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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolutioners are Gone? And Say No to a Thong!

So D and I went to the gym last night to run, since we have a 5K on Saturday and the last time I ran was early December (I pulled a DNS at our annual Baltimore run, since I got no sleep and partially hurled a Clif Bar, had the chills, and a good sweat going...D got a PR!).

So we agreed to face the music after dinner. We would take 1 car and I would go first (I think this was unsaid) if there weren't 2 treadmills.  We had no issue finding a parking spot.  Our badges worked to get in the gym (it is locked at all times).  In the front room, all TMs were open.  We like the back room.  5 of the 10 TMs were open.  Obviously, the Resolutioners don't run on Tuesday or they have given up.

D finished 3 miles in the time it took me to run a slow 2.  I had to walk part of the 3rd mile since my HR spiked up past 185.  I have a lot of trouble slowing down a run; I have no trouble walking.  I did finish under 40 minutes.  With warm-up and cool down, I got in 4 miles.  D got in 4.75.   As we were leaving, 3 TMs were taken and a gal chose one in between all the other people.  And she was wearing a thong.

PSA:  You shouldn't wear a thong to work out.  I read this (and it was on Oprah.com so it has to be true) sometime this week.  Something about the sweat from your ass makes the thong slide forward and the fecal matter moves forward and thus you will get a UTI. This is something I never have to worry about.


Anonymous said...

Like the new layout! Um yeah, I haven't run since my Thanksgiving Day 5K.:( I need to get back at it in a baaad way. And I think it's safe to say that I won't ever have that issue with a thong at the gym either.. ick.Great job making it to the gym!

Julie said...

Good to see you back around! happy New Year!

hmmm...underwear (of any kind) under your spandex?

RockStarTri said...

Most of the time, I would assume, the people wearing a thong would not be the people who one might want to see wearing a thong.

Way to get back in the game.

Carolina John said...

Love the new design! and yea, no thongs on the run please. from anybody. not the time for that.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

You might as well go commando instead of wearing a thong! That has gotta chafe bad!