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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No New/Old Shoes

So August finished up with me not wanting to get out of bed. (See my SAD post...August is just a crappy month since it is too freaking hot to ever be outside).

(Lesson:  There are 2 questions never to ask a woman. They are, "Are you pregnant?" and "Are you PMSing or having your period?" Nothing good can come from these, if the answer you get is, "No.")

There was no running until Saturday's 10 miler.  Once again, the lovely Georgia weather went down to a humid-filled sweat inducing 75 degrees.  I already didn't want to do this run.

I had analyzed everyone's suggestions about my foot.  I love socks, so all my socks are relatively new (the oldest being  a year old).  I think D had the best answer...since SAD hits me every August, I don't run.  This August I did, and to top it off I hit the hottest one we've had in quite some time. He thinks the hotspot is from my foot sweating.  He can't explain the lack of blisters.

Anyway, I Body Glided everything.  I put Band-Aids on important body parts and off I went.  I decided to go past TI's new residence for the next ~30 days (he is in the USP because he took a fancy bus to a halfway house, so back to the big house he went).  I ran around the jail's parking lot, down the side of the jail and then up into a new 'hood.  I skipped the major hills.  By the time I got to BellSouth Hill, I was already at 3 miles.  I did my little route through my hood, and back home for water.  I was at 6 miles.  My back was bleeding from the rub of the HRM to my bra. My foot hurt.  Back up to the penitentary.  I stopped and talked to a woman from Baltimore.  I ran over some drug paraphenalia.  Got to the side of the jail and had to run in the grass.  Someone didn't like me running in the street, and came directly at me.  (Truth: I might have been a little more in the street than I should have; I really don't know.  But the road is 2 lanes each way.)  I turned around and shuffled back.  Mile 7 was 17 minutes long.  My thighs and my foot hurt. Mile 8 was worse (18 minutes). I had to tuck my shirt into my bra so my back didn't bleed anymore.  I did pass the homeless woman who I buy coffee and Doritos for.  She asked me where the pups were.  And how much weight I had lost.  I eyed her friend's IceHouse.  But I didn't have $1 to offer, so I kept going.  The last bit of shuffling got me to 9.95 miles infront of the house (16 minutes). I ran in a circle until I hit 10 miles.

Came inside and whipped those shoes off. 

So later I realized I have 365 miles on the shoes.  My last pair have 375.  So it is time for a new pair.  Off to the web I went. D needed shoes too.  We both have gotten the same pair of shoes for 3 years (4-5 pairs each).  Guess what they don't make in 13EEEE and 10.5D any more?  GAH!  We actually have to go to the store and try out new models.  Well, D does.  Apparently, they just stopped making my shoe. No newer model.  So I'm not sure what I'm going to do.


Lisa said...

I wish the manufacturers would just leave well enough alone. I hate it when I need to change shoe models!

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Once I started bleeding, I would have so been done with that run!

Shelley Manning said...

Just found your blog... I'm in GA too! (South Metro). Enjoyed reading it.:)I only started running about a year and a half ago in a mid priced pair of Saucony's that, of course, they don't make anymore. I hate trying to find new shoes.