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Monday, December 17, 2007

Maryland Running is done for the year

So Doug and I finished up our Maryland Runs on Saturday 12/15/07. We ran in the 5 Miler Celtic Solstice Run. Yes when we signed up we misread it and thought it was a 5K, not a 5Miler. Oh well.

So Wednesday before the race with the coordinator emailing us at least twice a day, we said goodbye
to Doug's mom. And printed out a parking pass for Saturday's race at her office. Then off to find the running store to see if they had anything to help Doug and his foot. First we went to Dick's and they had nothing, although we did notice an abundance of Under Armour apparel. So then after lunch at the Ellicott Mills Brewery on Main Street Ellicott City (I don't recommend the beer…to Belguim-y), and a discussion with the brewer of why he doesn't like the Howard County Mayor (I went to HS with the Mayor…I'm not fond of him either…he was always Semitic or Anti-Anti Semitic, imo). But I have no clue of his politics except they are left of mine. Back to topic…We found the Falls Road Running Store. They really couldn't help Doug with his foot, but we did pick up our jackets and race numbers. They told us the Fells Point Falls Road Running Store could help us on Thursday. Great because we were staying in Fells Point.

So off to check in. We had a very good dinner at Della Notte in Little Italy. While the prices were
expensive, I was pleasantly surprised to get fettucine with lump crab and not the shred piddly bits that most of ATL gives you. Then off to Avenue Q, which we liked. After that, we went to Max's where a woman told me my shirt was ugly and that I had big breasts. I still like my shirt. I can't help my breasts. Lots of drinking there of Cape Anne's Ale and Young's Double Chocolate Stout. Then off to home.

Thursday, the running store was not open contrary to the sign on the door. Oh well. We went to Fad
o in Annapolis to see Apnold (my term of affection) and to meet his girlfriend. The mystery of Under Armour became clear. The HQ is in Baltimore and was founded by UMD grads. And it is made in the USA. So I will buy. Anyway dinner was good, and company was fun.

Friday we went to the Harbor an
d had a cookie from Vaccaro's. Doug told me that his store sells their cannoli and creams. But the cookie was good. We bought a Christmas Ornament and then went to Wharf Rat on Pratt Street. We liked their Stout. Drank some of those and had Maryland Crab Soup (not a cream). Then decided to walk to Brewer's Art. That was a mistake. Besides it was forever away, we walked past it, and Penn Station and I83 all the way to North Avenue on Charles. Doug called and they told us where it was. So we went. Well we get there and there is a Christmas Party. So they won't serve us, but tell us to go downstairs. We do that and the bartender and the waiter talk to each other, we ask the waiter if he can move his stuff off a stool, and the bartender tells us he doesn't know how we got there (the bartender upstairs told us to come) but he won't serve us for another 25 minutes (it is 3:35 PM on a Friday). So we left. We walked all the way back to Lombard to Power Plant Live which also didn't have a bar open. By now we were confused and our feet hurt. So we took a cab to Fell's Point and went to Green Turtle and had a Guinness. Then to Duclaw and had a good dinner and were back in the room by 8 PM to rest for the race.

We got up and got ready and drive over to Druid Park. Doug's cousin coincidentally parked next to us. We knew he and his wife were doing the race but we never caught them via email, so weren't sure what to expect. So we talked to them in the tent, and we found Apnold again. Then we went and found my friend Vic and her boyfriend, Jason. J held our stuff since he wasn't
running. The time to run started.

Mile1: Nothing much except it was mostly uphill. Not steep but an incline. Lots of people passed me, but I'm sure I looked cute in my hat. 13:37

Mile 2: It was around a cemetery and it was cold, except for my hands. I took off my gloves. My lungs could feel the cold. One day I'll work on my breathing. There is the water. Where did this energy come from: 27 something

Mile 3: Running by the car. Maybe I'll just stop and get in. I'm sure people are done now. Another basin to run around? The other end looks far away. 46

Mile 4: Did I skip part of this race? 58:08 minutes

Mile 5: I'm passing someone. My god, I'm passing someone! Done with the basin. Doug is there. He says it is just down the hill. This hill is forever. There is J telling me to smile. I think I have snot on my nose. Vic is telling me to sprint. The chip said my final time is 71:35.
That is awesome considering I was aiming for 74.

We hang out a little. I don't see Doug's cousin. Then we walk back to the car with Apnold and say good bye and go back to the hotel. We call V and J around 1 and drink with them until about 8. It was a fun trip.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jingle All The Way 10K

So Doug and I are in Washington. We got here Friday. 2 of our bags out of 3 did too. Luckily both bags with running shoes got here. We got a car and by midnight we were at the PILs place and then stayed in the guest apartment.

Saturday, we got up and went and found running pants for Doug since we hadn't found any in Atlanta when we looked. We found some. Then we and FIL went downtown and we got our race packs. Then home, called Delta, found out someone took our bag and Delta was waiting for that stupid idiot to come back and return the bag. (She was a stupid idiot because while I have the same rollerboard that everyone has, it is wrapped in pink ribbon all over it.) Then off to see family for a Christmas. I enjoyed seeing everyone. On our way home we found the bag was at the airport and I demanded it be delivered. So Doug and I stayed at his parents so they wouldn't have to wake up at 2AM when the guy would probably deliver it.

At 6AM, I woke up from a single bed, and Doug had slept on the couch and guess what had not come. We both were in a mood. We both got dress for the race. It was 41 according to the tv. At 6:45 we left and saw a uhaul with a guy with a suitcase. Seeing as we both had crappy night sleep we didn't put 2 and 2 together. So we drove up the road when the phone rang. THey were at the door with the bag. We told them to knock louder. FIL heard it and took it. One thing finally settled.

Got to West Potomac Park. Had to find parking. It was probably a mile away from the race. On the way to walking, my invisifriend PJ called. I don't recall what she said except her heart was pacing because she had to take a cab because some idiot had blocked her into her parking spot at her house. D and I finally made it to the site, and of course I had to pee. So that took 10 minutes. I called PJ, it was about 7:55. She found me and we said hi for about 2 minutes...her boyfriend was cute. Then she went toward the starting line and I went away.

The race started and everyone was off. I started my watch. Despite the chip thing, I needed my watch...plus I didn't know what the chip did seeing as I never used one.
Mile 1: Everyone was passing me. Oh well. Dang that girl is in front of me...I don't think so. Over the bridge. Ah she is walking...passed her. Who is this old lady? She is so tiny. And she is walking now. Mile Marker 1: 13:37

Mile 2: Old lady must be doing the Galloway method. I think she is waving at me. Ok. Breathe. Remember to breathe. My hands are hot. Hi old lady! Why is the police motorcycle coming down the other side of the road? OMG someone is finishing and I'm not done mile 2? There is Mile 2 marker: 29ish.

Mile 3: There is the water. I'm not thirsty. Take the water anyway. Pass old lady. I think she is taking a goo gum or something. Here is a lady running in velour. Pass her. She passes me and walks. I pass her and she runs past me and walks. Oh well. WTF is that...it looks like Jesus coming out of the earth? Oh that is the Awakening. Doug told me he likes that. Where is that mile marker? Here comes old lady waving at me again. Get to the mile marker and then the 5K marker: 46+ minutes.

Mile 4: OK it is freaking hot. Take off your gloves Al. Ah much better. My feet really hurt. Whose idea was it to do this. Okay velour lady, you are pissing me off. I'm going to muster up my strength and pass you once and for all. Hi Old lady, I'm still with you (Velour Lady and Old Lady are 2 different people).
Old lday, I'm impressed you ran the portland marathon and finished.
Mile Marker 4: 57 minutes.

Mile 5: Boom. I don't want to go anymore. I can walk. WTF, you have 2 miles left and you decide you want to walk now. Keep at it. Which do you want to do, beat your time, or run the whole way. OK Al, I want to do both. Shut up.
Mile 5: 72 minutes.

Mile 6: Can I just die. Bye Old Lady. I can't believe you are actually waving goodbye to me. Where is Doug, why can't he meet me at the 6th mile and run the last one with me? We ran over a bridge. I don't remember that. OK, there is the 25mph sign...keep going. There is a woman in my path. Woman I out weigh you by at least 50 pounds. Let's not play chicken because I'm tired enough that I'm going to run you over and keep going. No walk AL. Ah, I won chicken. That's the way I roll, bitch. There is another 25mph sign. No more songs on the ipod. WTF is Doug? OK, keep going. There he is. THere is mile marker 6. Only .2 more. I don't want to go that far.

OK, Doug told me to go. That's odd. I'm running. People are walking home, but cheering. There is the finish. Why are the 3 fucking photographers sitting there gabbing and not taking a picture of me. Cross the line. Way to fucking do your job muthafucka. I don't know if that was outloud or not. Race guy comes up and tells me to keep walking. I'm confused. He gets me water. We walk around a little bit. I can finally breathe. I sit down and take my chip off.
92:11...new personal record.

Doug has hurt his foot which was why I couldn't find him. He got 61 something.
We walk back to the car. He calls my aunt and we go home get ready. Then we go see my grandparents. I have to say my gfather's health has sucked the past 5 months, and it kind of freaked me out how different he looks. But he still was his same old self. Grandma didn't know us at first. But my aunt and uncles were there and my new cousin. So she was bit confused. After everyone left, she knew who I was and grabbed my hand. I know she didn't know my name, but she knew I was her gdaughter and I was kind. So that made me feel good.

So overall it has been a good day.