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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My 4th Kentucky Derby Half Marathon

So back in December (or November) D and I signed up for our 4th KY Derby Mini Marathon.  It would be easy because the hard training starts right as we would come off our Marathon in February.  Great idea.

Except I got sick. And D started working crazy hours. And we had a puppy that likes to play at night.  And  We drank beer. Pounds crept up on our butts. I went to the gym once in  March...to pay the bill.  We started again in April.  And I got sick. And D started working crazy hours. And we had a puppy that likes to play at night.  And  We drank beer. Pounds crept up on our butts. 

The week before the Half (I still don't like Mini-Marathon), I started training.  I ran 6 miles.  I figured out I ran a total of 12 miles since February 24.  My friend Delane had once said, "You can fake 13.1. You can't fake 26.2."  I decided that mean it would take me 4 hours to do the 13.1 and to just enjoy it.  Except our friend V was coming. She had been training diligently.  Oh well.

Beer is good.

So after Boston, I did answer a lot of questions about the Boston Marathon (basically, no, I was not there).  I tried not to think about the fact that I was running into Churchill Downs.  D assured me that it was an isolated incident and running I was not going to be hurt. So then I decided that he would get hurt since he would be spectating (after he finished).  He told me to drink another beer and stop being irrational.  Basically the week before the race, I didn't turn on the TV, so I just didn't have to think about it.

Friday came, and we drove up to Louisville.  It wasn't terribly exciting.  Due to Lompoc still being awake all night, I found out about Starbuck's Energy drinks.  I thought that's why I was so tired.  I didn't particularly feel well.  We stopped and I had to drive when D hit a rumble strip from falling asleep.  Then I found out why I was so tired...great... (yes, I'm 39 and have been getting something since I was 15 and still don't know when I get it...part of taking BC continuously, it just shows up). I basically talked the entire time I drove, and was worried that the tiredness would be worse as the day or the next day wore on... A little before we got to Louisville I felt my blood pressure plunging.  I remembered my doctor telling me to just basically eat salt continuously (she won't prescribe something to make my BP high since stroke is in my family).  We reached Louisville right as V landed  so we bee-lined it to the Shell and got me some food. Potato chips rock.  We met up with V and went to the Convention Center to get our numbers.

I was confused with check-in.  They said no backpacks would be allowed at the race, and no bags, but there would be a bag check and camelbaks were ok.  I decided none of that applied to me, so not to worry about what it meant.  Everything was crazy in the Expo, so we just left and went to a place called Garage Bar.  We grabbed some pizzas.  They were a bit fru-fru-y.  We had Brussel Sprout pizza.  And the Sausage pizza had rapini on it.  They were good though.  We decided to go to Bluegrass Brewing, but ended up at yet another one (this was the 3rd one we've been to in 3 years).  I think this one is next to the brewery because they only had 5 taps and nothing V liked.  She looked like she was fading fast anyway, because she had worked part of the day as well, and was high on cold-medicine.  So she went back to the hotel and we had a beer and called it a night. Back at the hotel we went to bed, only to be awoken by some drunk guys in the hall at 3am.  I listened to them for an eternity (5 minutes) and then got up and swung open the door, and said, "Get in your room and go to sleep!"  I realized later, I constantly tell Lompoc, "Get in your crate and go to sleep!" at 3am.  They went in and I stayed awake.  I finally went to sleep.  I had a crazy dream that I called D and V on the phone to let them know I was in Athens, GA at the Terrapin Brewery with my friend I, and that I hoped they had a good race.  When my alarm went off, I was a little disappointed.

D and I got up and started to get ready. I could tell I hadn't run in awhile. I forgot Body Glide.  He remembered but forgot nipple cups (still makes me laugh).  I took a handful of Advil.
My race-day attire

Me and D's obligatory hotel shot

It was supposed to rain so I found a hat, and then we sat around until 7 when we met V.   She of course was completely awake and talking.  V had a bag to check, and so she left us.  D was in Corral B and I was in F. Neither of us knew how we got into those corrals, but eh.  D walked with me to E and said we would go there.  He knew I was still nervous about my BP.  Right as we stepped into the corral, my contact fell out.  So I had to put that in which took a few tries.  I was getting more and more worried.  They played the National Anthem, and then they did a Moment of Silence for the Boston Victims.  It seemed unusually long.  Afterward, D and I joked that we didn't hear V talk (you could hear some people...I think it was more that further down the Corrals they didn't know there was a M of S...).  I got my music all set and we took the pre-race shot.

Then I turned my music on and it was Amongst the Waves by Pearl Jam which usually I listen to (on my old playlist) at mile 4.  It reminds me of Guinness, so I decided I would be ok.  The race started and my foot fell asleep. I was pretty sure I was going to vomit. I was also pretty sure if I told D all of this, he would say, "Woman! Shut the hell up and run!"  So I stayed quiet.  Finally we started.

Most of the first mile was difficult.  I wanted something to drink.  I ran down Main St.  At Minute 9 I was so happy.  I ran over to the edge of the street and walked for a minute.  This was going to suck balls.  Oh well, you can fake this, Al.  I restarted, and crossed the 1 mile mark.

Mile 1: 12:54

There was a water stop.  We ran more down Main and finally hung a left and another left.  Mile 2?

Mile 2: 13:21

I noticed there were a lot of people out on their front porches.  That was nice.  I really enjoy the race support (although I may not say it enough).  Seniors sat in parking lots. Church groups stood and clapped.  And people had their children out to high-five.  The group in this area is never huge, but support is support and it is much appreciated.  We turned a few more times and were by the McDonalds.  And then was Mile 4.

Mile 3: 13:22
Mile 4: 13:14

I had been taking Shot Blocks every 2 miles and felt decent.  I found a couple to race with (they didn't know this), and kept a decent pace.  I stayed with them all the way to Mile 6.22

Mile 5: 13:11
Mile 6: 13:18
10K: 82:32

I started wondering about the school groups. I hadn't noticed any.  Maybe because I looked down and had a hat on, I didn't see them.  D said later, that he didn't see any either.  We understood if they hadn't been allowed to perform. I always enjoy the dance squads, the bands and the cheerers.  But I get their safety had to be first.  I thought about the news saying that the K-9 units were out. I hadn't seen any.  I saw them last year.  So eh...

Mile 7: 13:34

I hit one of the few hills in the place and took a Hammergel.  Then I was at Mile 8 and Churchill Downs.  Since this was my 4th time being here, I didn't stop to take any pictures.  But I did look at the horses.  It is also the only place I walked out of my 9/1 time (or 4/1).  Going under the track just kills my legs, so I don't bother running.  Finally we were out of Churchill Downs.  I was a bit confused of where I was. I walked a little more because the road had sand on it, and I slid.  Once I got to the real road, I resumed running.  I was excited I managed to hit Mile 9 in time to run the marathon (had I been running the marathon).

Mile 8: 13:45
Mile 9: 14:30

It was during this time I noticed there was a runner that would walk until I passed her and then sprint until I passed her again. It really annoyed me.  This went on for 3 miles.  I really wanted to push her into a cone.  Because she would run, look back to where I was, and then walk directly in front of me (but far away).  So every time I caught up, I had to deviate slightly...then it would happen again.  I hit Mile 10, and still felt pretty good. I was totally confused by this.

Mile 10: 14:29

During the next mile I could see there was an ambulance ahead of me, but couldn't figure out where it was, but it seemed to be a good landmark.  I passed the Beer Team again (I passed around mile 5).  I didn't take any.  I took another Hammergel.  The annoying girl was still playing her game.

Mile 11: 13:59

Mile 11 to 12 was uneventful.

Mile 12: 14:25

This is where all hell broke loose. I still hadn't gotten to the ambulance, but there was a runner down at Mile 12.2.  She was hysterical.  EMTs were by her.  Her friend was with her.  I don't know what her friend was thinking but it really looked like she was annoyed that she had to stop.  I told D that that was SOOOOO me.  He agreed.  I passed them, and got to Mile 12.6.  The Ambulance was there with a gal with an Oxygen Mask who was fighting no to get on the stretcher.  She was yelling at her friend to go ahead. That friend wasn't listening to her.  Then I went under the bridge at the convention center, and back onto Main (or was it Market?).  Last few minutes.  I could get under 3 hours.  My legs were shot.  I was paying way too much attention to my watch.  At Mile 12.9 I told myself to stop looking at my watch.  I finished up and turned to the final block (.18 miles).  I probably should have looked at my watch.  I really didn't speed up.  My attitude was not to speed up but to keep the pace I ran throughout.  Had I looked at my watch I would have thrown that POS theory into the trash.

I crossed.  I stared at my watch in disbelief.  I PR'd the course with a horrible time.
3:00:03. Oh my God!!!! 3 Fucking seconds.
Oh well.  I'm still very happy with the course PR.  I took 4 minutes off my best time and 6 off last year's time.

Mile 13: 14:13
Total 13.18: 3:00:03

Me and D

Me and V saying the Spot-a-Pots rock!

All 3 of us
I got my medal and found D and V.  V PR'd and D said he just had a good time.  We got some pics and some beers.

Afterwards, we cleaned up and got more beers (and fried bacon!)

Guinness and my medal

Me and D
V and Me
V was done drinking. D and I weren't.  I'm being Obi Beer Kenobi. I was sober...haha!

Nitro Porter Sunday Morning at Cumberland Brewery

Fried Bacon


Carolina John said...

Great! You set a course PR and beat someone who got a ride to the finish (even if it was in an ambulance). I'll take it. That fried bacon looks insane.

adrienne rich said...

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