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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still Running

So I am still running.

The ALZ Assn sent me an email telling me the Tri is in 10 weeks. I'm on Week 6 of my Training Plan, except all I have done the past 2 weeks is run due to the hand and due to it pouring down raining at 5-7 in the afternoon (pool closes).

Yesterday it downpoured around 430, so when I left work, the commute was over an hour (no one in Atlanta can drive, let alone drive in the rain...except for me, of course). I still decided I would go run 4 miles. D decided to go too. We also decided to take G. Off to the track...

I got 7 laps in when I decided I didn't want to run with G anymore. She had pooped twice, kept checking out the huge puddle in laps 1-4 in one section and then peed every 10 feet. So D passed me on his 3rd mile and took her. He then took her to the car, and got her water. I continued.

I was also running with my Hand Held Water Bottle. Not sure how I like it. 7 Laps I had to hold that and G's leash. On the bad hand, I couldn't feel it, and it would either be too tight, or slide off. On the good hand it would loosen. I'll give it another try to make a decision on it. This time without the dog. Although she loved it. I squirted it on her head. And she got some water to drink from it (yes, I shared the bottle with the dog).

D and G came back from the car and watched me finish up 4 miles, and then we did the cool down. G got .25 miles and she was done, so we all were done. We got home, and I took Po for a walk to finish my cool-down. It was probably 5 degrees too hot for Guinness.

In other news, all this exercise is finally making the scale move. Finally!

Time: 5:20 (walk)
Mileage: .25 (21:20 min/mile)
Time: 56:56 (run)
Mileage: 4.00 (14:14 min/mile)
Time: 7:03 (walk)
Mileage: .25 (28:12 min/mile)
Calories: 866
Max HR 181
Avg HR 159
In Zone: 14:42

Time: 12:19 (walk)
Mileage: .35 (35:11 min/mile)
Calories: 91
Max HR 134
Avg HR 115
In Zone: 0

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SeeGirlRun said...

And me - I can drive in the rain, too. We must be the only people in Atlanta who can. Eeek, the road is wet! Must drop speed by 50% NOW! Sigh. Way to go with the scale. Patience is a virtue. ;-)