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Friday, September 9, 2011

New Shoes!!!

So, again after that 10 miler, I had no desire to kill my feet. Tuesday and Wednesday passed.  D complained about his everyday shoes. I looked to see where our food scale was in the ordering process (guess who ate that?!).  So yesterday, I bought D some work shoes on line, cancelled the food scale order from one company and ordered it from another (really, 3 times I called and gave you my CC, and 3 times you couldn't charge me...are you American? Do you like making a profit?).

So with this half-marathon less than a month away, it isn't a good time to suddenly despise running.  But I could tell D and I are breaking down. Our bodies hurt.  We are finding excuses. So still not finding my shoes online (and how is it EVERY online shoe store has the exact same sizes in stock), we decided to go to the New Balance Running Store (the one in Buckhead...the one in Norcross could care less about what you put on your feet, from my experience).  So first we stood on their little computer.  I am an awesome over-pronator.  He told me I had to correct my arches too. The guy spout out a number running shoe, and guess what? It was the one I use.  D stepped up and his arches do something else. The guy spout out a number running shoe and it was the newer version of the one he has.

So he came back with the shoes.  Except I wear a 10.5 D.  He brought EE.  My foot could swim.  What to do. They aren't making the shoe, and the new version isn't ready to roll out.  GAH! I need shoes.  So he got another shoe.  OMG! It was like heaven on my foot.  And he put these arches in (and forgot to tell me how much the arches cost).  He did the whole thing with D, and D liked his shoes too.  I asked him about my hotspot.  He goes, "On the ball of your foot? Not a blister, but almost like a burn? That is your foot trying to compensate for your lack of arch."  I don't understand how it works, but I'll take it.

So D decided not to get arch support in his shoes. We know where the store is if he needs it (the corner of Ptree and Piedmont in the Container Store Shopping Center).  The guy gave us 10% off.  So our bill was  $325.  I practically fell on the floor.  After dinner, I was adding in my head, and couldn't figure out how it was $325.  Those arch thingys...$60.  But I think it is worth it.  I'm more excited for tomorrow's 7 miler than I have been about running for some time.  For $60, I'll take it! (And yes, next pair I will scour the web for better bargains).


Lisa said...

Good luck with the new shoes and arch things!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for new shoes! I had no idea there WAS a store dedicated to New Balance. I know about Big Peach and Fleet Feet... Glad you got what you needed. The archy things intrigue me, I over pronate on the right side only, and jsut enough to make everything on the right side hurt. Have an awesome 7 miles!

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Gosh, I'm so glad the shoes my feet like now are cheap-o $80 Adidas shoes! Although I have a gift card for a free pair of shoes from my local running store and I feel like I need to find a more expensive pair to buy (it is good up to $140 dollars, so $80 seems like such a waste!)

Delane said...

$60 on arch supports is better than $60 in co-pays and deductibles at the doctor..this is how I look at good equipment.

Aka Alice said...

Nice looking shoes! I agree with Delane...$60 for arch supports is better than the alternative....that and you'll like running again, and that's worth more than anything!