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Monday, July 20, 2009

6 Years Ago

D and I got married (actually the anniversary was yesterday). We have been on vacation, so when I get all caught up, I'll tell about it. Until then, here are some pics from 6 years ago.

Guinness the Ring Bearer

Al, Guinness and D

Me, clearly sober (we met at a beer fest, rehearsal at a bar, reception at a brewery and honeymoon at a brew fest)Redskins Garter and Guinness Slippers (I had comfy feet)

Best Friends (awwww!)


AKA Alice said...

That first picture of you (finger in the air...beer in hand) is THE BEST!

Happy Anniversary to you and D

Carolina John said...

happy anniversary! we've had 10 years married, it only gets better from there.

Missy said...

Yay, I love that first pic. Hey, if it's right and it fits....

Time sure does fly when you're having fun...and still like each other;)

Delane said...


I love the last picture!

mommie2lea said...

GORGEOUS!!! And a belated Happy Anniversary!