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Friday, June 26, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

So I was going to swim Monday because I knew I would be busy on Tuesday. But I got out of work and it was raining, so the pool was closed. So I went to Dick's and got a new water bottle. It is better at keeping the water cold. I also got a water bottle holder. I got it in yellow, because I hate red (TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!). I haven't used the water bottle holder yet.

Tuesday I couldn't do anything because I got to go see the loveliest baritone... Eddie Vedder. Oh I could listen to his voice all night. Anyway, he didn't really have anything political to say, which was nice. And recession? We're in one? Because everyone there had that new iPhone. I guess everyone but me has $100 laying around. Also the guy next to me...can't figure out why you were there, since you were on your phone facebooking and playing some video game. And I thought I was addicted to the Internet.

Love his voice!!!

Wednesday I went to put my bike on the rack. It had a flat rear tire. I inflated it. Didn't really think about it. At 5 I got ready for my ride. Out to the work parking lot. My tire was flat again. So I decided I would go swimming. I pulled out of the lot at 535. By 615 I had gone 6 miles and the traffic dude said to be expecting to be past the baseball stadium by 8. (The city of Atlanta is excellent at planning). 70K+ extra people descending on downtown at rushhour for a Braves/Yankees game and a Mexico/Venezuela soccer match. So I got off the highway at 640. I decided to make a quick trip to the bike shop. D texted me that it closed at 7. Another plan foibled. Still I decided to pass the shop as it was the quickest way home. I got to the shop at 648. Oh, I'll stop. So I get out of the car, and realize I don't have my purse or wallet. UGH!

I go in anyway and see if they can look me up by my CC which I realize I can't show ID for. They couldn't but, said they would fix it anyway, and I could pay later. So Mike, another great bike dude at Atlanta Cycling, showed me how to fix a flat. I got out of there at 711. Traffic had gotten worse.

But Eddie was playing another show, so all the stations were playing him or Pearl Jam. So I was in my little PJ zone chilling. By now it was getting close to 8. I started looking around. I was too far East for soccer traffic to be an issue, but I knew I was still in baseball traffic. I also knew that I was in Yankees baseball traffic. Happiness is sitting in your car listening to Pearl Jam and realizing all the Yankees fans have missed an hour of the game because they are all sitting next to you. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

OK, so yesterday, I went for a bike ride. Tire was well. It was supposed to be 45 minutes. I decided to go for 60. The ride was eh...my typical Wednesday ride but on a Thursday. I went faster in the 2nd 30 minutes than the first. I was maybe .1 mile away from the car. I had to ride up this hill, which I already know requires me to change my front gears. So I was changing from 2-6, to 2-5, to 2-4 to 1-3. When I switched the front gear to 1, something happened. The pedals wouldn't go forward or backward. They physically wouldn't move. Something was up with the chain. Rather than falling off, I managed to get my feet to the ground. But I had to walk my bike up the hill and across all the traffic. I felt like the biggest tool...like I couldn't get my fat ass up the hill. Oh well. I know I can. So I got the bike on the rack, switched the gear back to 2 and the pedals worked fine. And I rode the bike around the alleyway when I got home. Fine. Who knows.

This morning, G-dog and I went for a 3 mile run that was yesterday's workout. She was good. We ran slowly, but got it knocked out. Again, nothing going on in my head to really talk about.

This afternoon I finally get my Rod Blagojevich haircut fixed. Yes, he and I have the same haircut.

Then it should be more fun in traffic with the Red Sox Fans (in case you haven't figured it out...Braves fans don't come out until they are sure they are going to the playoffs).

Time: 60:21 (bike)
Mileage: 9.95 (9.89 MPH)
Calories: 598
Max HR 169
Avg HR 132
In Zone 5:18

Time: 14:00 (walk)
Mileage: .36 (38:53 min/mile)
Time: 51:52 (run)
Mileage: 3.01 (17:13 min/mile)
Calories: 706
Max HR 173
Avg HR 137
In Zone 25:34

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tri Training Week 3 has come to an end.

Thank God Week 3 training is over. I thought I was going to die. I missed 1 swim workout, and cut my bike workout short by 15 minutes.

So Friday was my 30 minute bike workout. It really was nothing. I got 5 miles in.

Saturday, I dragged D out of bed to run 6 miles. It was 76 degrees at 715. We were trying to decide where to run 6 miles and decided on the Freedom Parkway Trail. I remember looking at this trail on the internet once or twice but not giving it huge thought. We parked at Mile Marker 4. Garmin was dead, so we thought we would just run to MM1 and turn around. So I'm running...it is a decent path, although a lot of incline. Still, it is decent. I get to MM3 a little under 14 minutes. Still running. I get up to Freedom Parkway and BLVD and am beginning to wonder where MM2 is. I'm also seeing the end of the path, so wondering where it turns. I continue running, and look down in the King Center Parking lot. I see D. So I turn down there. He says there is no more MMs. OK. So he takes the keys, and I finish running down to the King Center and start back up.

Because I'm so smart I finally realize why it is called Freedom Parkway, considering both MLK and Jimmy Carter Library are on this thing. But no, I didn't stop to read any of the signs. I start thinking about my Friday bike ride, and how it seems to make my Saturday runs stronger. But I'm also disconcerted with the fact I don't know how long I ran. OK, D had already said to average 16 minutes/mile, so I can live with that. I got to MM3. I contemplate turning around and running bits and pieces between MM3 and MM4 to get in more mileage but decide not. I also noticed how I got this stupid blister. I run clenched fist with my right hand. So I got to MM4 finally around 55 minutes. D is there and of course he drank all the Gatorade. He says he'll go to the car and get me some. I yell I want ice. I continue across Moreland. This part of the trail climbs a windy hill with NO SHADE. Ugh! It is hot. I think about biking this and think I'm not ready. Even if I could climb a hill, too many blind spots, and bikers have already almost run me over. Finally D comes behind me with ice water. Not what I wanted. Oh well. I took a sip and handed off to him. More of this windy uphill shit. Finally downhill. Now I'm on a 5K course. I remembered about the 5K and why we weren't doing it...10am in Atlanta in the summer. Too hot! So I pass a golf course that has its sprinklers on. I contemplate going in them. Surely I should get to MM5 by now. Finally I see it and turn around. I see D about 5 minutes later still carrying my water. Also we are going up hill again. I'm exhausted (D has long stopped running). I drink the water and we talk some. We get to a downhill and I'm off again. Hit another uphill and I walk when I realize D has caught up to me and my "running." Finally we get to the top of the hill, and I tell him I'll run back to MM4. So I do. Then we walk around the block for a cool down. Got home and mapped out the run. Pretty close to 6 miles...5.76.

Sunday, we went to Silver Comet Trail. We started at MM0. Garmin was working. It wasn't a terribly exciting ride. We went out 7.5 miles. We don't like our water bottles. They get too warm. Nathan metal ones. Definitely not a thermos. But we sucked the warm water every few miles. On our way back, at mile 12 I wanted to quit. My legs were tired but I could go. But my shoulder was killing. I am still not holding the handles correctly, obviously. Oh well. We got to mile 14.6 and got water. Then I fell. Not bad and more of I just laid the bike down, then anything else. What happened? Well I stopped Garmin at the Water Break. Then I was coming off the water area, and I looked both ways but somehow didn't see the RollerBladerGirl. So I had to quickly get out of her path. Which I did. But my leg hit my pedal. As I realized I hadn't started Garmin. As I saw a snake slithering in my path (deathly afraid of snakes). All this caused me to panic. Luckily I laid the bike AWAY from the snake. When I got back to the car, D was laughing at me.

Time: 33:21 (bike)
Mileage: 5.08 (9.14 MPH)
Calories: 267
Max HR 150
Avg HR 121
In Zone 0:10

Time: 5:32 (walk)
Mileage: .24 (23:03 min/mile)
Time: 90:09 (run)
Mileage: 5.76 (15:39:48 min/mile)
Time: 6:36 (walk)
Mileage: .26 (25:23 min/mile)
Calories: 1227
Max HR 178
Avg HR 164
In Zone 43:26

Time: 90:53 (bike)
Mileage: 15:03 (9.92 MPH)
Calories: 853
Max HR 152
Avg HR 129
In Zone 7:44

Friday, June 19, 2009

Self-Esteem on the Toilet and Out/Back Lesson

OK, so women have long boggled my mind (yes, I realize I am one). In a public bathroom, if you have to pass gas, fart, lay a deuce, or what have you, and there is someone else in there, inevitably they forget where they are, and go, "Ew gross!" Um, excuse me, but where would you like me to do these bodily functions...on your office chair?

So what happens when you catch one of these clueless nits passing gas, farting, and/or laying a deuce. You have never caught them going into a stall, but you have just listened to all the pleasantries their ass had to offer. They can't own up. They can't pull up their pants, flush, and go wash their hands. Rather, they just sit there and wait for you to pull up your pants, flush and wash your hands. Or they run out without washing their hands (but pulling up their pants first...flushing seems to be optional).

One of the many things I don't get about women...

OK, so back to running. 4.5 miles were on tap yesterday. I decided I would go out and back on the Alpharetta Greenway. It was only 92 degrees with a Code Orange Smog Alert. Meaning don't go outside if you aren't healthy. I'm healthy so I laugh at your Code Orange! Got to the Greenway and drank some water, and a swig of Gatorade. Left them in the car. Started warming up for .25 miles. Started running. La de da di da. Got up to the YMCA. Doh! They have no water fountain. Still I'm at 1.89 miles, no biggie. Usually I turn around right here, but I'll go up to 2.25 and turn around. Running. Get to Webb Bridge RD. Was in a good mood, so I never looked at my watch. I was at 2.7 miles. Oops! Turned around. Got to 3 miles and started feeling a little off. My shoulders hurt. Just keep at it, was what I told myself.

3.75 miles means I have .7 miles to go, no .8 no .75. Finally 4 miles. Only .4 to go, no .5. I'm going to run to the tree. Why am I constantly counting to 10? 4.49. I'll run to that leaf. Finally 4.5. Oh there is the mile marker. It must be MM3.5. Oh fuck! It is MM4.0. I have to walk another .75 (at least) miles to the car.

So my friend texted me he was in Dogfish Head Heaven and what kind should he have. I said 120 minutes, but he is not a hop head. After about 4 texts, I looked. I had walked .75 miles. WTF is the mile marker. Finally I see it. I know I have .25 miles back to the car. By this point, friend keeps sending me "HAHA! You're a moron!" texts. I thought I was doing pretty good texting while disoriented and walking.

I get back to the car (1.14 miles) and toss back the water. The gatorade...I'm shocked it wasn't boiling, it was so hot. So I drove to BP and busted opened a bottle while Ahmed (really his name) told me I wasn't allowed to do that until I paid. Oh well. I paid, and went home. On the way home, noticed my hand hurt but really didn't pay attention. Got home and took a shower. Looked at my hand.

Now I'm wondering who the hell hurts their hand running. Look at this. Perhaps I really am a moron. But I know I'm not the woman in the bathroom lacking self-esteem.

Al's Running Injury

Time: 5:50 (walk)
Mileage: .27 (21:36 min/mile)
Time: 73:27 (run)
Mileage: 4.5 (16:19 min/mile)
Time: 30:14 (walk)
Mileage: 1.14 (26:31 min/mile)
Calories: 1346
Max HR 181
Avg HR 158
In Zone 32:28

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The week so far

So the week is going decently. I gained a little weight this week but after drinking at the zoo (Brew @ the Zoo) on Saturday and then going and getting more drunk and missing a bike ride for a bfast (or 2) at McDonald's, it wasn't to be unexpected.

So Tueday started week 3 of training. I got up and went running with Guinness. We did 2 miles in a little over 30 minutes. Yes, I'm aware this time sucks. I'm also aware that I could see the air it was so smoggy and humid and disgusting. None the less, we did it and finished.

After work, I went swimming. Yes, finally completed 2 workouts in one day. I swam 1.1Km in 40 minutes. The first 200m are always the hardest and then I start cruising. Can we say warm-up? I still find swimming to be the most boring of the 3 sports. Probably because it is the one I don't concentrate on that much. The pool was rather crowded but the lifeguards were kicking the teens out of the swim lanes (one of the regular pools is broken).

I got home. D was working so I was going to make Ginger Chicken. Except I couldn't find the ginger. So I called him crying that I had to eat a Lean Cuisine (I'm trying to clean my diet, and this frightened me). He told me to get a grip. When he finally got home at 11 or 12, he told me the ginger never made it to the register which was good as I thought I was crazy since I know D got the ginger. As to what cart he put it in...who knows.

Yesterday after work, I had a 60 minute bike scheduled. I started. I got to my usual stopping point and decided to keep going up the hill. Had to switch to 2-4 but did it fine. Kept going up to Webb Bridge Rd (end of path) and turned around. Went back towards the car. At 40 minutes I got to the car, and kept going. One hill. I got to 3/4 at 2-5, but got to the top at 2-4. Decision time, do I cross the main road. The light for me was green so I went (meaning I didn't have to put my feet down and restart). This part of the path was a lot hillier although not big hills (2-5). I got all the way to Haynes Bridge and stopped, took a drink, and turned around. At 500 ft before the light, I had to switch gears. My hand was asleep. So I got 2-3, but I couldn't get the 2 to a 1. Finally I got it, and got to the top right as the light turned red. It was ok, because I was so proud of myself for getting up the hill. You probably will look at it and think Pshaw, you think that is a hill. But yes, I do. So the light turned green and I crossed the street and back to the car. I stopped the watch. OK, last week in 58 minutes I went 7.39 miles. Yesterday in 62 minutes I went 9.71 miles. Watch me go!!! HAHA!

Oh I got some gloves, that really are helping my hands.One of the Bike Dudes helped me get these after I told him about the pains in the different part of my palms. Bike Dudes at Atlanta Cycling rock!

Time: 9:45 (walk)
Mileage: .27 (36:06 min/mile)
Time: 33:48 (run)
Mileage: 2.01 (16:48 min/mile)
Calories: 375
Max HR 167
Avg HR 128
In Zone 8:08

Time: 42:08 (swim)
Mileage: 1.1KM (3:49 min/M)
Calories: 329
Max HR 142
Avg HR 124
In Zone 0

Time: 62 (bike)
Mileage: 9.71 (9.4 min/mile)
Calories: 691
Max HR 170
Avg HR 135
In Zone 6:56

Monday, June 15, 2009

Attention Roswell Police...5K= 3.11 miles!

So I could have so won the Shave Your Stubble Challenge with this 5K, but I'm honest. Damn me!

So Saturday, A and I drove off to to Roswell. We both were quite awake and pleasantly ready for this, although I had hoped the thunder of Friday night would continue into the morning so I could sleep in. Alas, that didn't happen.

So we knew mostly where we were going. Parked the car and walked to the "Just" People Village. This was the first 5K for this group. Sweet shirts. Not cotton. We got our shirts and put them back in the car. Back up to the village. Milled around and finally got to 8am.

Of course in the South, we had to have a prayer. I really wasn't listening. I'm comfortable with my relationship with God, and don't really feel the need to have other people pray that I have a good race. I know, I suck. I have no clue why group prayer bugs me, but it does. I view the relationship to be private. And at a race, not everyone is Christian.

Back to the report. The start was odd. Rather than lining up on the street we all came out of the gates of the village onto the street. The race had started. Down this huge hill. In my head, I went that means I have to come back up that hill. The weather was 70ish. After the hill we turned and were on the course that we ran for the Possum Trot 10K. I was going a little faster than normal but I felt I could handle it. First mile was 12:33. Yes!!!! I was so excited.

The course was out and back, so the first few guys passed me. I heard one say, "I think we turned around too soon." I didn't really pay attention. So I was running and the turn was at 1.2 miles. I was a bit confused. I guess once we got back up that hill we would run past the Village. I was still running well. I hit mile 2 at 26 minutes. OMG, even if I run mile 3 at 15 minutes, I can get a PR. I was excited and sped up. Turned and went up that hill. Concentrated on it. Was passing people. I was really getting excited. I was going to PR. I now was booking.

Then I noticed people were turning into the Village and I knew the finish line was right there. I also realized I never passed a water station. I looked down at Garmin. 2.4 miles. I crossed at 31 something.

I crossed so confused. I saw A, and said WTF? She didn't know either. We got some water, and really didn't want to stick around. The more I thought about it the madder I became. I tried to remember that this was a good cause, and they had a good turnout. But damn, I was scheduled for a 40 minute run for the day, I was 10 minutes short, I was about to PR. Not to mention anyone whose first 5K it was is in for a big disappointment their next 5K. I really wanted to go home (yes, I was about to throw a tantrum...but I kept it in my head). We walked back to the car and both felt we had been gypped, as this race is not the usual 3 miles away...it was 20 miles away which is big if you live ITP in Atlanta. ITPers don't go OTP, and we did (Inside the Perimeter, Outside the Perimeter). So we were moping. 4 guys were standing next to our car (by their cars). We said something, and they said yes the race was 2.4 miles. Apparently the cop turned us around too early. If we had gone .35 miles more we would have seen the water station. Ugh!

So I'm trying to stay positive. I really liked this course. So I'll definitely do it next year. I learned about a great cause. But damn! I wanted that PR!!

Time: 31:26 (swim)
Mileage: 2.37 (13:15 min/mile)
Calories: 543
Max HR 185
Avg HR 160
In Zone 6:00

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tri Training Week 2 is done

I skipped 3 workouts...2 swims and 1 bike ride.

So Wednesday, I rode the bike for 60 minutes. This was the first ride after my fitting. I can ride the bike without my left hand (so I can now scratch my face and ride at the same time). Right hand is less death grippy. I got 7.39 miles, so obviously I have to work on speed. It'll come. I got up to Webb Bridge and back. No biggie. I quit at 58 minutes, because it started to rain, and I was at my car.

Thursday, it took 2 hours to get home. For some reason, I didn't take my clothes with me to work, so I had to go home to get them (therefore hitting traffic). Ugh. D was waiting for me, so I knew I couldn't back out. At 7 I pulled in, got dressed and off for 4 miles. It was hot. But I got through it. Then we went and had Mexican food for dinner.

Friday, my friend was in town. I drove him to work, and co-worker took him to Taco Mac after work. I went to ride my bike. It was thundering so I used my smarts and rode my bike in a whole bunch of trees. Anyway, for some reason I decided that I would have to ride fast to get in my 30 minutes. Yes, I realize this makes no sense. Anyway because I was "hurrying" I had a death grip. I got in 4.5 miles in 28 minutes. Then went to Taco Mac and had Boulder Mojo and Bell's Amber. 77 beers on my passport list so far...

Saturday will be another post, because I had a 5K. But I did get my bike rack. Talked to the bike guy about my palms (one is now bruised). I ended up getting gloves with pads for the palm and something for my nerve in my hand. Bike store cost: $250. We'll see how much I spend next weekend. :)

Sunday I was too hungover to ride 90 minutes.

Tuesday: Swim, no. Run-3 miles
Wednesday: Bike- 60 minutes
Thursday: Swim, no. Run-4 miles
Friday: Bike-30 minutes
Saturday: Run 2.4 miles (supposed to be a 5K).
Sunday: Bike- 90 minutes , no

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 1 Week 2 of Tri Training

So sometimes you just can't do it all.
Monday I got pulled to a new project. In terms of Tri Training, I had nothing planned for Monday night. I did have a date to go to the grocery store.

So I got home and D had dinner in the oven, I was wandering around like a chicken with its head cut off wondering how I was going to fit everything in on Tuesday (40 minute swim, 3 mile run).
I decided I would run on Monday, but decided not to. But maybe after we got back from the store. We got back at 945. Needless to say, I didn't run.

I woke up early on Tuesday, but not to swim or run. I had to go to work early so I could take an appointment to go get the hitch on the truck in Marietta (25 miles from work). So outside at 6AM Porter decides to have some kind of spasm attack that horrifies/scares me. D wasn't there so he didn't see it. He also doesn't know I have had 2 dogs prior that had seizures and were dead within a few hours. So I'm panicking at Porter, and she gets up wags her tail and trots off to the ravine to do her business. I wake up D and tell him, and she appears fine, so he says he'll watch her.

I get to work, and decide after the hitch I will go home and get her and bring her to work. Except the Building Management won't allow it. So I'll just go home and check on her. I go get the hitch, and tell D my plan. He tells me she is fine, and not to worry. Somehow this worked for about an hour. I go to Publix and buy the rest of the groceries as Kroghetto was not selling any fish on Monday (cooler broke...they would sell it on Tuesday...where did the fish go in the meantime, and how long was it in the broken cooler before they noticed)? Got back to work and worked and then decided I was stupid for listening to D about Po. But I still had this project. So I focused on that for 5 more hours. I got home, and was terrified to go upstairs, but I heard the pitter patter of 8 feet, so I knew she was still alive. She was, and happy to see me. Totally normal. Guinness was her crazy self.

D came home as I was finishing making dinner. We finished and he turned on the hockey game. At 830 I went upstairs and put on my running clothes. He did as well. We were either going to the gym or the track (the track if the lights were on). They weren't. We realized we remembered towels for the gym, but not water/Gatorade. It was 81 degrees outside. It was 80 in the gym. Still we got on the dreadmills. Did a warmup.
Started the 5K. Unfortuantely it counted down in KMs and not Miles. So I had to do math to figure out how far I had to go (roughly). By .5 miles, sweat was continously pouring off my head. I did mile 1 in 13:3+ minutes. I don't know what mile 2 was. I was in pure misery because my shirt was drenched. Mile 3 was just a countdown of the dreadmill, and a time game in my head (Don't look at your mileage for 60 seconds...50 seconds left, go on!)
Finally the damn dreadmill stopped. 43:12 Then a 5 minute cooldown.

I got off, and thought I would die. But I didn't. Very dizzy. D and I got home. I'm so glad we have a fridge in the garage (mostly for beer). It also contains gatorade. It was awesome. I didn't even get up the stairs to finish it.

Puppies were glad to see us.
So 1 run in the books, but no swim. Not enough time in the day. Today is a 60 minute bike ride...or how far I can go.

Time: 5:00 (walk)
Mileage: .20 (25:03 min/mile)
Time: 43:12 (run)
Mileage: 3.11 (13:53 min/mile)
Time: 5:00 (walk)
Mileage: .3 km (16:40 min/km)
Calories: 689
Max HR 184
Avg HR 163
In Zone 13:56

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week1 of Tri Training in the books!

So Thursday, I was supposed to swim and run. Of course I talked myself out of a run at 530am. Not that it is hard to talk myself out of anything at 530am. So off to work. Friend V and I were chatting and she went on how she was getting up to spin at 530am so she had her nights free (to volunteer for the 180000 things she volunteers for). So I'm sitting there thinking about a beer and now feeling guilty. I didn't feel like swimming, and I had my running clothes with me at work, so off to the Greenway. I ran 4 miles. Then off to Fox Bros to get dinner. I was going to go to Nick's for a gyro but traffic on Thursday was awful (Thursday and rain) so I was 5 minutes late...they were closed. So I *had* to go get BBQ and a beer.

Friday was a 30 minute bike ride. I had no issues...although I still have a death grip on the handle bars. Finished that up and went to Happy Hour with B and got to see an old co-worker James. We had fun. Then realized I didn't want to make dinner. D's work was all crazy, so I went to see Clay and had a gross dinner. But the 2 beers were good. Went home to prep for a big Saturday.

Saturday came. 8am... I talked myself out of a run. Ugh! Got ready and went and got fitted for my bike at Atlanta Cycling. I totally recommend them. Of course that's where I got the bike. So they changed the angle of my handle bars (put something in), and made the seat higher. Then the entire store went and looked at the car to offer opinions on what kind of rack I needed. Apparently that is going to be a pretty penny, because I need a hitch, an extender and the rack. Damn spare tire. It will be at least $400. They got out of Atlanta Cycling for $37. I bought a pump, which David (the salesman) showed me how to use. He also showed me how to put the bike in the car without bending something on them (I forgot the name he said). Again, another person shocked with how small the FJ is. So I got home, and was extremely tired. The pool would have to wait. I made a lasagna, watched TV and read some books. I was bored. D got home from work around 3am and was back there at 6am.

So Sunday, Gdog woke me up. Before I could think about it, I put on my running clothes. Guinness, Porter and I went on a walk. Then we dropped off Po. We started running. My legs felt like lead. I actually had to walk at one point. It was pathetic. We ran all over the 'hood. 2 dogs were out and about. We just kept running, they looked mean. Guinness wasn't interested in them. Later another dog ran with us. Guinness was all about that dog. Luckily, the dog was timid, and ran off. We finally finished.

A said she was going to the pool, so I got myself up to do that. The pool opened at 12. I was ready at 1135. So I mowed the lawn. Then I went to the pool. I didn't see her, J or C (family), so I swam 800m. I finished and they were there so I went over and sat with them. J wasn't feeling well so he left. C and I played in the pool. I am bright red. But I had a lot of fun!

Tuesday 30 min swim- check
Wednesday 60 min bike - only 30 minutes completed
Thursday 45 minute run - check
Thursday 30 minute swim - completed Sunday
Friday bike 30 minute - check
Saturday 45 minute run - completed Sunday

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I won the lottery!

Yes, that is what I said.
I came to work yesterday. For some strange reason, rather than waiting 2 months before checking the 1 lotto ticket I get every 2 or so months, I brought it in the day after. First number- miss,2nd-miss, 3rd-miss, 4th- miss, 5th-miss...mega millions-33, match. Oh well. Wait, I said. I checked what getting 0/5 + the Mega Ball...

I am rich!!!


I know you are jealous. And I have already collected and spent my earnings on what? Another lottery ticket. Just like that I lost $2!

In other news, day 2 of Tri Training was a little harder than Day 1. It was 60 minutes on the bike that I do not know how to ride. After tormenting my friends for 3 days about where to go ride, I went to the Alpharetta Greenway. Flat-check! No hills-check! Flat-check!

So I got all ready at work, and drove the half mile over to the park. Riding probably would have been faster for most, but this is me, and I'm sure no one wanted to be waiting in traffic after some crazy woman fell off her bike into the road with no cars around, and closed down the road. So I drove.

I had looked at the map all day. I knew this path inside and out. I parked in front of the map. "YOU ARE HERE!" was on it. Where the hell is that? I couldn't figure it out. Oh well. I started my watch and Garmin, and off I went. Gear 2 on one side and gear 5 on the other (I have no clue what that means). So riding on a big wide path. This is nice...got to a turn. Forgot how to brake. Turned infront of a biker who cussed me (with reason), and I rode off the path 'cause I got all nervous. Scratched my nose and restarted. Stayed on the right hand side. Lost control a few times, but regained it. Was passed by many people. Everytime I had to pass a runner, there was always a runner on the other side passing the other way. I worked on my braking, and I can do it pretty well. A few small hills...never left gear 2, but did go between gear 4 and 6.

Got all the way to the YMCA, and stopped. Shook out my hands. The wrists were a bit sore. Gone about 2.25 miles. Turned around, almost ran into 2 joggers. But they were on both lanes with ipods, and didn't hear my On your left. I ended up going through them. 2 rollerbladers passed me. Nose itched. Stopped and scratched it. My wrists were really hurting. I decided to make the turn back to the car. I got to the map, and was ready to cut off my wrists. Garmin said I had gone 4.49 miles in 32 minutes. No way I could go for 28 more minutes.

I tried to be all Jillian Michael's on myself telling me I needed to do this. But the other part of my brain said FU to me. So I loaded up the bike and came home.

Talking to friends I have learned:
I need the bike fitted (will do).
I need gloves
I don't need gloves
I need to relax.
This is beginner's anxiety and all my weight is resting on my arms.
This always happens to some people
This never happens to some people
I need new handle bars

What I do know:
My bike is too small to fit IN a FJ Cruiser. I need a bike rack.
I need the bike fitted.
I need to keep riding.
All the other things...I'm not sure about.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tri Training has begun...

So today was my first official day of TRI Training.
I was to do 30 minutes of swimming. I talked to my running buddy, A. I was contemplating MLK or GP pool. She said go to GP, because it was 50 yds. I was worried it was going to be crowded. She said they had 2 reserved lanes for laps. So I decided to test it out.

I got there. LOTS of kids. I was worried. I went through the locker room and out. The security guard told me I needed to get out of my street clothes and I needed to shower. OK. This seemed very odd, but I went back and jumped in the shower and walked back out in my bathing suit and a towel.

I got to the pool. One lane was twice the size of the other. It was odd. 3 people were in both lanes. None of them in the big lane were swimming in any sort of order. I let 2 of them come to my side and then started. OMG! At 25 yds, I was wondering where the wall was. I kept going. Finally got to the wall. Rested a minute and started. I did this for the 30 minutes. As I got further into the swim, I had to rest less between laps. But I watched my watch like a hawk.

I'm not sure if I went 700 or 800 yds. I lost track sometime after 400 yds. Tomorrow I get to ride the bike that I don't know how to ride. Get some stock in Band-aids and Peroxide!

Time: 30:32 (swim)
Mileage: 700m (4:21 min/100m)
Calories: 249
Max HR 156
Avg HR 129
In Zone 1:30