Weight I have lost

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I know! It's been a long time!

You ever mean to do something, and you go, "Oh, I'll do it tomorrow."  Yeah...pretty much that's been me trying to update this blog.

I didn't run at all in December because of the cracked pelvis.  I ran a 5K in January, ok, albeit slowly at 46:19 (I ran 2 miles, and walked 1.1).  I went and ran at the gym, and yeah...that didn't go so well. I felt I really recracked the damn thing.

The dogs in their scarves from Running with the Dogs 5K.
Lompoc, Miss Underbite

McMenamin and Scuttlebutt
I could feel my head getting the "non-exercise" fog (bitchierness?), and D got to the point he was scared to mention going to the gym much less actually going.  It was kind of like when you ask an unemployed person who is looking for a job how the job hunt is going.  You know they mean well, but when 10 people ask you every day, you start to feel like a failure. So you either burst into tears that you suck or you bite the person's head off.

But early in February, I could tell that D really needed to go and decided I would go. Not to mention, I'm not really fond of pictures or pants right now.  I feel fat.  I walked at 2.5 mph for a mile.   I finally found a pace I can watch TV at without getting motion sickness.  It was incredibly boring.  However, I didn't hurt afterwards.  We saw this weird machine there that didn't look like it used any core muscles as well, called a Krankcycle. We couldn't figure out how it worked so we left.

We went back to the gym and lifted weights.  We went back to the gym, and I did the unmentionable.  I took out my phone at the gym (you know how I HATE that).  I watched the video on how to use the Krankcycle for the 3rd time that day, and did it.  It is hard, but it uses very little core.  The only problem is the gym has it facing a wall.  Since you are unable to physically read or watch a tablet on this thing, it makes it boring.  But I stuck it out for 20 minutes.  I walked another mile the next time I went to the gym.

I have used the Krankcycle a few more times (I asked the gym to move it but due to space constraints, they can't).  I moved it to face a clock so that I can do intervals on it.  I can actually get 250-300 calories burned in 30 minutes (yeah, I'm up to 30 minutes).

On Saturday, I walked 2 miles.  I did 8 30/60 intervals of running/walking at 4/3mph.  Slow.  I honestly cannot tell how my pelvis is anymore.  I can tell you with about 80% accuracy when it is going to rain, so that is part of the issue.  My pelvis has hurt a lot in the past 2 weeks because of the weather.  I am off my Celebrex, now though.  I really want to run outside.  Even intervals.  I'm actually scared to run on the treadmill, since that's where the crack came from to begin with.  I ran up the street with Scuttlebutt the other day.  About 50 yards.  It felt ok.  If just it wouldn't be a downpour every Saturday morning (or 15 degrees).  I have lost so much endurance it isn't funny.

What's odd though, I haven't really lost any arm strength.  However, I'm not really sure there was much to lose.  Tuesday we did weights again.  I added some leg weights but still no ad- or ab-ductor strength training.  And of course it has rained continuously since Wednesday morning, so again hard to tell.

I'm still aiming to do the Kentucky Derby Half in April.  I know I will be walking a large part of it.  If I can run 3 miles of it, I will be happy.