 5K under 30 minutes. Most likely not under 35. It also affects biking and swimming. I most likely will never be able to do anything more than an Olympic Tri, due to timing constraints. So no M-dot Tat for me.

7. -ie words bug the shit out of me. Sammies, beeries, drinkies, thankies, etc. Nails on a chalkboard for me.

Go ahead and do this. It was fun.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yay! Week 1 is Done!!!!

So yesterday, I had a 30 minute bike ride on my agenda. Not wanting to drive 40 minutes to a path, I decided I would go near the gym, because they have Share the Road streets. I was a bit nervous because the area had a few hills. What's 30 minutes though? Compared to last year where I avoided hills at all cost, I was feeling a bit proud of myself.

So off I went. I went up the first hill. No problem, Gears 2-4. Down the road and a concrete truck pulled out so I had to turn or crash into him (I was wearing a fluorescent green shirt, so I was visible). Anyway by turning, I turned onto the street where the concrete trucks fill up, also next to the track. So I went to the track parking lot. There is an incline (but not a hill), so I practiced standing up and pedaling. I was able to do it. All proud of myself (again), I assessed concrete trucks and none were coming out of their depot, so I could go down the street. I got back on the main street, and decided to tackle the hill past the school. I got up it in Gears 2-4, and a bit of standing up. When I got to the top, I noticed I was no longer on Share the Road, so I decided to turn around. Down the hill and up. No concrete trucks. Shit, a red light. Ok, I stopped. Started again, and the incline started. Switched into 2-3 and then 1-3. Pedals locked up. So back to 2-3. Still standing I got to the All Way Stop. I had to turn because construction past the stop would have me go on the road, and drivers aren't nice in that area (probably because the drivers are driving stolen cars and trying to get away...at least according to 'hood crime reports). So, I turn around, and went back to the light, and took a right. Crossed the Interstate and went to the end of the road and turned. On the way back, I decided to explore a neighborhood. I passed the light (green), signaled with my arm I was going to make a left and got in the turn lane (also knowing no one was immediately behind me...there was a car now stopped at the light). I couldn't make the left immediately because a car coming, so I waited. Then someone honked at me, flipped me off and told me to get out of the road, because apparently I was in Her Highnesses way. I flipped back. Then turned. I practiced 2 more hills and then went back to the car. I only rode 4 miles in 30 minutes, but was all happy with my progress. I was so excited to see my hills on Google Earth.

Yeah, I don't know where the hills are either.

In the afternoon, I went swimming. I swam 100 more meters in 30 minutes (900 instead of 800m) this time. I'm playing with my breathing and stroke, at the moment.

Today I ran 8 miles. It was 72 when I left. It was 82 when I got back. I can honestly say these 8 miles were harder than running the KY Derby Half Marathon. I was drenched. The last 2 miles I made a lot of deals with myself that involved walking. Hence the last 2 miles were 18 minutes each. I ran around Grant Park. I'm not sure how I liked it. It was too damn hot/humid to think about anything else (yes, I ran with water, passed my car and got Gatorade, and stopped and got some chocolate milk).

So I finished up Triathlon Training Week 1

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week 1: Day 3...

So D got transferred again (this is the 503892348384 time in 6 years). I'm not liking it. Further away (gas), no raise (hahahahahahahahahaha) and he smells like Asian Food when he gets home (I don't like the smell although I like the food).
He isn't happy either. Moreso the hours, which leads me to...

I have made dinner the past two nights. I should be on the prep line and leave cooking for him. Yesterday's dinner was a failure, although D said it was instruction/ingredient error and not operator error after looking at the recipe (meaning for once it wasn't my fault the rice didn't turn out...I can't cook rice). Tonight's dinner was ok, if I liked eggplant. Oh well. I'm betting I'm cooking tomorrow's dinner too.

So today's run and swim halfway happened. I got up. Drank 4 Cups of water and had breakfast. Stopped watching Burn Notice, and went for a 5 mile run. I drank 2 more glasses of water on the way to the gym. So in an hour I drank 6 cups. Ran the 5 miles. Sweated profusely. My legs were lead, but run was done. G2 was consumed during the run (half a bottle). G2 was consumed after the run (rest of the bottle). G2 bottle was filled with water after the run and consumed again. And I had 2 more glasses when I got home. The only thing different from a usual workout it I had 6 instead of 4 waters before the start.

On the way home, I devised my plan of showering, walking the dogs, eating lunch, watching Las Vegas, and then going to the pool. I finished lunch and was watching Las Vegas and started thinking I was going to be sick. Waited and felt worse. And worse. Argh! WTF?

So I took a nap. I woke up at 4 (pool free hours were done). My mouth felt glued shut from dryness and I had a headache. Definitely dehydrated. Kind of odd.

So I got some more water and an Advil. And made dinner.

So half of day 3 got done in Tri Training.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wear Your Helmet

So I'm a biking-helmet-Nazi. I probably wouldn't be if it weren't for these blogs, but after reading about Rockstar's accident last year (and his FAQ about his accident), and one of Missy's rants or another of her rants ...there is just no reason not to wear one. I mean if you are going to spend $500 and upward on a bike and all the things that goes with it, what is $60 for a helmet?

So I'm on day 2 of Tri Training. I haven't ridden a bike since the tri last year (September). Getting ready, it took me awhile to find my helmet. It was on the laundry shelf...it had been on the dryer until I fixed the dryer in February. After getting ready, I went downstairs and checked my bike. It worked. Off to Silver Comet Trail I went. Now this path is flat (I think 56 miles). It is in the 'burbs, and lots of people walk, ride, run etc on it. So I wasn't shocked to see lots of kids on the path. What I was surprised to see what kids with no helmets. Some kids were the teens that are too cool and weren't with their parents, so what are you going to do, but hope they don't (or do if you want Darwinism to take place) get in an accident. I don't have issue with adults not wearing helmets...because I hope Darwinism will take its course, but kids aren't smart enough yet to make that call. The best was the guy with the Roswell Bike baseball cap on with 3 kids with no helmets. Maybe Roswell should help you get a helmet, DB.

Now why is it so important? Because this path is where a lot of people train for bike races, triathlons, etc. so you have cyclists going fast. And then you have kids all across the trail who don't know trail etiquette (or their right from their left), add in a dog or two on those stupid retractable leashes that never work, and it is really dangerous. I'm not saying that kids shouldn't ride the trail, but give them a fighting chance in case they fall or crash.

So the ride was fine. I got in 10 miles in an hour. Pretty much my pace from last year. Without D, it was kind of boring. No one to talk to. I had to put the bike in the car on the way back (instead of the rack). We never replaced the rack from the car crash last year, and I forgot my bike lock (rack works but with only one bike, you can't lock the bike wo an external lock). And I had to go downtown to go get a jalapeno (Kroger sells pasillas, scotch bonnets, anaheims, wax and poblanos, but not jalapenos or serranos) and some dog food--PetSmart and Whole Foods are next to each other.

In other news, Scuttlebutt has become more neurotic. He won't walk with D, he will only walk on one side of the house for me, he won't walk on the sidewalk or pinestraw. If we had a yard, this might be ok, but we don't. So we walk in the street, in circles, slowly getting to the public grass where he may or may not do business. Then repeat the street circles back to home. This started last week, but has gotten really bad since Monday. Like we can afford therapy for a dog!