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Friday, November 30, 2012

15 miles? No way!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Once again we went the non-traditional route with Boudin, Chaurice, red beans and rice, ribs, cheesecake stuffed chocolate cake, Reuben dip and Cheesesteak Dip. This was the first time my brother helped make the sausage.  We did an awesome job. 

Chaurice is the dark one. Boudin is the light one
As you noticed, there was no turkey in sight. I am allergic to turkey, so there is never one in our house. My dad did make one "disparaging" remark when we told him about the cake for Christmas..."Why do you all love chocolate so much?"  So I guess I'll have to make 2 cakes for 4 people...haha.

True to form, we didn't run on Thursday morning.  We had talked about it, but I guess it is engrained in our heads not to run on holidays (D and I have rules).  So no run...it couldn't possibly have been the multiple beers Wednesday night.

Saturday was a 15 mile run.  Friday night, I was very nervous.  My new shoes came in.  I decided I would wear them. I prepped them and got them ready.  D was fine with taking money for a drink, so I cut off part of my Camelbak Straw (the part that McMenamin ate) and put D's Camelbak mouth grabby thing in it, and it worked.  Then we went to bed.  Saturday started off shaky as it was 39 degrees and my thermal compression pants were in the laundry.  I had multiple issues but finally got everything together.  D and I both grabbed a Margarita Flavored Clif Block and went on our way.  He ended up running to Clayton County and back.  We didn't know we were "that" close to Clayton County.

I ran out to the prison and up Crack Way and Graffiti Alley.  When I got back to Crack Way, I decided to go check a cemetery that D told me about.  I got to the point where I would have to go downhill and decided to turn around so when I came back I wouldn't have to run back up the hill.  Then back to Crack Way.  

I ran down Hill, and and then down to "Why did I think this road was flat" road.  Still was doing ok.  It was cold and I was out in capri pants and a long sleeve shirt (short sleeve underneath) and my Camelbak.  I had some of the Shot Block. It tasted like Lemon-Lime.  With Blue Gatorade, it tasted like a margarita. 2 guys asked what was in my bag.  They looked disappointed when I said Diet Gatorade.  They were walking to a house party.  Yes at 10am.    I turned around and ran back the other way to the petstore, but turned the opposite way.  Ran a little and turned onto Stadium Street.  I was getting tired now.  I was wondering how I was going to get home. I really didn't want to run back up Hill, but the main street has a bigger hill, so I wasn't sure.  I decided when I had 4 miles to go, I would decide.  I had some more Shot Blocks and continued (Gatorade was continuous, so I don't feel the need to mention that).

While on Stadium I remembered a really flat street so I ran up and down that.  Today's drug deal was a guy put something behind a tire wheel.  He walked up the street and got some money from 2nd guy.  That guy went and got the stuff behind the tire wheel.  And this is in a better part of where I run.  It was right in front of a school.  So I ran out and back of the flat street and to the stadium.  I came back and ran down the flat street again.  I decided I would add a little bit to Hill.  I had 4 miles left.  I forgot I actually had to run up a hill to get to Hill.  Finally got there, and noticed I had now passed a 3rd mailman in a 4 mile block.  Seemed a bit of overkill.  I ran down this part of Hill.  Got back to Stadium Street and went up Hill.  I had 3 miles to go.  Some movers told me to stay strong.  I took a small detour and got back to the pet store and ran back to Hill.  I hit 13.36 and was slower than my first half marathon.  More down hill.  A lady I went by asked if I was ok.  I gave her a thumbs up. 

I really hate this street, is all I thought.  Going the other way, the road doesn't slant, but on this side the road almost falls off.  And there are no sidewalks.  I kept going.  A car slowed down and asked if I needed a ride.  This hill is the longest freaking thing ever.  Keep moving, I thought.  The miles will tick off.  I finally got to the top and another car asked if I needed a ride.  I was able to turn onto Main Road.  It had to be late by now, because the road was full of cars and trucks.  I mostly had to walk because my legs were tired and I didn't have the wherewithall to keep jumping on the crumbled ankle-sprain-inducing sidewalk.  Keep going, I thought.  A man asked if I was ok.  I began wondering how bad I looked.  If you walk it will just take you longer than the 17 minute mile you now completed, I thought.  Finally got to the Prison.  Less than .4 miles away. Distances lessened and finally the Garmin beeped 15!  OMG!  I ran 15 miles.  I never thought I could run 15 miles.  I almost called D to come pick me up.  I was .25 miles from home.  But then I remembered he had just run 15 miles too.  So I crawled home. Yes, it took me over 10 minutes to walk .25 miles. 

But did I tell you that I ran 15 miles?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Balance WR1340 Running Shoes Review

So I think it is known I am a New Balance loyalist.  I have been fitted for other shoes, but they never feel right, and sure enough I'm back at New Balance standing on their machine to get my "perfect" shoe.   But they are really trying me.

So last September right before the Smuttynose Half, I suddenly despised running.  It wasn't really a sudden thing, it was that my feet constantly hurt.  The bottoms burned.  I went and got new shoes and I was a new person. (read here).  So it has been over a year and I have almost 400 miles (399.67, but who's counting), and I decided to get a new pair.  D would get a pair too.  I went out on-line and found out that both of us have expired shoes.  WTF?  The NB 1012's just came out last year.  My previous shoes the 1123, I was able to get 4 pairs of  before they expired.  Oh my.  A few weeks passed, and D commented about his legs, and I went out on Amazon and they had his shoes. New Balance finally posted the replacement for the 1012's on their website, which was the 1340, and I did a little research.  It seemed to go up half a size and out a letter.  Which seemed ok because before the 1012s, I was a 10.5 2E.  The 1012s were good though at 10 D.  So I ordered us shoes.  D said his were great.

The 1012, photo from newbalance.com

The 1340, photo from newbalance.com

The first time I ran on the 1340s, my left leg (the one that is shorter and the one that has the knee issue and the hip issue) felt fine, but I knew I needed an arch insert or my knee would be done before long.  The right leg...I should have just put glass in my shoe.  It would have been more comfortable.  I went over to the New Balance Store, and got some inserts (New Balance has gone really cheap with the thin inserts in their shoes). Since now my legs would be the same height I also got a heel lift for the left leg (it is shorter...hence the hip problem).  In the 1012s I only needed the insert in the left shoe, so no heel lift.

After that my feet really hurt when I was walking and my right foot started slipping out of the shoe.  Fixed the laces and it was better.  Then the left shoe would cause intense pain in my heel. Fixed the laces and it was better. 

At the 5K my left foot fell asleep.  It really felt the toe box was too narrow.  WTF?  This is a EE!  The right one felt ok for 4 miles but after that, the ball of my foot would start burning.  I found my newest pair of socks and tried them for the 12 miler.  Like I said in my previous post, I drank a beer because having a soda would require going down the stairs and my feet couldn't handle it. I already have about 50 miles racked up on these shoes, and I notice my feet a lot in them.  And that typically isn't a good thing. 

So yesterday, I got to work early.  I googled the 1012s, and of all places, the only place that had them in my size, it was newbalance.com.  I KNOW I checked New Balance before ordering them.  I know that the store said they were discontinued.  So again confused.  I talked to D.  He said order them.  So I did.  They are on their way (I would have gotten more than 1 pair, but we have a shower repair bill that is a little higher on the $ list than ~$300 for 2 pairs of shoes).

I ran 4 miles yesterday on the Treadmill with the 1340s.  Left foot started falling asleep.  Right foot fine. I think for 4 miles and less I can stay with the 1340s, but higher requires the 1012s.

So when I started writing this post this morning, I went out to newbalance.com to get screen shots of the shoes.  What is really interesting, is a few weeks ago, New Balance had on their webpage that the 1340 was the replacement for the 1012.  It no longer has that.  Hmmmm.

Disclosure: New Balance didn't pay me, ask me, or tell me to write this review.  As far as I know, they don't know I'm unhappy with the 1340, unless they happen to read this post.

Monday, November 12, 2012

12 Mile Saturday in the Neighborhood

12 Mile Saturday.  Finally a long run with no deadline.  No football game to rush to.  No plans.  Just sleep in and then go run.  I got up at the late time of 7am.  I found my Camelbak and looked at the straw.  Sure enough, McMenamin had eaten it.  No problem.  I'll cut off the chewed part and put D's mouth chewy thing on it and go.  What is wrong with the lid?  Ah McMenamin had somehow chewed that too.  After 35 minutes, a lot of cussing and declaring him the worst dog ever, which then made me burst into tears, I decided that I was just going to have to grab $2 and go to the Shoot 'Em Up Gas Station during the run and get a Gatorade (some Boxer was shot at that gas station a few years ago). 

I got ready, and saw that I only had $1.  It was now 8:10 and I wasn't even going to finish running by noon (not quite but almost).  I yelled at McMenamin that this was all his fault and cried again.  Of course, Scuttlebutt was my darling angel, during all of this.  In fact while I was getting a Clif Bar, he put his head in the drawer and pulled out Clif Blocks that I had gotten free somewhere sometime.  I put them in my belt with my $1 and left. I put my Gatorade on the front step wondering if I was really going to come back and get it and continue running. 

Miles 1-5 were uneventful.  I couldn't go the way I wanted because the train was stopped on the tracks.  So I went down what I now call Crack Alley.  (Shoot 'Em Up Gas Station connects Crack Alley and Graffiti Way).  One man told me I needed to sweat more, and 2 men told me to "Work it. That'll get the weight off."  I probably should be offended, but what are they saying that isn't true.  And hell, if it makes them go, "I saw that fat woman running, I probably can walk .5 miles," more health to them.  I had one of the gummy Clif things at Mile 4.

So I finished the out and back and decided to head toward Turner Field, but I really wasn't feeling it.  I got to Hank Aaron, but I could tell I was getting thirsty.  I decided to go to the pet store, because I was pretty sure I remembered them selling water at Free Beer Night.  I got there and sure enough $1 with tax included. 
I ran back up Hill and then had to figure things out.  I was at Mile 8.  I had 2 more Clif things.  I finished the water.  I decided I would run some flat streets and hopefully hit at least Mile 11.  The sun was getting hot and traffic had picked up.  I was running down a street I always run and wondered why I never ran the whole street.  So I did.  Then I saw D's favorite street.  Being the kid that I am, I giggled when I saw it.

Yes, I laughed when I saw the name.

I ran back down Prison RD to the railroad tracks.  A different train was now stopped there.  It hadn't moved since I turned down Prison RD.  A car pulled up to the tracks as I was turning around.  I let him know that the train hadn't moved.  So he turned around. Then he let the next car know.  And then that car let the next car know.  It was funny to hear, "The runner said the train was there when she started down the road," repeatedly.

I ran up Mosque RD.  When I was running back, I stopped to finish my Clif thing.  I wasn't completely paying attention and then this chicken crossed infront of me on the road.  It made me laugh. 

It had to get to the other side

I ran passed the "Lady with No Pants" Gas Station. She now wears pants.  She asked how my dogs were.  Then I did a quick loop through the neighborhood to finish up the 12 miles. 

I did complete it and under 3 hours. I don't think I have ever run 12 miles in the 'hood before.  Now I have.  I was so happy to see my Gatorade on the front porch.  It was done before I even got inside the house.  Later in the day I had a beer.  Why? Because the soda was in the basement and stairs were not on my agenda.  D brought home a pizza after he got off work, because neither of us wanted to make dinner. 

I still have work to do, because I'm getting in a "finished" mode at mile 7.  But it is coming.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Romp and Stomp 2012

So earlier in the week, D and I were discussing our running plans for the week.  We knew we had the Romp and Stomp 5K planned and that we were going out on Saturday meaning that any possible thought of running 10 miles on Sunday was laughable.

Me: We have 10 miles to run on Saturday.
D: So we run 7 after the 5K?
Me: I guess. I'll have to ask A if she can drive us to the race.

The next day, A emailed me.
A: We have to go separately. I have to finish my run after the 5K.
Me: Us too.

A little further thought, and I decided to drive to the race, and D and I would run home (A was running to and from the race), and go drive back later in the other car to get the first one.  

Friday came, and I told D I would pick up the race packets.  Because I've only been to the packet pick-up 4 times, I decided it would be a good time to get lost.  So D went and got them and I went to get a beer (he met me there).  Afterward we went and had BBQ from one of our places for the last time, since they were closing their storefront (but still catering).  I had a Bahn Mi and D had a French Dip.  Yes, unusual things to have at a BBQ restaurant, but that's why I liked it.  I like creative ways of showing what you can do with pig (as D and I did when we smoked a pig in August and ate pork for the next week).  Anyway we came home and got ready for bed.

In the morning we got up.  50 degrees.  Quite pleasant...I wore my Saturday uniform of Compression Capris and Green Half-Marathon Shirt.  I put on my shoes and retied them 50 different ways.  I finally got them comfortable.  A texted me she was leaving.  I was happy she was waiting until 720 to do so, since it was a bit dark outside.  I had worried she was leaving at 6am and running in the dark.  Anyway, D and I are definitely out of race practice.  No pre-race picture. I grabbed a Gatorade on the way out just in case I decided to run after and go back to the car.  D grabbed a house key so he could run home and get in the house.  In the car, I saw my iPod.  That would be nice...so unprepared...

We got down to Cabbagetown (less than 3 miles away)
, parked and walked to the start.  I said there was no way we would find A, and immediately the crowd separated and there she was.  We chatted mostly about my shoes.  They really hurt to walk in (damn arch support!).  I said I was just going to run the 5K and call it a day.  We were still talking when the race started and so there were good-byes, headphones to be put on, iPods to turn on and attach to the shirt and watches to start.  Somehow I did all this, although I'm not sure how,  The starting mat was infront of Milltown, which is further back than it used to be.  Not far off.  We turned up at the Lofts and the race had not required the cars to be moved.  So 1000 people on an already narrow street with cars parked.  It wasn't that bad for me, but D and A were both aggravated by it.  I figured A was aggravated because I was still on her heels all the way up to Krog Street Tunnel.  Then she pulled away.  I was not really paying attention to much but there was a lady beside me (Pink Shoes).  She ran a nice pace so we ran together for awhile.  Then all of a sudden she stopped.  Oh well.  There was a guy who was walk/running and at first I thought he was a pizza guy (PG) I knew, Ryan. It made me laugh because Ryan always says how nuts D and I are for running. Then I realized this guy was not him.  He went on a walk, and I passed him.  We turned and passed the dog park/coffee shop/bar and Mile 1 was done.  It was 12 something.

I took a 30 second walk, and PG passed me. I started running again.  A lady with a dog (DL) and a lady with Harlequin Tights (HT) both passed me.  I thought DL was my friend Steph, but then realized it was not. And I thought HT was N from Creating a Runner Blog but again, no.  I was pretty busy making people into people I knew.  Before I knew it we were up the hill and past the water (1.7 miles).  We turned again and more of a hill.  I took a minute break, and DL passed me.  She hit me on the back and told me to pick it up.  It made me laugh because my break was scheduled, but I truly get when you are pacing someone and they stop, you want them to go, because a) it messes you up, b) if you aren't going to be number 1 in the race, you want that other person to do well.   So PG and HT passed me during that walk too.  Somewhere in there we passed Mile 2.

Started back running and DL was now a pretty good clip ahead, but PG, HT and I were all at the same area.  I ran.  We got back to Milltown and HT stopped and posed for pictures for someone.  This made me truly think it was N from the blog, because of the personality.  I really had to look at her to make sure it wasn't which probably was a little creepy.  Anyway, I passed HT again.  PG and I got up to the Krog Street Tunnel and I'm not sure what happened to him, but he faded.  So I was back by myself.  I couldn't figure out my foot. It was sound asleep.  But the bad shoe felt good except for the heel...really just something to fix in tying the shoe differently.  I ran around some people, and right as I was leaving the tunnel (it is out and back), Pink Shoes was entering.  Anyway I got to the 2nd to last street, and HT came back into the picture.  She was determined to beat me.   So we decided to race.  We got to the last turn and could see the finish line.  Both of us did it balls to the wall.  She would get a leg in front of me, and I would pull forward. Then vice versa.  She probably crossed a milli-second before I did.  People were probably like WTF but it was fun to have actually have run with someone the whole race and just have fun with it.  We both laughed when we were done, so I knew she had the same thoughts as I did.  38:54.  Not a PR but a course PR for me.  18 seconds faster than last year. 

D and A found me pretty quickly.  D hadn't tried to run hard because of the extra miles.  A was 1 second faster than last year.  I fixed the both shoes.  And I had some water.  I told A I would walk with her up to a street and then run a mile and turn around (I was cutting my run from 10 to 5).  D decided to walk with us.  At .5 miles we all decided to run.  Said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.  I got 1 mile in.  Still strong...I'll keep going.  3 miles.  Still strong.  3.5, I better turn around.  Mile 4.5, WTF is up with all of these hills.  A little walk.  More running.  Really these hills?  My pace was slow, and I was tired, but I'm almost done.  1 more hill to go up. 

And the funny moment at 5.5 miles: I came to a corner where an elderly lady came with a red pit bull (a building blocked our views of each other).  Anyway, I said hi and told her, "You have a great looking boy." (I could see his penis...no balls).  Her response was, "How'd you know he was a boy?  I had his penis cut off!"  It was all I could do not to fall over laughing, since of course I can't correct my elders.  I told her it was a good guess, and left it at that and went and finished my run. 

After I got home, D and I took the boys out to celebrate the life of Porter (She died the day before the Romp and Stomp in 2009, so we always celebrate this day). 



Me and McMenamin (he thinks he's people)

McMenamin and D - yes, McM is in his own chair

Scuttlebutt on a break from chasing bugs

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seriously, You are not that important!

Kind of an odd title considering I write a blog in hopes everyone will read it.  haha.

So my long runs have been kind of ho hum.  Perhaps the APD is reading my blog, because the drug dealer and his watchers were not out on Saturday for my 8 miler.

I got new shoes.  I still haven't decided how I like them.  The New Balance 1340 which replaces the NB 1012.  I didn't get fitted for them but did some online research to know to go half a size bigger and wider.  Which is good, because I don't think my feet would fit in the C/D.  But I'll review the 1340 for later.  Just if anyone is looking to see what how the shoe fits, there you go.  My PSA.

Before I go any further... I am addicted to my phone.  I will stop the washing machine to make sure the phone isn't in there when I can't find it. I sleep with it under the pillow.  My heart starts beating faster when I don't know where it is. Even driving, I have to know where it is (charging usually).

OK, so we have long known I view the gym as my church. I go there to get things done, to think thoughts through, to think about how to better myself, and mostly self-focus.  So I can usually be fine in my deep trains of thought until about 6pm when I'm jolted from them.  I adjust my headphones.  I make sure My Chemical Romance is playing at deafening levels.  Yet, there is no mistake. 

"Like, really.  I can't believe you wore that.  OH.MY.GOD!  Can you like believe I slept with him? He was such a lousy lay seriously." 

Yes, this is what jolts me out of my painful blissful runs.  There are a group of unrelated women (I use that term loosely) who talk non-stop on their phones.  They walk at 1.5 to 2.5 mph.  They don't break a sweat.  And they talk so loudly about things that just leaves my jaw dropping.  Without fail it doesn't matter which room I'm in, one will get on the treadmill or elliptical next to me and pick up that phone. And usually also bitch that such childish programming is on the TV by her (yes, it is on Futurama, Sunny in Philadelphia and South Park). 

Yesterday's conversation was (at 6pm) "I can meet you at 645.  I'm at the gym.  No, I'm just walking so I won't get sweaty.  I'm only going to walk for like 5 minutes, because I CAN.NOT. STAND. South Park, and some idiot turned that on." 

It was clear I had the remote.  I thanked her for calling me an idiot.  She was like, "I did not." I said, "I can hear you as can the whole rest of the gym. Really, you aren't that important.  You aren't the leader of a country or in a war. You don't need a phone on you at all times."  A guy smirked. 

But really, you aren't that important. 

When I got in the car, I took my phone out of my gym bag.  I put it in the charger. I texted D that I was on my way home.  Then I started on my way home.  It was Halloween and a ton of kids were out. The phone rang. I let it ring.  Because really, I'm not that important.