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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hiking on a Treadmill

So while wallowing preparing for the fact I need to do some hill work, I read Shelley's blog.  She had a Hiking Workout on the Treadmill.  Yeah, that's nice.  While I was sitting picking at my cuticles, testing a board at low voltage, I started thinking about the workout some more.  It was only 20 minutes.  Monday is lifting day, but neither D nor I really enjoy it.  Plus it aggravates my hip.  What's one Monday to try something different?

So I wrote the workout on a sticky note and stuck it on my wallet and went home.  After dinner, while watching That 70s show, I asked D what he thought of it.  He didn't seem that fond, but then decided ok he would try it.

So we changed and off to the gym with 2 sticky notes with the workout on it.  We scored TMs next to each other, and started off with a 5 minute walk at 3mph.

Then came the workout.  It was easy for about 2 minutes.  I say that because it is at 3.6mph, and I walk slowly.  As the inclines went up it did get harder.  I lasted for through the first incline of 12% grade. The 2nd time we did it, I had to hold on, because I almost fell off.  I didn't like holding on because it changed my posture.  But it was that or fall off (the whole workout is 20 minutes, I wasn't going to slow down).  Finally, the whole thing was over.  We walked 5 more minutes at 3mph.  Total was 30 minutes, 1.7 miles, 297 calories burned.  D said he had trouble the last 12% interval.

My legs burned. I didn't know a treadmill went to 12% (I didn't know it went to 4, haha).  This morning, my thighs are sore.  Overall, I think we will keep trying this. 

So the workout with our warm-up/cool-down

5 minutes    Incline 0     MPH 3.0
2 minutes    Incline 0     MPH 3.6
1 minutes    Incline 4     MPH 3.6
3 minutes    Incline 8     MPH 3.6
2 minutes    Incline 12   MPH 3.6
1 minutes    Incline 3     MPH 3.6
2 minutes    Incline 10   MPH 3.6
1 minutes    Incline 12   MPH 3.6
4 minutes    Incline 7     MPH 3.6
2 minutes    Incline 12   MPH 3.6
2 minutes    Incline 6     MPH 3.6
5 minutes    Incline 0     MPH 3.0

This should get you 30 minutes, 1.7 miles.


Shelley Manning said...

LOL! I had the same reaction.. Um, why am I feeling that there, it was only 3.6 mph! Glad you tried it. I'm always looking for something break up the monotony of the treadmill. :)

Jen Ridgley said...

Sounds fun....NOT. It does sound like a good workout for trail racing so I will give it a try.

Christina said...

Ugh. Sounds like work.
I am so not wanting to run or do anything today. :(
Trying to score an inspiring blog that will make me hop onto the treadmill......

Carolina John said...

I can't stand the treadmill inclines. I'll push the speed pretty good, but I'm going to leave it flat. If I want hills I'll run outside.

Delane said...

I really like hill workouts. We have machines that do % increased. I start on 0% and add every 3 minutes 5%. It kicks my butt for 30 minutes.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I am not even sure where the incline button is on the gym treadmill :-)