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Monday, June 15, 2009

Attention Roswell Police...5K= 3.11 miles!

So I could have so won the Shave Your Stubble Challenge with this 5K, but I'm honest. Damn me!

So Saturday, A and I drove off to to Roswell. We both were quite awake and pleasantly ready for this, although I had hoped the thunder of Friday night would continue into the morning so I could sleep in. Alas, that didn't happen.

So we knew mostly where we were going. Parked the car and walked to the "Just" People Village. This was the first 5K for this group. Sweet shirts. Not cotton. We got our shirts and put them back in the car. Back up to the village. Milled around and finally got to 8am.

Of course in the South, we had to have a prayer. I really wasn't listening. I'm comfortable with my relationship with God, and don't really feel the need to have other people pray that I have a good race. I know, I suck. I have no clue why group prayer bugs me, but it does. I view the relationship to be private. And at a race, not everyone is Christian.

Back to the report. The start was odd. Rather than lining up on the street we all came out of the gates of the village onto the street. The race had started. Down this huge hill. In my head, I went that means I have to come back up that hill. The weather was 70ish. After the hill we turned and were on the course that we ran for the Possum Trot 10K. I was going a little faster than normal but I felt I could handle it. First mile was 12:33. Yes!!!! I was so excited.

The course was out and back, so the first few guys passed me. I heard one say, "I think we turned around too soon." I didn't really pay attention. So I was running and the turn was at 1.2 miles. I was a bit confused. I guess once we got back up that hill we would run past the Village. I was still running well. I hit mile 2 at 26 minutes. OMG, even if I run mile 3 at 15 minutes, I can get a PR. I was excited and sped up. Turned and went up that hill. Concentrated on it. Was passing people. I was really getting excited. I was going to PR. I now was booking.

Then I noticed people were turning into the Village and I knew the finish line was right there. I also realized I never passed a water station. I looked down at Garmin. 2.4 miles. I crossed at 31 something.

I crossed so confused. I saw A, and said WTF? She didn't know either. We got some water, and really didn't want to stick around. The more I thought about it the madder I became. I tried to remember that this was a good cause, and they had a good turnout. But damn, I was scheduled for a 40 minute run for the day, I was 10 minutes short, I was about to PR. Not to mention anyone whose first 5K it was is in for a big disappointment their next 5K. I really wanted to go home (yes, I was about to throw a tantrum...but I kept it in my head). We walked back to the car and both felt we had been gypped, as this race is not the usual 3 miles away...it was 20 miles away which is big if you live ITP in Atlanta. ITPers don't go OTP, and we did (Inside the Perimeter, Outside the Perimeter). So we were moping. 4 guys were standing next to our car (by their cars). We said something, and they said yes the race was 2.4 miles. Apparently the cop turned us around too early. If we had gone .35 miles more we would have seen the water station. Ugh!

So I'm trying to stay positive. I really liked this course. So I'll definitely do it next year. I learned about a great cause. But damn! I wanted that PR!!

Time: 31:26 (swim)
Mileage: 2.37 (13:15 min/mile)
Calories: 543
Max HR 185
Avg HR 160
In Zone 6:00


Tammy said...

Grrr! So frustrating!
You'll get that PR next time...

Delane said...

That sucks. I'm sure you will PR soon!

Missy said...

That is frustrating...is 2.4 mile run worth changing your clothes? C'mon guys...

SeeGirlRun said...

I'm an OTPer...I know exactly what you mean. Sorry about your short run. But in all honesty, from MY view? It's hilarious!!! How the heck can you mess up a 5k? Bwah ha ha!!!! Hello!?! I do feel bad about your PR though. That part does suck. But there are LOTS of 5K in the Atlanta area so you'll have another chance and you DID get a t-shirt. Have a wonderful day!

Aka Alice said...

OK...that just stinks. I'm with SeeGirlRun...how to you eff up a 5K?

I'm with ya on the group prayer thing. It always makes me uncomfortable too. I pray in private. During public prayers, I just want to giggle at everyone looking so damn serious about praying for a good run...I mean does God really care if I run fast or not? WTF? (see...I'm going to hell).

B. Kramer said...

Boo. Sorry about your mismeasured effort. Just goes to show you that cops don't know what they're talking about. Tell them that the next time you get pulled over. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Oh that is a bummer! Ultra lame.