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Monday, March 10, 2008

Al's Musings: Nike 5K

I should have guessed that a run that gives $20 of the $25 admission to the school of your choice would also have kids in it. But that would have required me to think, so no, I didn't. It started out yesterday. You had to go to Niketown to pick up your race packet during the hours of inconvenient and more inconvenient. But I did it. I asked the volunteer if she had a pen, and she said, "What is it with you parents not having pens?" I said, "I don't know, I'm not a parent.""She said, "Then why are you running?" I said, "Because the run benefits the community, sheesh, is this an inquisition or a place to get a T-shirt." So I got my T-shirt and number. You were supposed to wear the T-shirt, but it was cotton, so uh no (I'm now a running snob, I guess, because last year that was fine!).

Incidentally if you have a chance to see Corey Glover (Living Colour-Cult of Personality)in Jesus Christ Superstar, do this, only if the tickets are free. If he isn't it, I don't recommend seeing the play, free or not.

So this morning, D and I woke up. It was 41 degrees. Not a big deal, as my Maryland runs were in the upper 30s. I drove D to work, and then drove down to Piedmont Park. Parked relatively close, texted Johnathan and Anne where I parked (different then where I had told them yesterday), and sat in the car until about 7. Walked to the information and got my chip and it started to snow.

I walked around a little loop twice to stay warm. Anne showed up in shorts. J and their daughter C showed up (they were parking the car). C wanted to come with us, and you could tell J was ready for the 1 mile run that he and C were going to do at 9...hahahaha. So it was 7:50 and A and I went and lined up.
Tons of kids everywhere running the 5K. No one lined up by the pace markers. It was a bit annoying. They talked and talked and talked, and finally the race began.

Mile 1 consisted mostly of running around people who were walking. Not a big thing on 10th street since it was closed completely. We turned onto Piedmont, and the road narrowed for the runners. This meant I usually had to run around a cone into oncoming traffic because parents don't understand running etiquette and were walking with their kids 5 across holding hands. That was really annoying. It was an obstacle course. Or worse, you had kids who would be running and suddenly stop and turn around and walk the other way. So most of the run on Piedmont was like this and didn't really offer "me" time.
What was cool however was to see the parents who were runners who were "training" their kids. I passed a lot of those too. They were doing a Galloway Method type run. That was cool because you would hear "On your left" coming from waist high and then some pint-size runner would go past you.
So, oh, it also started snowing and the wind picked up around here. So obstacle course, wind, snow in the face oh my!

I passed the water station which meant I missed the mile marker 1 and didn't see it. I turned onto Monroe. This road had some hills. But they were like level 2 and 3.5 on the treadmill, which I run weekly, so I just took it there. The road narrowed again and now the runners were set to 1 lane. At this point I realized, I really wasn't going to get to clear my head, and I really don't know what I had to clear about. Still the obstacle course, but I relaxed a bit. We passed1 Midtown Kitchen, where I discovered my hatred for Richard Blais. He is on TopChef this year. I hope he loses. He lost Iron Chef. He is a pricckk. My fork got taken at 1MK, and he would not give me another one, and was insulted when after 5 minutes of waiting for a fork, I got up, went to the kitchen and asked for one. That and flat iron steak (like 3 oz) with Oreida fries was $27. I'm glad every restaurant he has touched since has gone down in flames! Oh that got me up through Amsterdam and Park. There is another light. That can't be 10th Street ahead. I'm running kind of in a little groove, albeit slow. Rocking out to Foo Fighters. Oh shitte, how long how they have been on. I'm supposed to kick it up when they are on.

Pass Park Tavern (D and I got married there). On to 10th. Look up, I'm tired. Duh! I didn't have breakfast. I am spent. I have one more hill. OK, just push it. Bon Jovi comes on. I can't push it. This hill is looooonnnnnnngggggg. Finally got to the park opening. Run into the park. There is A, J and C.
I can't push it to the finish line. It is over 42. Bon Jovi is done and Jimmy Eat World just started. I cross the line. I go through and take off my chip. Then I decide to look at the time. So I don't know what it is yet. I'll update. I grab 2 waters, and go and find my friends. C is now bundled in A's fleece. J looks cold. A looks refreshed. They say C is too cold to run the 1 mile, so we go and get her a goodie bag and walk back to the cars.

I totally forgot to ask A how her run was (typical of me). We part ways and I drive home. I check the temp. It was now 33 degrees. No wonder it was so cold. Took a shower, ate some oatmeal and drank some milk and then I took a nap. All in all, a pretty good run. Parents and kids came out to better their schools, runners came out, and everyone came out to support their communities. And I was done my exercise for the day before 9AM.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Atlanta Food Bank 10K

So this is the first 10K I didn't run with Doug. But my friend Anne ran it, as did my friend Kelly and my friend Kara. (How many times can I say friend?)

So D and I went over to Anne's house prior to the run, because it was only 1mile away as opposed to the 3 miles from our house. Then we drive over to Turner Field. Traffic was plentiful since the UniverSoul Circus was there as well. As 1PM gets closer we notice they haven't closed down the road. We are standing right next to the map that tells us where to start. Then a staff person tells us we will start across the parking lot. So more walking. It feels like it is 80 degrees but it is probably 70 ish. We see Kelly and Kara and are gabbing and then oh yes the race started.

We start running up this hill. Not a big thing. I don't see Kelly or Anne, but I do see Kara. She is about 50 yards infront of me. Get to the top of the hill and cross I-20 on Capitol. Still up a hill. Finally get to MLK and it is downhill. Mile 1 is 13:37. Take a turn onto Auburn Avenue. Kara is now about 300 yds ahead of me. I'm running pretty well. I feel strong. Go under the bridge and ACFB is handing out water to the runners and food to the homeless. That is cool, my money for the race is directly benefiting the community and I can see it. Pass Ebenezer Baptist. People are cheering. The cops are doing a good job for me. Up Howell. Around there is mile 2. 28 minutes. Howell seems to be down a hill and up one. Just stay with it. D and I looked at a house on Howell. I don’t remember which one. I like the one we got better.

Turn onto some road and cross back over BLVD. OMG that car is going to not stop. OMG the cop is ticketing that woman. HAHA, biatch! Run to some other little road. It is amazing I drive these roads every day and never noticed this one. OK, I have no clue what road I'm on now, but I've been here before when the ALZ walk was downtown. Where is North Avenue?

Cross Ralph McGill. Mile 3: 45 minutes. Up another hill. Turn. Turn again onto Piedmont. I can SEE North Avenue. I have a twinge in my thigh. Run down the hill by Publix. Jack used to live there. I no longer see Kara. Thigh is now hurting as I go up the hill. North Avenue is a 2 block run on a slight incline. Walk the 2nd block. Turn onto Courtland. Run down the hill. Another Feed the Homeless thing. The Ralph McGill Hill is hard. My thigh is killing. I'll power walk it. What is that ahead...the parking deck for Turner yes! Run Down a hill and now to the Hilton. Oh no, that is GA State not a parking Deck. From the Hilton to the Sheraton is a complete uphill struggle. Mostly walking. You aren't a loser for walking. You have to be fine for next week's 5K.

Finally downhill at Edgewood. Mile 5: 74 (yes, I know I missed Mile 4 somewhere in there). Oh the curve, up a hill. Who designed this course? Didn't they know these races were all about me!!? I think I haven't run any of mile 5. Up to MLK. Oh there's the Shrine. I got married there. The rest of this is easy. Running. Oh we aren't going straight.

Who is we, AL, you are by yourself, last. I'm not last, that would be the person who never started. AL you are last, shut up with the positive BS talk.

Up another gddm hill. There is THAT parking lot. OH, down hill across Memorial and Boom another hill. I'm walking. Why are the cheerleaders cheering about football? Why is there a ballet recital infront of the archives building? OK flat...there is Doug. Wait there are a million people running at me. Where is the finish? OK they are the 5K people just starting. Doug points down the hill. He runs (he can walk at my pace) with me. I tell him this thing was all hills. He said Kelly and Anne said the same thing. Around the corner. Doug asks me if I want a picture crossing the finish line. I say F-no! I'm still running. The finish line is ...are you ready...UP A HILL! I finally cross at 94 minutes.

I don't see anyone and just continue walking towards the car. Then I realize Doug and Anne are near me, and start coming to my senses. Kelly and Dave come up too. No one saw Kara, so I bid her farewell in my head. We walk to the cars (which was up an incline). Anne drives us to her house, and then D and I go home. I stretch, and then do what I do best...take a nap.