Weight I have lost

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That Whole Year in Review

Well if you want to know about it, just go read. :)

However, as I was getting ready for a holiday party I put on my favorite sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. Hold the phone...I wore this last year on this date (minus a day). And I have a picture.

So this is 25+ pounds lighter Al (with a camera that desperately needs to be replaced since it has no flash). Last year, I positioned that Santa Claus infront of me so you couldn't see the pulling of the shirt. If you look closely you can see the pulling on the sides of the 18W jeans, you can see the multiple chins, you can see my cheeks trying to impersonate Santa's.

This year, there may be a little pulling in my 16 (Note- no W behind that 16) jeans. But they button and I need a belt to keep them up. Someone told me I need to get rid of my favorite sweatshirt (I realize it does nothing for me, but I love it). And I have less multiple chins. I need to buy some more makeup and hair gel.

And give thanks to Delane at Euphoric Agony for sending me her "fat" clothes (those were her jeans- the 16s, not the 18Ws...they eventually split in the thigh, so I had to throw them out.).

Let's hope to more weight loss and healthy running in 2011. I just bought some compression pants to run in. Supposed to hold in my hip and my back all the way through my IT Band.
We shall see.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magnet for Douchebags!

It's been long known that I don't like people. They annoy the shit out of me. Today was no exception. It started in the grocery store.

I do not understand packing out the grocery store after 8AM on a weekend. Especially a 24 hour grocery store. Why aren't things done at night? So after figuring out the cart couldn't get to the meat section, can only go down certain aisles in the veggie section, forget about going down the soup aisle, I was doing good. Then we hit the chip aisle, the soda aisle, and dairy. You couldn't go straight from eggs to cheese to orange juice to milk. It didn't make a difference since the packer didn't pack out OJ, and when I mentioned this, he didn't offer to go in the back (the vegetable packers know I'm a bitch and will go through their boxes or go to the back and ask for what I need). The coke man had his forklift thing in the middle of the aisle so no going down to get overpriced soda (when the gas station is cheaper than the grocery, that is sad). So Frito Lay man wouldn't get out of our way, and I had it. My mood quickly sank. After getting home, I went to the gym.

One treadmill and all TVs had ESPN. However, my TM had the remote, so I watch a Law and Order that I had only seen 17 times. I was not watching Cam Newton, douchebag. Anyway the gym was a little more crowded than usual. So there is a famous Douchebag who won one of those cooking shows who goes to my gym (Edited- He only came in as a finalist so he is a loser). He doesn't do anything at the gym (which is clearly evident from the fat rolls on his turkey neck). He is a DB because he insults other chefs around town for their style of food. So anyway he comes into the cardio section and sits (doesn't pedal) on a bike and talks on his phone. After that workout, he stands on a treadmill and talks on the phone. He got off, when someone asked him if he was actually going to use it (there was a line for the treadmills). But complete lack of clue. So KG, you have officially surpassed RB in douchebaggery.

Another person annoyed me on the treadmills. I do not understand going so fast that you can't keep up. Every 5 seconds, the woman beside me was on the rails of her treadmill. Seriously she probably could knock down a mile off her total. What is wrong with going slow and steady? However she liked me a lot. With my new Justin Bieber haircut (yes, I look better than Tom Brady), when I shook my head, she got a ton of my sweat. So in that respect, I'm glad her TM went fast. She was gone faster!

I really need to find my headphones so I can drown these people out!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oops! I did it again!

I was all excited last month that I would be able to run again and start training for a Mercedes Emblem that I could wear around my neck. But that pesky bursitis decided to not let me. So alas, I didn't sign up. I took off most of November (I ran once).

Guinness has reached 36 pounds (hooray). We are getting used to the fact that we are house-bound or can only travel limited distance, thus cramping our vacation style (not to mention that pesky thing called $0.00 in savings and a $90/wk Guinness-food bill).

Once again, I had to fight the government and won (sort of), with them charging me $500 for a water bill. I say sort of because it turned out no one actually read my water meter for 2.5 years. They read my neighbors. So my neighbor and I both paid the same water bill, except they paid it for their meter and I paid it based off a reading off their meter but the reading was assigned to my meter (typical Atlanta bureaucracy). Anyway after writing my councilmen, the mayor, the water commissioner and the deputy water commissioners, I was noticed and we worked out something we can all live with.

The hip still hurts. I'm kind of resigned to it hurting forever. It isn't full blown can't walk hurt. It is "getting on my nerves, low grade hurt." So after ignoring my Kentucky Derby emails for 3 months, I knew I had to make a decision. Why now...because one of the emails gave me a discount if I signed up in November because I answered a survey awhile back.

To run or not to run. I knew D wanted to do it. I know I want to do it. I know Guinness, if still alive, will be coming with us and it is a long car ride. D said if I couldn't run it, he would walk it with me. I told him don't be silly, he would just have to wait at the end for a really long time. :)

So Monday, I saved that whopping $5 and...