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Monday, August 22, 2011

Running Naked

So, when I run during the week, it is at the gym. My gym has no locker rooms or lockers, so I change at work. I stuff everything (purse, clothes, wallet, etc.) into the bag and put my towel, iPod, and gym badge in the pockets.  Then when I get to the gym, I haul the bag into the gym with me, since I don't want to get my car broken into (why be low hanging fruit, ya know?).

So when I run on the weekends, I have 2 poop bags for the dog, and my phone.  All of this is stuffed in my pants since I have no pockets on my pants I use for long runs. But no iPod, no music, no distractions. No biggie.  Except lately, I realized (I realized on Saturday that lately...) I haven't been running with my phone.

So why does this matter? 

D and I were scheduled for 6 miles this Saturday.  I really didn't feel like taking Scuttlebutt because I feel he has been slowing me down (those 15+minute miles might be a clue).  So I left him at home.  D ended up taking him for the 2nd third of his run. 

Anyway, my run was non eventful.  I ran past the stroller men, a lady shucking peas, and that was about it.  I got past the school and noticed there was a man standing in the middle of the street.  He had no shirt or shoes on, so I assumed he was not going to McDonald's.  Anyway, I was sweaty and my eyes weren't really focusing.  But he was just standing there (I was about .15 miles away) and his arm was moving. 
As I got closer (because I am so smart as to not find another place to run), I decided to run behind him, to avoid eye contact.  I picked up my pace and acted like I wasn't tired at all.  I got closer and realized why his arm was moving.  OMFG! Is he doing what I think he is doing?  In the middle of the street?

I ran past him, and got to Terrorist Dogs Hill where a woman was working on her lawn, so I felt better, and now it made me laugh.  I mean, in our old house, we used to walk Guinness and we caught a teen girl blowing her boyfriend (I assume).  But that was a deserted road. This was in the middle of the street.  Anyway, I thought about calling the cops, but then I realized I was running naked.  No phone.  And I still had 2+ miles to go.  So I restarted my loop and saw D.  I was going to tell him, but didn't.  I decided if the man was there when I got back, I would go down the main road and risk getting hit by a car.  Luckily he was not there.  There was a wet spot on the road, so I assume that was his deposit.

Later D and I went out for a beer.  I asked him if he had seen the man.  He said, "Yes, he was inspecting the Caterpillar Equipment [which is there]."  Sometimes I wonder if we run the same path.

But you can rest assured, I'll have my phone next time. No more running naked.

In other news, I took 30 seconds a mile off my 5 mile run, and I broke 35 minutes with my 3 mile run.

Finally, I lost a path to run on. It seems my least favorite part of Freedom Parkway really does have a guy who wants to rape women using a hammer.  The APD want you to know it wasn't an attack because he didn't get her (WTF?!?!?!?).  Instead she ran the fastest mile of her life to get away from the asshole.  So that path is off limits now.  Sucks because except for running under the bridge, I liked that path.


Julie said...

Where in the hell do you live and better yet why!?!?!? :) I'd be getting my butt out of there. That is some crazy stuff going down.

Lisa said...

I have never had half the 'excitement' on my runs that you do.

But one of my running friends was flashed while she was out running solo with no phone.

I run with a phone or a friend now.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Oh my gosh, how scary for that woman. Seriously, the APD is fucked up!

Delane said...

Gah!!!!! I run with a phone, it's my iPod.