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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long Time No Post

So I don't know why I haven't posted. Mostly because I don't have anything to talk about.

Still have a job, still studying.

I did realize my running twice a week is not going to cut it in the weight department. So I did make it 3 times last week. Wednesday, I ran 3 miles. I had to stop a few times, although I did manage to run 5.1 mph for 5 minutes and 4.7 mph for at least 20 (I forgot my iPod, so I played with mphs on the treadmill to keep me entertained). D worked late (maybe I ran Tuesday...don't feel like going to look). So I made dinner. Frozen pizza. :)

Saturday, I wasn't in the mood to run. D and I ended up going together. I ran 2, he ran 4. I ran 11 minutes at 5.2 mph. I don't know what I ran the rest at, but I finished 2 miles in under 25 minutes (barely). I didn't stretch, and had some hip soreness throughout the day.

Sunday, I put off running until about 4. D figured out dinner wouldn't be ready until 6 if I started running at 4. So I went to the gym. Somehow he also figured out he could run too if he prepped and then came to the gym after me. So I went and walked my .5 miles in 10 minutes. I got there right at 430 and some DIY show was on. I managed to catch what they were going to do and was a little sad that I wasn't going to see the end result (I have trouble running and looking up at the same time). So I started my run. 4.4 mph. It wasn't fast but I wanted to test if I could run 3 miles straight. 20 minutes passed. I noticed I had managed to watch part of the show (and a lot of commercials). Minutes 25-30 took forever for the Big Reveal, but I managed to watch and not fall. I started on watching the next show. The next thing I know, 41 minutes past. OK, I knew I had about 13 minutes left (I refused to look at mileage). The longest 13 minutes ever. I wanted to stop. I didn't stop. I ran the full 4 miles. The first time since June, I think.

I came home so happy and rolled on the floor. And dinner was ready. Because it is all about the food.


Unknown said...

I don't know if this will make you feel better or not, but I lost weight while NOT running. It seems to be more about what I eat than how much I exercise. Plus I tend to pig out when I exercise hard (counterproductive). Don't worry so much about running a few times a week, maybe re-examine your food intake.

Delane said...

I'm with Lisa except when I watch what I eat and run I heave awesome weightless.

WTF on the mileage.