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Monday, January 23, 2012

Flashing the Gym

Half-Marathon Training Week 1 is in the books.  I completed all the runs, but had some issues.  My heart rate monitor is on the fritz.  I noticed it at the 5K we did...how does one get 200 calories running 3.1 miles?  The next runs were eh.  Thursday, D and I were at the gym.  He was running a few TMs down from me.  I kept noticing my HR was not going any higher than 160, according to my watch.  Considering it was a 2 mile run, I was trying to do speed.  My heart felt a helluva lot faster than 160.  Then it dropped to 87.  WTF?  I grabbed the water bottle, lifted my shirt and rewet the HRM strap.  Yes, for someone who cannot change in a locker room due to modesty, I have no issue flashing an entire gym full of men.    So, but .4 miles, I was pissed off, and told D I was going home.  I went into the bathroom and pretty much doused my breasts in water in the sink.

Back on the treadmill.  Stuck at 160.  Worked fine while walking, sucked while running.  I got the 1.6 done but WTF?  Water was all over the floor next to me from where the water kept splashing off my strap/boobs/bra. During my cool down, I did get it to 170 by going 7mph on the treadmill.  I know I'm not that freaking healthy. 

Saturday, we went back to do 4 miles.  Same shit happened again.  I looked down the TMs and saw my heart rate reading on 3 of them.  The gym got new TMs so maybe these sucked and had crosstalk. More flashing.  The Personal Trainer giggled.  At 1.85 miles I told D I was going into the other room (that is only 76 degrees, MY GOD turn down the heat!!!!).  The HRM went up and stayed at 160, until I walked a minute.  Then it went to  185.  Every single time.  I finally got done, but told D that without my gadgets I don't like running.  (Yes, I'm one of *those* people, and you can lecture me 'til you are blue in the face...I will not run without my HRM). 

Sunday, I meant to use the extra strap, but getting out of the house was an effort and I forgot.  Stuck at 160 for 3 miles.  The gym was 77 degrees so there was a lot of walking since I obviously wasn't properly hydrated for Bikram Yoga Running.  I tried the upstairs TMs as there was 1 guy in the room on TM1 (he had TV1).   I got on TM9 (I had TV4).  All TVs were on HGTV.  I changed mine to the AFC Championship.  He huffed.  I wonder if HGTV pays a premium for these things.  I got .6 miles in before my HRM said 0. I flashed again, just to get it working again. Since I wasn't dead, I went to the other room.  I had to turn on the game in there, although if there was huffing, I didn't hear it.  I got home and D wanted to know why I didn't take the other strap.  I forgot.

I put it on and went outside and ran up to the top of the street.  Thought I was going to pass out.  154.    Really?  So, I'm going to try that one tonight, to confirm it doesn't work.  If it does work, I will buy another strap.  If it doesn't, I need to replace the Polar F6.  I'm not happy. I don't like change.


Viper said...

Sorry to hear about the techno-dysfunction. Hope it clears up with the cheapest solution. Congrats on a good start to training. Cheers!

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

I'm with you on the "not running with gadgets" thing. Those HRM straps don't have as long of a life as you would hope and they are maddening when they start to go!

susan#'s said...

Sounds like your battery is going....if it is an old strap, you need to buy a new one, if it is newer, you can change it yourself. You can also wash the strap on delicate with woolite or dreft.

Bummer - sometime in my pregnancy, I lost my strap and it is $60 for a new one:( I keep hoping it will show up.

Shelley Manning said...

There must be something about sweating like a man that has to do with losing all of your modesty at the gym. I'm right there with you on that!

Christina said...

Ugh! I hate it when they have the heat turned up in the gym, especially the cardio room.
The Y usually has the temperature at 70 and even that is too HOT!
That's why I quit the Y and saved money for a treadmill at home. LOVE IT!!

By the way, you are tagged in my latest post. :)