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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SPIbelt Review on a 6 Mile Run

So awhile ago, several people commented on my stupidity lack of remembering to carry ID with me on my runs.  While sometimes it is ok to forget, it shouldn't be when I seem to find the places to run where someone has died, due to unnatural means.  So it isn't good that I forget.  Several people (Delane and Elizabeth) kept telling me I needed to run with a phone and/or ID.

And I started remembering.  But my compression pants have no pockets, so my phone (I still don't carry ID) has to go in the pants.  Last half-marathon, that was a pain, as they kept falling deep down the leg.  And my sweat would also cause the phone not to work a lot.

Because someone got attacked in a totally different part of Atlanta, I went and got a Road ID.  If you find me by the side of the road, you know I live in Atlanta, have contact lenses, and to call my husband or brother. I bought it and it works fine (it doesn't turn off my Heart Rate Monitor).  But still that phone issue.

So along come OpenSky.com.  I have not yet figured out their pricing structure.  They had SPIbelts for $18. So I put 2 in my cart.  My bill was $24.  With shipping it was $29.  They sat in the cart for a couple of months.  The price stayed at $18 with me paying $29.  I finally decided I needed to get these (D one too).  Ordered and arrived.  (The pricing thing has happened with some other items too...I don't have coupons, so I don't get it).

I went for a 6 mile run on Saturday.  As I tried to remember how to get ready for a "long" run, certain things came back.  I didn't want that damn phone down my pants.  "Oooh  I have a new toy, the SPIbelt."  I put it on, and immediately thought, "No way in hell will this work. The clip will ride up, the belt will ride up...I'm going to be cut up."  I put it on and made the belt snug. It was over my pants, so ok.  I did a few jumping-jacks and no movement.  Ok. Put my phone and $2 in there, and off I went. 

The run was a bit hot.  I started later than usual (945) so the sun was out.  So were all the people hanging at every convenience store near my house...and most I didn't know existed.  I ran down to the prison.  The "mural" or "pussy painting" as my friend eloquently called it has been removed.  Some art thing in Atlanta, and the whole city gets colorful paintings of children, and my 'hood gets a grey, black, and white thing of a naked woman, with full bush walking with a dog or a wolf or some crap.  I guess you can see I thought it was hideous, especially at 7am, driving to work...I don't want to see bush.  But it is now gone, so yay. 
Here is a picture of the much better looking wall to me (I get beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but this crap was ugly, not to mention not what the painter turned into the city...and you know how I don't like processes to be broken/not followed.).

Painted-over Mural of the Pussy Painting,  Photo by ALB
 So that was my first time taking something out of the SPIbelt.  I should have paid attention to where I put my money because it flashed and I shouldn't be flashing money in public even if it is just $2.  I ran down to the tracks, and a train was there, so I turned around and went down a road I hate running on because one has to takes one's own life into her hands...no sidewalks, narrow road.  But I got to the road that is big and wide and ran down that.  It was very busy. Lots of people loitering, waiting for buses and walking places.  A few comments about my ass (both for and against it).  My run was slow, but steady. It did get faster when I was chased by a dog.  He was not neutered (if you aren't my friend on FB, you know this is something that is a major issue with me).

Considering I ran 6 miles in June, I knew it would be tired.  I turned and ran down another wide road.  This road had lots of dog walkers on it.  From what I could see, either the dogs were neutered or female.  AND LEASHED!  Yay.  I was now on mile 4.  The SPIbelt felt a little like it was tilting (hanging low in the front, high in the back).  I checked and the belt was still around the back of the pants, so no issue.  Perhaps just a bit tightening.  By now I had made a big Lolipop loop and was coming back to the stick part.  Mile 5 the wheels came off my legs.  They just shuffled their way home.  But the belt stayed in place.

So I got 6 miles on the legs and a new accessory that I will use.  Woohoo.

Disclaimer: SPIbelt didn't pay me anything for this review.  Neither did OpenSky.


Delane said...

I have a spi belt that i wear under my shirt over my pants at my waist. I love it. fits everything I need.

Unknown said...

Is the spi belt big enough to carry a cell phone too? i maybe should look into those.

Unknown said...

Personally, I still like The RooSport better. Here's a review of The SpiBelt on The RooSport's website.

What does everyone else think?

Spibelt review wasn't too good on that site: http://www.theroosport.com/roosportnews/an-honest-review-of-the-spibelt/