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Friday, August 26, 2011

Week in Review

So I finally reached the 35 pound mark!  Go me. It only has taken FOREVER, but I've had fun along the way, and haven't felt deprived (too much).  So yay!

I've run 2 times this week. Last HM training I had trouble hitting my Thursday run. This time up, it seems Tuesday's training is the hard one.  In my head, I've made them Tuesday-run 5 miles as fast as you can (using run/walk method), Wednesday-run 3 miles as fast as you can (straight running), Thursday-run 5 miles without stopping at whatever pace you fancy.  So Wednesdays and Thursdays seem to be happening.  But Tuesday, I can find any excuse not to go to the gym.

Anyway Wednesday was nothing exciting.  I hit 3 miles under 36 minutes for a 2nd time.  Thursday, I ran at a 4.5mph.  I didn't want to be there, since someone had stolen my water bottle at work.  Not a fancy schmancy one, just a Aldi water bottle (like Deer Park or Aqua Springs, etc.)  It had been half full. Who does that?  Anwyay my OCDness got in the way, and now I wondered how I was going to drink my water in the time from work to the gym.  D offered to bring me a bottle from home.  Oh no, I would already be running and that water would be warm.  Just like writing this paragraph, I gave it WAY TOO MUCH thought.  I went to the gym anyway.

Guy next to me was a germaphobe.  Totally cleaned the treadmill (including the bottom plastic by the runners).  Then he got on his phone.  Now because I had a difference of opinion with my hair a few weeks ago, I haven't gotten it cut (I don't know what to do with it, and was feeling drastic, so cancelled the appointment).  So it is sweating more than usual. And the gym is a balmy 74 degrees.  So I sweat. Anyway phoneboy was chatting, and I could hear him even while blasting Pearl Jam.  I had a coughing attack that shot some sweat over on him.  I also started air-drumming which shook the sweat off my hands.  Then I got into it with my head.  With that he got off the phone, changed 'mills and watched TV.  Hooray! (Oh, yeah, he didn't follow the urinal rule).

That kept me entertained for about 5 minutes.  The rest of the time I tried not to pay attention to the hot spot on the ball of my foot. I've had it since last training. I don't know why.  I am on the 3rd pair of the same shoes and the previous pairs didn't act this way.  I have less mileage on these than the others.  But it is really annoying.  I'm checking out BandAid Blister Patches (or whatever they are called), when I hit Kroger on Sunday.  Body Glide lasts for about 2 miles if I remember to put it on.  Also I'm getting a blister on my big toe where it indents in. How does that happen?  So odd.  But then again, I don't expect anything less from myself.

9 miles tomorrow.  Then I don't know what.  Probably some sleep.  Have a good weekend.


Becca said...

Congratulations!!! Yeay. Haha! You should have picked up your phone and proceeded to have a fake conversation with someone about how "it's okay, you aren't contagious because you are on antibiotics" :)

I'm mean.

Lisa said...

maybe the blisters aren't from the shoes, but your socks?? they wear out too...

congrats on the weight loss. :-)

Delane said...

you go.

I signed back up for wewa..as in MEETINGS.

Yep, going to make a run at my last 40-50 lbs before next spring.

Carolina John said...

Great job hitting the milestone! 35 lbs is a lot. It's typically where I plateau.

The more weight you lose the faster you'll get. Keep at it, you had a really good week!

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Nice job! Those stars get so much harder to earn after the first one...

Christina said...

I would check your socks too, since they are the next closest layer to your toes .... :)

Congrats on the 35 lb mark!