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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Transmitter Exchange

So D and I traded transmitters yesterday.

Got to the gym, and walked. Nothing exciting.  Started running, and my HR hung out at 161.  D said his was 00.  He did some stuff.  I noticed my HR going to 165, 170, 172.  Hooray, it is the transmitter.  I was so excited.  My 3 miles went pretty easily. The last .5 were the hardest, but I kept at it.

When D finished he told me his transmitter was working too. Since his HR never goes above 155, he said it read right and calculated his usual calories.  Who knows?

I still think I'm buying another transmitter in a month.

And an interesting article on shoes/feet.


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Given how tight my Achilles tendons are, it is a good thing I don't exacerbate it by wearing heels! Also, everyone in my office would laugh at someone wearing high heels.

Lisa said...

well, now you've figured out what is wrong, that's good.