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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to the grind!

Thank you for all the anniversary wishes. We went to the beach this year for the week, again with the dogs. No cell phones, because there are no cell phone towers. Not a lot of kids because there is no boardwalk, miniature golf, restaurants, or anything. Just the beach, D, the dogs and beer.
(Of course we have to supply the beer).

The trip started out a little shaky. I couldn't find the bottoms to my bathing suit. After D found those, in a pile of winter clothes that I have yet to hang up from their last washing, we were off. We had a breakfast at Einsteins and then off to the beer store for 3.5 cases of beer. We figured that would last us until Tuesday or so (Kalamazoo Stout, Oberon, Stone IPA, Coal Porter, and Mojo). About 100 miles into the trip we stopped at a rest stop. It was inundated with old people who were moving so slowly, I almost wet my pants. After nearly running 2 women over (on foot), I finally got to my destination. Then back to the car. I walked the dogs while D took his turn. 5 people came up to ooh and aw over them. So we piled back into the car, and backed up. BOOM! Some idiot ran into us. We got out, I went to make sure the old man was ok. He said nothing. D said the bike rack broke. Everyone but the old man was making sure D and I were ok. I went back to help D make sure the bikes were ok. Old man got in his car and took off. So making sure the bikes were ok (they were), and cursing people (my favorite saying, I HATE PEOPLE! was said more than once), we put them back on the rack. Everyone was making sure we were ok. No one thought to get the man's license plate as they thought I had (I had never been hit before, and it all happened so fast). So one of the sitters on the rack broke, so we rigged the bikes up to one holder and prayed the next 250 miles.

The rest of the ride was uneventful, mostly how we hate people, what industry is in Eufala, AL, why does Phenix City, AL not have an "o" in its name...etc.

We got to the place, and unpacked the car (or should I say, D unpacked the car). We each had a beer, packed a cooler and took the girls to the beach. They had a blast. Came back and had some ribs and beer.
Sunset first day

Sandy-Faced Porter

Guinness, clearly hving fun with her sister

Sunday was kind of slow. We ran 2 miles. I actually ran 1 mile in 12:30 (which is fast for me). D slowed down enough for me to keep up with him. Then we drove 30 miles into town to go to the grocery store. On the way home, we got some shrimp, Mudslides and White Russians and some more beer.

Then a nap, and then off to the beach with beer. Later in the day (sunset) we would get the girls and take them with us. Then we would come home, eat, drink and drink some more.

Tuesday we went on a 12+ mile bike ride. I still have no feeling in my hand and have determined I think it will always will be that way. So why not get on a bike. Then we went back to the nap, beach, beer, eat, beer, beach, beer, etc. We went back into town once more, because we needed more beer.

It was a great vacation.
Guinness the Rebel

Porter, swimming

D and Me, 6 years!

The ride back was not adventurous, thank god. We got home and went and got a slice of pizza and then off to the bar for more beer. We realized we hadn't had any Guinness in over a week!

Sunday was our anniversary, so we went for a 20 mile bike ride. I got about 18 miles before fuck became the only word in my vocabulary. But I did it. Then to the bike store, to get a refund on D's bike (it went on sale), new gloves (I lost 1), and to see if they could fix the bike rack. They are still waiting on Saris to call them back.

We were going to go to a nice restaurant for dinner, but the 2 we wanted to go to are both closed on Sundays and Mondays. So we went and got smoked meat at Fox Bros. Not incredibly romantic, but it suits us both well.

Monday, July 20, 2009

6 Years Ago

D and I got married (actually the anniversary was yesterday). We have been on vacation, so when I get all caught up, I'll tell about it. Until then, here are some pics from 6 years ago.

Guinness the Ring Bearer

Al, Guinness and D

Me, clearly sober (we met at a beer fest, rehearsal at a bar, reception at a brewery and honeymoon at a brew fest)Redskins Garter and Guinness Slippers (I had comfy feet)

Best Friends (awwww!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still Running

So I am still running.

The ALZ Assn sent me an email telling me the Tri is in 10 weeks. I'm on Week 6 of my Training Plan, except all I have done the past 2 weeks is run due to the hand and due to it pouring down raining at 5-7 in the afternoon (pool closes).

Yesterday it downpoured around 430, so when I left work, the commute was over an hour (no one in Atlanta can drive, let alone drive in the rain...except for me, of course). I still decided I would go run 4 miles. D decided to go too. We also decided to take G. Off to the track...

I got 7 laps in when I decided I didn't want to run with G anymore. She had pooped twice, kept checking out the huge puddle in laps 1-4 in one section and then peed every 10 feet. So D passed me on his 3rd mile and took her. He then took her to the car, and got her water. I continued.

I was also running with my Hand Held Water Bottle. Not sure how I like it. 7 Laps I had to hold that and G's leash. On the bad hand, I couldn't feel it, and it would either be too tight, or slide off. On the good hand it would loosen. I'll give it another try to make a decision on it. This time without the dog. Although she loved it. I squirted it on her head. And she got some water to drink from it (yes, I shared the bottle with the dog).

D and G came back from the car and watched me finish up 4 miles, and then we did the cool down. G got .25 miles and she was done, so we all were done. We got home, and I took Po for a walk to finish my cool-down. It was probably 5 degrees too hot for Guinness.

In other news, all this exercise is finally making the scale move. Finally!

Time: 5:20 (walk)
Mileage: .25 (21:20 min/mile)
Time: 56:56 (run)
Mileage: 4.00 (14:14 min/mile)
Time: 7:03 (walk)
Mileage: .25 (28:12 min/mile)
Calories: 866
Max HR 181
Avg HR 159
In Zone: 14:42

Time: 12:19 (walk)
Mileage: .35 (35:11 min/mile)
Calories: 91
Max HR 134
Avg HR 115
In Zone: 0

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th and UGH!

So I hope everyone had a great 4th.

I unexpectedly got the 3rd off. So I ran 4.5 miles. I ran it in 60 minutes. This was the fastest I have ever run 4.5 miles. Afterward to celebrate, I came home and cleaned the living room. Do I know how to celebrate a day off or what?

Friday night, J came over and he, D and I had some beers. Kalamazoo Stout, a SN Torpedo Ale, some Guinness, a Ft Collins IPA, and a Moylans IPA. Somewhere in there we watched a whole bunch of Twilight Zone, and decided we needed to go somewhere for the 4th of July.

Plans fell into place, I drank more, and forgot about them.

Saturday morning, because I still had no feeling in my hand, D and I went for a bike ride. My legs were lead. D said it was painful to watch me ride. He said I kept shifting in my seat, and I seemed to go REALLY slowly. I also had to really force my brain to tell my hand to brake or shift up. After 4.5 miles I said I was miserable, so we turned around. I could tell D was disappointed because he had his new bike and I think wanted to go for 20 miles. Oh well.

On our way home, J called and said he would be at the house in 10 minutes. HAHAHA! considering we were 15 minutes from home, hadn't showered, taken the dogs to daycare or watched the hot dog eating contest. I think he was a bit perturbed. We all blamed it on my Swiss cheese brain, and he said he would be at the house at 1.

So D took care of the dogs, I got ready and packed and watched the hot dog contest. This is something I do every year. I'm completely enamored with it. I can't explain why.

Anyway J came over, D finished getting ready and road trip began to Athens, GA. We were going to spend our 4th at Terrapin Brewery. We got to Athens, and got the hotel room and arranged for a cab. View of Downtown Athens from our hotel room (I know you are jealous!)

Then we went to Mellow Mushroom, got some food and some Guinness. Although they had a lot of beers, none were "outstanding" beers, and we didn't want Terrapin as we were going to be drinking that in 2 hours. So we finished that and waited for the cab, and waited, and waited.

Waiting for the cab
After 3 calls, one finally showed up. Apparently Athens only has 1 cab driver. So he took us to Terrapin and said he would pick us up at 730.

We had a great time at Terrapin. I drank the Brown Ale. J had the Rye Ale. D had Brown and then maybe the cask. Somehow J and D got grill duty (we know the owners).
D and J grilling
At 730 we saw our cab, but he said he would wait for us. We watched fireworks, drank lots, and had a great time. Joe the Cabbie sang some songs, and then took us back downtown around 1030ish. We went to the hotel and had some drinks with Kendra and Mike, the bartenders (really I needed to use the rest room and this was going to be my cleanest option). Then we went to some bar called the Bar Code (if my CC is correct). Had beer there. At 1230 I decided I wanted to go home, so I left. D and J stayed out. Don't know when they got in.

Sunday we came home.

Yesterday I ran 2 miles after work. 87 degrees. Too hot for G-dog. I talked to the doctor. NO BIKING until I can feel my hand...some biker's palsy thing. This part is so sucking!!!!

Time: 60:56 (run)
Mileage: 4.50 (13:32 min/mile)
Time: 19:03 (walk)
Mileage: 1 (19:03 min/mile)
Calories: 1009
Max HR 178
Avg HR 155
In Zone: 15:48

Time: 48:58 (bike)
Mileage: 8.68 (10.64 MPH)
Calories: 431
Max HR 156
Avg HR 129
In Zone 7:50

Time: 7:35 (walk)
Mileage: .28 (27:04 min/mile)
Time: 30:13 (run)
Mileage: 2.0 (15:06 min/mile)
Calories: 434
Max HR 180
Avg HR 139
In Zone: 16:36

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Really, I am working out...

Not riding my bike though.
I have a bug bite that has left my right hand numb. After being misdiagnosed (dumb-ass Doogie Houser told me Cortaid and Neosporine would be fine) and having the arm getting infected, causing my hand/fingers to go numb and the infection starting to go up my arm, I can't ride my bike until my fingers resume feeling per the 2nd doctor's orders (and am now on steroids, and anti-biotics after a visit to Urgent Care).

1st Doctor's Visit (I saw someone in my normal Dr's office since my DR was on vacation)
ME: I have a bite that looks infected and now can't feel my hand. The bite is swollen, and warm and I've been putting Neospore and Cortaid on it and taking Benadryl at night. This has lasted since Saturday.

Him: You have a bite that looks infected and that's why you can't feel your hand. The bite is swollen, and warm so put Neosporine and Cortaid on it and take Benadryl at night. This should make it better.

ME: That’s it?

Him: Yes.

ME: Wow, and to think I could have had a medical degree all this time...

He walked out of the room. $95 to self-diagnose myself.

At Urgent Care 2 days later, my arm looked like this...

New Doctor: I hear you have a bug bite.
Me: And it is infected.
New Doctor (looking at arm): I bet you can't feel your hand (I have not shared this info with him).
Me: How did you know?
New Doctor: Bug bite is sitting on top of the major nerve that runs into your fingers. That is a nasty infection you have running up your arm too.

Writes me a 'script for some drugs. Says I should resume feeling in my hand by Saturday... I highly recommend the Doc in the Box in the Best Buy Shopping Center on Haynes Bridge (I don't know the real name of the place).

So since I can only type with one finger on my right hand, it bugs me to blog.

Week 4- I got every workout.
Week 5- I've missed 1 bike so far per doctor's orders.

But I'm here reading...

Time: 7:15 (walk)
Mileage: .20 (36:15 min/mile)
Time: 47:54 (run)
Mileage: 3.50 (13:41 min/mile)
Time: 18:26 (walk)
Mileage: .80 (23:02 min/mile)
Calories: 829
Max HR 177
Avg HR 160
In Zone

Time: 84:38 (bike)
Mileage: 15.25 (10.81 MPH)
Calories: 915
Max HR 169
Avg HR 136
In Zone 23:42

Time: 41:00 (swim)
Mileage: 1200m (3:25 min/100m)
Calories: 384
Max HR 156
Avg HR 139
In Zone 5:21

Time: 33:34 (swim)
Mileage: 1000m (3:21 min/100m)
Calories: 312
Max HR 155
Avg HR 138
In Zone 2:56