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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ants...What are They Good For?

Training...  I'm in week 8 of it. Week 7 got a whopping 2 runs in.
The 2nd one was the Long Run of 7 miles. It almost didn't happen. While waiting for Scuttlebutt, I decided to step on this...
Ant Hill courtesy of some photo found on Google
 So after a few minutes, I noticed my ankles hurting and looked down to see my feet covered in ants.  D graciously grabbed SB while I ran into the street, took off my shoes, jumped and flailed around and killed lots of ants.  When I finally decided that I had killed them all, we resumed with our warmup walk.  I told D I was going to try to take SB 3 miles.  He said the same about McM.  At .3 miles I nearly fell over SB who just randomly stopped.  It didn't bode well.  We got to 2 miles when we saw D and McM coming back from where ever they came from.  I finally got SB home at 2.25 miles.  The rest of the run was uneventful, unlike the drunks at 7AM runs from the previous weekend.  The only excitement was at mile 5 when the illegal nightclub guys were making some ribs and drinking 40s and I contemplated asking for a sip, because I wanted some salt (I decided to go home and get some water that was on my porch).

My ankles are now black and blue.  They did blister.  Of course my fascination with my skin made me pop them (I wanted to be a dermatologist until I realized I had to touch other people's skin. That's just gross).  I'll probably add to the scar count.

Tuesday was the 4.5 mile run. Unlike last's weeks where my heart almost went through my chest, I maintained the 9 minute/1 minute pace of 5mph/3.4 mph for 40 minutes and then took it down to 4.7 mph for the other 16.  Yesterday was my 3 mile run.  A little slow.  5mph for 2 miles, the other mile I tinkered all over the place but settled at 4.5 mph.  One walk, but that was to drink some water, as the heat even inside is just gross.


Unknown said...

oh.my.gosh. i can only imagine being covered in ants...ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch

Christina said...

I have lots of ant scars from over the years.
It just makes you look really bad a$$. :)
I like popping them too.... Such sheer gratification ....

Delane said...

OUch sorry about the bites.