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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 1, Day 1

So half marathon training has begun. And it began crappily.

D had to work a late shift, so I got home and had to assemble dinner.  Yes, this is indeed "whitewhine."  He had already cooked everything, I just had to assemble. I was able to do that while completely destroying the kitchen that he had cleaned earlier in the day.  So I cleaned that up.  Then I sat in the living room and watched Criminal Intent.  After 90 minutes, I decided to go to the gym to run 3 miles.

So I got there and got on a treadmill.  Walked .5 miles.  No biggie.  Changed the HGTV to ESPN to watch basketball. Someone 3 TM's down huffed about that (I didn't have headphones on.)  They were in front of TV#3, I was in front of TV#4.  They could suck it.  They were watching Jeopardy.  Whatever.

Finally started running.  About 3.5 minutes in at 5.1 mph, I got such a side stitch, I took it to 4.7.  Then I took it to 3.4.  After a minute I started again.  At 3 minutes, same thing, so down to 4.7 and then 3.4.  Every time I walked the Michigan/Michigan State game got more interesting.  So this time to 5.0.  Still a damn stitch.  Walk, more bball.  I did this for the whole 3 miles.  Only one set of 4 minutes did I feel ok.  But I wanted to know how the game was going (I can't run and look up at the same time...it makes me motion-sick). However, I did run my 3 miles at a faster pace than the 5K 2 weeks ago.

And because I cooled down with .5 miles, I got to see the end of the game which was good.

Got home and walked the pups. Both of them acted foolish on the walk.  Right as we stepped inside, it started raining.  So that answered that (SB will not go in the rain, and McM has trouble going in the dark with me).


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Your dog won't go in the dark? That's oddly cute, but has to be annoying...

Delane said...

YOu go girl!!! that is a whole lot more than I can do at the moment. I'm on the slow and steady adding 30 seconds to each run each week pace.

Christina said...

Love the little tid bit about your dog. :)

Lisa said...

good job getting through day 1 - even if it wasn't exactly as you planned.