Weight I have lost

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So Monday's workout didn't happen. Lots of caffeine was consumed as was Advil taken to combat my headache. I need to go to the doctor to get a new 'script on my migraine meds.

So Tuesday came. I really wasn't in the mood to work out, but who is. As we were getting ready, my headache returned. On the way to the gym I sneezed and thought I was dying. D and I gotbto the gym and decided we would lift, which meant a mile run. So .2 mile warmup, 1 mile run, and .3 mile cool down. I know I'm getting faster. I can run 1 mile anywhere between 11:45 and 12:30. Yesterday was 12:17. And concentrating on running stopped my headache. Not sure how I would do on the track makes me run faster. Lifting weights was lifting weights. Nothing exciting. My triceps and shoulders hurt today.

Nothing else is new. Just drawing screens for work, which is ok, but somewhat tedious. The program I'm using is very unuser friendly. And rather primitive.

D is working Saturday so I'll finish my screen Saturday and take tomorrow off to spend with him. We have nothing exciting planned. About 3 pounds have come off since I got disgusted with myself. Hopefully I can retain some control over the eating over the holiday!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Running is Back ON!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it). D and I had a quiet one.
No tree, no presents this year. At first it was because it was too hard for me to deal with Porter's death, and handling Christmas ornaments to her, from her, her stocking, etc.

Then due to the unexpected $$ from driving to Atlanta and Guinness's boarding costs, etc. well, why get each other presents? But then, thinking about it, we had discussed when buying our bikes last year that they were our birthday and Christmas presents. So that sat well.

We didn't do our annual Christmas card...that was poor timing...we got the pup's pictures taken with Santa on Dec 11, left for MD on Dec 12, ordered the pics on Dec 21 and got them on Dec 24. So no way a card was going out. Oh well.

As for the pups,
Guinness got a new dog bowl and some bones.
Scuttlebutt got a new crate and some bones.

It was quiet, but we have each other and our little family, and that made me happy. We watched a very Christmas-y show. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas. It's exemplifies the Christmas Spirit...*snort.*

We also watched Funny People...didn't realize this was a dramedy. Nick and Nora's Playlist was eh...Hangover was great. Love Actually is an annual tradition...love it!

D and I also got the best news...SB's nut hacking ceremony has been scheduled for 1/4!!! That means he can then go to the park, go to training, go to daycare, be kenneled, etc. And we'll be in compliance with GA Law (Rescue dogs have to be spayed/neutered)! The dog is crazy, so hopefully this will calm him down some.

Last night, D and I got on the scale. It was not a pretty sight. So off to the gym. 2 miles run. I hate running at this weight. Gravity is in full effect! My sides hurt while running as does my ass. But it was because of the fat bounce. Ugh! So Sparkpeople is back up too.

And we signed up for our first race of 2010. Jan 9, 5K.
Of course our 13.1 mile training will be in effect and Jan 10 we have to run 4 miles.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not one race run

Back in October, I had 2 10Ks, 2 5K, and a 5miler on my plate.

10K #1- Fail...I fell on my ankle the week before.
5K #1- It started raining sideways before the start so we bagged it.
5K #2- Porter passed away the day before, and I was too busy crying to go
10K #2- It logistically couldn't happen for me

So 5miler...
All I had to do was get to Baltimore (the 2nd 10K was on the day we were flying to DC hence logistics).
So D and I ran, lifted weights, trained a dog (oh wait...nope), and drank beer. We got to DC and visited his parents. We visited my grandfather, my aunts, my uncle, D's nephew, visited Georgetown, drank the nights away and played with D's parents puppy. We even ran.

Thursday, we went on vacation to Baltimore. We drank, we ate, we walked. Friday we went and picked up our race packets and very nice shirts. Being from the area we both pshawed the weather of the Winter Wallop 09! We drank more, walked more and got home at a reasonable hour.

Pratt Street Ales - Breakfast Porter and Pagan Porter are a must. So is the crab soup.
Max's on Broadway- So many taps so little time
Slainte- Guinness and Guinness Onion Soup
BOP- Cheesesteak Pizza

We got back to the hotel. And went to sleep. V called us at 545am. I called her back at 630. Were we going to run? Um, as I looked down on Aliceanna Street and saw a cab slide into the sidewalk, I answered that question... No. I don't drive in this shit in a 4WD much less a PT Cruiser Rental. So back to bed (I might have had a Weyerbacher for breakfast). At 10, up and at them. V decided to drive to Bmore from Frederick, since her hotel wouldn't cancel her reservation. So out to Fell's Point since most of Baltimore was closed (the race did have 400 people show up though). Much beer was consumed. Wolavers Coffee Stout Yum!!!!

Sunday D and I woke up hungover. And Delta had cancelled our flight. By the time we got a rep on the phone, they told us we could get home on 12/25 (it was 12/20). So back to the airport to drop off the car and pick up a new rental. Kennel called for Guinness to stay another day. Scuttlebutt stayed at co-workers one more day. We stayed at D's parents.
A 650 mile drive took 12 hours, but we did find out the pro's and cons of a Toyota Matrix. The fact it wasn't a PT Cruiser or a HHR (a big POS) were the biggest pros.

So we left at 4AM on Monday. We got home from the trip, picking up Guinness, dropping off the Matrix and picking up SB at 8PM.

What would a vacation be if I didn't have something to bitch about?

The bright side...all that beer...I got to bring it home.