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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend Update on a Tuesday

So the new shoes... LOVE THEM!

The last few weeks of running have been barely existent.  It is hard when your feet hurt to run, and you know you have to do things afterward that require you to use your feet.  It doesn't help it gets no cooler than 75 at night and is usually hotter than that by the time you get out the door.

So, Saturday, at 7 I got up and checked weather.com.  "D, I need new eyes. My phone says it is 58."  We got dressed and walked the dogs.  D goes, "I can see my breath."  Got back home and put the dogs in their crates and off I went.  I went up to Stolen Car hill and out to the prison. Down a hill and said hi to a pup, and back to the prison. Into the prison parking lot.  It was shift change. Prison guards all seem to have shiny new cars.  Or Harleys.  Back out of there, down to the roadside memorial for someone that has been there for 5 years.  I was very careful with the cars, as I knew they couldn't see me with the sun glaring in their faces.  I could see them, so not hard to step on the sidewalk when I had to.  Ran past the guys who sleep at the church (I can't figure the church out since no one is ever there on Sundays).  Down the side of the prison.  Another car aimed for me.  This time, I KNOW I was in the grass. 

Thought about my feet.  They were feeling good.  Thought about my speed.  Knew it was slow.  Came back to the church and down the "new to me" neighborhood.  Ran all the way to the hill. I didn't go down it because I would have to come back up. Plus I couldn't see what was down the hill and it isn't the most pleasant of 'hoods.  Came back to the street and to the Mosque.  Yes, because I passed the Mosque, I thought about Muslims in our neighborhood.  When I first moved, this one wasn't very welcome (I believe it is a converted Taco Bell).  However, it holds the monthly neighborhood meetings for the "new to me" 'hood.  I'm glad everyone can be neighbors here.  I went over to Bell South Hill, and all the way to German Shepherd Pass. She doesn't have her GSP anymore. I wonder what happened to him.  Did the usual stretch.

Thought about my foot again.  Still no pain.  Got back to GSP and still had a mile to go, so I ran back to the prison again, and turned around.  Got home.

5 minutes faster than my last 7 miles.

Later we sat on the front lawn drinking Guinness.  We met our new neighbor.  She seems nice.  She likes guns.  She managed to say she had at least 4 of them in the 20 minutes we talked.  She watches our house, a lot.  She shooed away the lawn guy (she didn't see his truck and thought some random dude was edging our bushes), and asked for the bug guy's card.  She knew when UPS delivered a package and what the UPS driver looked like.  Somehow, I think I will sleep better knowing someone has my back.


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Or at least you have someone to sign for your packages when you are gone!

Carolina John said...

5 minutes faster than your last 7 miles is a pretty serious improvement! I'd say those shoes are working out pretty well.