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Monday, November 16, 2015

Celebrating Life, 2 Ways

The past 2 weeks D and I have celebrated life.  First we held the 7th Annual Celebration of Porter's Life.  True to form, we did the Romp and Stomp 5K to start the festivities off.  It was unusually humid and hot out, so neither of us pulled in great times, but we both were happy to get out there and run.   I do love the 5K distance.
Pre-Race Selfie

A little slower than I'd like...Damn Heart Rate

Most of the week leading up to the 7ACoPL was filled with rain.  We talked about taking Scuttlebutt to Decatur, where we always go, but we decided to change it up.  McMenamin is not the best dog around people, since he is scared of them; however since it was raining, who would be foolish enough to sit outside?  So we took both boys to Red Brick Brewing.

When the vet notified me in 2009 that Porter wasn't going to make it, the first song I heard was Green Day's The Time of Your Life.  I have heard it every year on November 5 or 6.  This year I didn't hear it.  When I went into Red Brick to get D's and my beer, guess what was playing?  I know the staff thought I was weird, but I stopped mid-sentence to listen.  Silly, I guess, but I always feel like it is her way of saying hi to me.

So Red Brick had done their Vanilla Gorilla Release the night before, and still had plenty left, so that was what D and I had. (Strange Georgia laws prevent a brewery from pouring a full pint, among other things).

Vanilla Gorilla
The pups got water and hot dogs (provided by us). We had a great time.

Scuttlebutt had been sick in September and part of October, due to the rain causing an infection on his feet, but since he has gotten better, he is lively and full of energy.  Despite hanging in the rain (it only rained for the first 30 minutes we were there), he chased bugs, and watched cars go through a gate of a business.  McMenamin ate hot dogs and made sure to watch everyone who came and went from the brewery.  (He's like me...he's social in that he likes to people watch.  He just doesn't want to interact).

Anyway, I'd like to think Porter would have appreciated a new patio to drink on.


McMenamin and Scuttlebutt watching cars

I'm having lots of fun!

A Capitals Fan in Atlanta

Thanks Red Brick for having us!

This weekend was more Celebration of Life.  It was Lompoc's 3rd Birthday.  It was also Scuttlebutt's 6th Gotcha Day Anniversary.  Since he went out last weekend, we decided to only take Lompoc out this one.

After a 6 mile run through Candler Park, Lake Claire, Kirkwood and Oakhurst (and I only missed 2 turns), D and I came home and had lunch then got Lompoc ready (meaning I was going to dress her up in an infinity scarf).

We ended up walking to Midway Pub in East Atlanta.  Lompoc had a great time.  She is an inquisitive dog and likes to know what's going on around her.  She stared at a lot of people, but overall she loved being outside in the sunshine (finally), and in 55 degrees.  It was a gorgeous day for her day.

New Belgium Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale

Lompoc trying to look over the bushes to see what's out on the street
Lompoc loves to greet me with hugs whether it's been 2 minutes or 2 days

Afterward we walked to Argosy for some more beer, and then headed home. She was one exhausted pup.

Eventide Nitro Dry Stout
Lompoc at Argosy, starting to get tired

It's been a great 2 weeks of celebrating our loves.

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