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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did I quit running?

No.  Well, sort of.

After the 12 miler I stopped running.  Tuesday I was sick and went to bed early.  Wednesday, D and I went to see Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance.  Thursday, it took me over 2 hours to get home from work.

And thus my 7 miler on Saturday.  I already knew I wasn't going to do it.  Between headache, sore throat, yet another 12PM start for Georgia Tech, I just wanted to sleep in.  That didn't happen either.  The dogs started barking incessantly.  And being that it was early, and we weren't fully awake, we opened the front door to find a big ass dog.  So thinking clearly, we let him in. McM and SB immediately expressed their displeasure.  SB did so by stabbing my foot with one of his claws (think Wolverine).  We got them to the back deck and examined this mammoth beat (an American Bulldog).  Collar, no tags.  In all our running, we have never seen him.

So we took him up the street and no one was out looking for him.  We rode around in the car, and no one was out looking for him.  We brought him back in and he showered us with kisses.  I called a local vet (ours was closed) and took him in to get a micro-chip scan.  Of course, he was not microchipped and of course he was not neutered.  He was a big loveable kisser.  The vet and I weighed him, 70lbs.  So back in the car and home.  D had cleaned out the basement.  My friends texted what time we would be at Georgia Tech.  A discussion ensued and we decided to go to the game (yay, GT won!). 

We got home and decided to walk the dog through the basement to outside.  However coming up from the basement/garage, McM got downstairs.  I managed to get SB on the back deck and downstairs to pour water on McM to get him to unhinge his jaw from Yuengling (a dog/beer we don't want)'s neck and to get Yuengling to do the same.  D said his hands were ok.  I held Yuengling and D took McM upstairs and took him and SB for a walk.  Being ever so smart, perhaps they would do better in the public common area.  Again, no go. McM wanted NOTHING to do with this dog.  So Yuengling went back in the basement. 

After watching TV and having a few beers we put SB and McM out on the deck again and brought Yuengling inside.  McM tried to go though the plate glass door to get to him.  That's when we knew there would be no Craig's List, no Oliver Alert, no rescue, no signs on phone poles, etc.  This dog had to go to the pound. Our hands were cut up.  It wasn't safe for anyone.  So back to the basement.  Sunday D took Yuengling to the pound. I was supposed to go, but I burst into tears at what we were doing, so I stayed home.

His owner has 7 days (since Sunday) to claim him...the pound named him Sergio.  Sunday was spent crying. And because I didn't feel shitty enough, I had a neighbor email me what a complete inhumane person I was (our 'hood has a google group and a FB group and I put photos and updates out there). Another neighbor is looking into adopting the dog. I hope he does.

Monday, I heard scratches at the door.  The dogs went insane.  I didn't open the door.  I don't know why our house is a dog magnet. The dogs don't go on the front porch.  It is so weird.  2 weeks ago, we had another dog, but he was chipped.  I'm avoiding all dogs at the moment.

So Tuesday, was a 4 miler (I'm in taper week).  D's knee is hurting and he has no shoes (not happy with Zappos).  I park my car and get all my stuff together.  I have my iPod in my hand (unplugged from the charger).  The parking lot is totally full, there are some people in it and there are a lot of people at the bus stop.  I go in the gym and get ready to run, and the iPod is nowhere to be found.  I knew if I looked for it, I wouldn't run. I knew the sucker is old.  I knew it was gone.  Oh well.  I ran a boring 4 miles with no music, but thanks to the guy on the phone next to me, I know all the people who entered the airport bid for restaurants in the new terminal (another reason not to talk on the phone in public...I'm sure I'm not supposed to know this information).  I finished my run and asked the gym manager about the iPod (if someone turned one in).  He was as hopeful as I was on finding it.  I wished him a good night, and walked back to the lot.  I got in the car, and saw some blue thing on the windshield.  I looked at it again.  IT WAS MY iPOD!!!!!
Someone must have seen me drop it and put it there. And no one else stole it.  Thank you good people!!!!

Tonight is my 3 miler.  Tomorrow is my 2 miler.  Then off to the Smuttynose Half-Marathon.  I get 2 free (good) beers afterwards!

(And Doug will hopefully have shoes).


Carolina John said...

You're not a bad person for protecting your family by sending another unwanted dog to the pound. If your neighbors have that little respect for human comforts then you need new neighbors. that sounds like they have some serious mental problems.

Lisa said...

you tried to rescue the dog and it wasn't working for you hang on to him in the short term. at that point, taking him somewhere else seems like the only option.

Marianne said...

Seriously, I am with the other commenters. I don't know what else you could have done. If the neighbor was so upset, why did she/he not offer to take the dog?