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Monday, December 17, 2007

Maryland Running is done for the year

So Doug and I finished up our Maryland Runs on Saturday 12/15/07. We ran in the 5 Miler Celtic Solstice Run. Yes when we signed up we misread it and thought it was a 5K, not a 5Miler. Oh well.

So Wednesday before the race with the coordinator emailing us at least twice a day, we said goodbye
to Doug's mom. And printed out a parking pass for Saturday's race at her office. Then off to find the running store to see if they had anything to help Doug and his foot. First we went to Dick's and they had nothing, although we did notice an abundance of Under Armour apparel. So then after lunch at the Ellicott Mills Brewery on Main Street Ellicott City (I don't recommend the beer…to Belguim-y), and a discussion with the brewer of why he doesn't like the Howard County Mayor (I went to HS with the Mayor…I'm not fond of him either…he was always Semitic or Anti-Anti Semitic, imo). But I have no clue of his politics except they are left of mine. Back to topic…We found the Falls Road Running Store. They really couldn't help Doug with his foot, but we did pick up our jackets and race numbers. They told us the Fells Point Falls Road Running Store could help us on Thursday. Great because we were staying in Fells Point.

So off to check in. We had a very good dinner at Della Notte in Little Italy. While the prices were
expensive, I was pleasantly surprised to get fettucine with lump crab and not the shred piddly bits that most of ATL gives you. Then off to Avenue Q, which we liked. After that, we went to Max's where a woman told me my shirt was ugly and that I had big breasts. I still like my shirt. I can't help my breasts. Lots of drinking there of Cape Anne's Ale and Young's Double Chocolate Stout. Then off to home.

Thursday, the running store was not open contrary to the sign on the door. Oh well. We went to Fad
o in Annapolis to see Apnold (my term of affection) and to meet his girlfriend. The mystery of Under Armour became clear. The HQ is in Baltimore and was founded by UMD grads. And it is made in the USA. So I will buy. Anyway dinner was good, and company was fun.

Friday we went to the Harbor an
d had a cookie from Vaccaro's. Doug told me that his store sells their cannoli and creams. But the cookie was good. We bought a Christmas Ornament and then went to Wharf Rat on Pratt Street. We liked their Stout. Drank some of those and had Maryland Crab Soup (not a cream). Then decided to walk to Brewer's Art. That was a mistake. Besides it was forever away, we walked past it, and Penn Station and I83 all the way to North Avenue on Charles. Doug called and they told us where it was. So we went. Well we get there and there is a Christmas Party. So they won't serve us, but tell us to go downstairs. We do that and the bartender and the waiter talk to each other, we ask the waiter if he can move his stuff off a stool, and the bartender tells us he doesn't know how we got there (the bartender upstairs told us to come) but he won't serve us for another 25 minutes (it is 3:35 PM on a Friday). So we left. We walked all the way back to Lombard to Power Plant Live which also didn't have a bar open. By now we were confused and our feet hurt. So we took a cab to Fell's Point and went to Green Turtle and had a Guinness. Then to Duclaw and had a good dinner and were back in the room by 8 PM to rest for the race.

We got up and got ready and drive over to Druid Park. Doug's cousin coincidentally parked next to us. We knew he and his wife were doing the race but we never caught them via email, so weren't sure what to expect. So we talked to them in the tent, and we found Apnold again. Then we went and found my friend Vic and her boyfriend, Jason. J held our stuff since he wasn't
running. The time to run started.

Mile1: Nothing much except it was mostly uphill. Not steep but an incline. Lots of people passed me, but I'm sure I looked cute in my hat. 13:37

Mile 2: It was around a cemetery and it was cold, except for my hands. I took off my gloves. My lungs could feel the cold. One day I'll work on my breathing. There is the water. Where did this energy come from: 27 something

Mile 3: Running by the car. Maybe I'll just stop and get in. I'm sure people are done now. Another basin to run around? The other end looks far away. 46

Mile 4: Did I skip part of this race? 58:08 minutes

Mile 5: I'm passing someone. My god, I'm passing someone! Done with the basin. Doug is there. He says it is just down the hill. This hill is forever. There is J telling me to smile. I think I have snot on my nose. Vic is telling me to sprint. The chip said my final time is 71:35.
That is awesome considering I was aiming for 74.

We hang out a little. I don't see Doug's cousin. Then we walk back to the car with Apnold and say good bye and go back to the hotel. We call V and J around 1 and drink with them until about 8. It was a fun trip.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jingle All The Way 10K

So Doug and I are in Washington. We got here Friday. 2 of our bags out of 3 did too. Luckily both bags with running shoes got here. We got a car and by midnight we were at the PILs place and then stayed in the guest apartment.

Saturday, we got up and went and found running pants for Doug since we hadn't found any in Atlanta when we looked. We found some. Then we and FIL went downtown and we got our race packs. Then home, called Delta, found out someone took our bag and Delta was waiting for that stupid idiot to come back and return the bag. (She was a stupid idiot because while I have the same rollerboard that everyone has, it is wrapped in pink ribbon all over it.) Then off to see family for a Christmas. I enjoyed seeing everyone. On our way home we found the bag was at the airport and I demanded it be delivered. So Doug and I stayed at his parents so they wouldn't have to wake up at 2AM when the guy would probably deliver it.

At 6AM, I woke up from a single bed, and Doug had slept on the couch and guess what had not come. We both were in a mood. We both got dress for the race. It was 41 according to the tv. At 6:45 we left and saw a uhaul with a guy with a suitcase. Seeing as we both had crappy night sleep we didn't put 2 and 2 together. So we drove up the road when the phone rang. THey were at the door with the bag. We told them to knock louder. FIL heard it and took it. One thing finally settled.

Got to West Potomac Park. Had to find parking. It was probably a mile away from the race. On the way to walking, my invisifriend PJ called. I don't recall what she said except her heart was pacing because she had to take a cab because some idiot had blocked her into her parking spot at her house. D and I finally made it to the site, and of course I had to pee. So that took 10 minutes. I called PJ, it was about 7:55. She found me and we said hi for about 2 minutes...her boyfriend was cute. Then she went toward the starting line and I went away.

The race started and everyone was off. I started my watch. Despite the chip thing, I needed my watch...plus I didn't know what the chip did seeing as I never used one.
Mile 1: Everyone was passing me. Oh well. Dang that girl is in front of me...I don't think so. Over the bridge. Ah she is walking...passed her. Who is this old lady? She is so tiny. And she is walking now. Mile Marker 1: 13:37

Mile 2: Old lady must be doing the Galloway method. I think she is waving at me. Ok. Breathe. Remember to breathe. My hands are hot. Hi old lady! Why is the police motorcycle coming down the other side of the road? OMG someone is finishing and I'm not done mile 2? There is Mile 2 marker: 29ish.

Mile 3: There is the water. I'm not thirsty. Take the water anyway. Pass old lady. I think she is taking a goo gum or something. Here is a lady running in velour. Pass her. She passes me and walks. I pass her and she runs past me and walks. Oh well. WTF is that...it looks like Jesus coming out of the earth? Oh that is the Awakening. Doug told me he likes that. Where is that mile marker? Here comes old lady waving at me again. Get to the mile marker and then the 5K marker: 46+ minutes.

Mile 4: OK it is freaking hot. Take off your gloves Al. Ah much better. My feet really hurt. Whose idea was it to do this. Okay velour lady, you are pissing me off. I'm going to muster up my strength and pass you once and for all. Hi Old lady, I'm still with you (Velour Lady and Old Lady are 2 different people).
Old lday, I'm impressed you ran the portland marathon and finished.
Mile Marker 4: 57 minutes.

Mile 5: Boom. I don't want to go anymore. I can walk. WTF, you have 2 miles left and you decide you want to walk now. Keep at it. Which do you want to do, beat your time, or run the whole way. OK Al, I want to do both. Shut up.
Mile 5: 72 minutes.

Mile 6: Can I just die. Bye Old Lady. I can't believe you are actually waving goodbye to me. Where is Doug, why can't he meet me at the 6th mile and run the last one with me? We ran over a bridge. I don't remember that. OK, there is the 25mph sign...keep going. There is a woman in my path. Woman I out weigh you by at least 50 pounds. Let's not play chicken because I'm tired enough that I'm going to run you over and keep going. No walk AL. Ah, I won chicken. That's the way I roll, bitch. There is another 25mph sign. No more songs on the ipod. WTF is Doug? OK, keep going. There he is. THere is mile marker 6. Only .2 more. I don't want to go that far.

OK, Doug told me to go. That's odd. I'm running. People are walking home, but cheering. There is the finish. Why are the 3 fucking photographers sitting there gabbing and not taking a picture of me. Cross the line. Way to fucking do your job muthafucka. I don't know if that was outloud or not. Race guy comes up and tells me to keep walking. I'm confused. He gets me water. We walk around a little bit. I can finally breathe. I sit down and take my chip off.
92:11...new personal record.

Doug has hurt his foot which was why I couldn't find him. He got 61 something.
We walk back to the car. He calls my aunt and we go home get ready. Then we go see my grandparents. I have to say my gfather's health has sucked the past 5 months, and it kind of freaked me out how different he looks. But he still was his same old self. Grandma didn't know us at first. But my aunt and uncles were there and my new cousin. So she was bit confused. After everyone left, she knew who I was and grabbed my hand. I know she didn't know my name, but she knew I was her gdaughter and I was kind. So that made me feel good.

So overall it has been a good day.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Chomp and Stomp 5K and a man in my bed...

So yesterday morning I got up at 6, and put on my running pants and my brace, and got back in the bed and slept until 6:45. Put on my HRM, bra, and shirt, and found some socks, and got the shoes on.

Took the dogs out, and drank water, and Doug got ready as well. Anne came and picked us up at 7:15, and off to Cabbagetown we went. It is maybe 3 miles a way. It was 50 degrees out.

Anne was in shorts and a tank, and nuts, but oh well. Doug still hadn't figured out if he was going to run or walk. (His knee hurt). The sun started coming up. We registered and I actually did a lot of stretching so that I'd be warm. I don't know how Anne wasn't freezing.

Anyway we walked towards the starting line. Ran into our friend Brakel who was doing his 3rd 5K in a wheelchair, so we wished him luck as well. And Doug and I went to the back. We started...Doug ran. I ran and passed a few people. Down the first road and up a hill. No issue. Around the curve, and there is a water table...eh I'm not thirsty. Past the bar...I want a beer. Oh well. I always forget this block...Down this street and up this one. Car, you are just going to have to deal with me in the middle of the road...nowhere is this important this early in the morning, except for me. To the urine filled tunnel...it doesn't smell that bad. Passed the Bootcamp lady. Cool, I'm passing people.

Somewhere in the 2nd mile...Rooms to Go Truck if you back out and block my path I will be mad. You are... Man gets out of the truck... F you, I'm in a race and being timed. You will wait for me to pass. (Oh I said that outloud). Around the Milltown Lofts... There is a coffee house here? I didn't know that. Wait I'm in Reynoldstown, how did I get there, we are running in Cabbagetown. So confused. Any cones? Oh yes, I'm on the right path.

OK, DOA is on the ipod. That means I'm in minute 34 or about. I guess I'm into the last mile. Up a hill. This place is hilly. Another turn. I have no clue where I am. Another turn. DOA is over...I won't be under 40 minutes. Boo. But hopefully I can get in before Bon Jovi is over. There is DH. I have to be soon. Another hill. 40+...Dammm. OK, 41...I will get there under 42. Hi AL! WTF is that? I'll ask Doug later. I crossed at 41:48. New PR. Then vomit came into my mouth, but I managed to get it back down.

Wait in line to get the T-shirt. Anne is there. So I get in line with her. We finish and don't see Brakel anywhere, so we go back up the course, and ask the cop. Brakel is coming. He comes around the corner with 2 friends and the motorcycle cop cheering him on. Up that hill, and he looks spent but I know he'll do it. He gets to the top of the hill and we cheer him. He does one more push and drifts through the finish too. Awesome!

We talk to him and he tells us about how the course was hard considering the street was missing in one section and he nearly fell out of the chair on the RR tracks. But he is definitely made for this. He had to go do leg work during the day so he wasn't going to the Chomp and Stomp Festival.

Anne takes us home. Doug and I shower and get ready. We pack up the pups and go to the park. Get some beer and a spoon for the chili cook-off. See Anne, Johnathan and Caroline. It is N-A-P, so they are leaving, but Caroline is happy to see the pups. Balancing beer, chili and pups is hard. We probably ate a cup of chili total. Most were good. My favorite had garam masala in it. Doug thought it was gross. We sit on the lawn and listen to blue grass and Jack comes. We have another beer, and decide that we need to take the dogs home so that we can drink and take a cab later. So we do that.

Go home and Jack takes us back to the park. We have some more beer (chili is all gone). Man with bird is dancing to the bluegrass. He wasn't very good, because he keeps nipping the bird with his foot. A 2 yo is dancing too. I guess she though the Chomp and Stomp hadn't had a Stomp yet. She tried to Stomp the daylights out of the bird. Man gets mad. We can't stop laughing. The lady next to us is laughing so hard, she dumps her beer on her baby's head. Everyone is laughing. Man leaves because the look he gave the little girl was scary and he realized he was outnumbered. That band ended and we went to the other side of the park and listened to another band. And we got another beer.

Listened to that band and then decided to go get some pizza. So we walked to the pizza shop and ordered pizza and more beer. Ate that. Went next door to the bar and had more beer. Doug and Jack were talking to everyone. I was talking to the bartender. I spilled some beers and Bartender just shook his head. Jack and I were talking and Doug was playing at the juke box. We did some shots. We kicked the Guinness Keg. Someone bought us some other shots. Doug got mad and left. I went out and asked him what the issue was, but he didn't know. So back in the bar, I got the bill and Doug came in. Jack put his CC down and Doug took it, and left again. Bartender took my CC and I paid. He called a cab. Jack decided he couldn't leave since he didn't have his CC. I went back outside and Doug had it. I gave Jack the CC and the cab came.

Cabbie didn't take a CC so I told him to take us $14 and I would give him $15 total. He said he has taken us home many times and he knows from experience that he has earned more than his fair share so he will take us home. Doug tells him we really have more money but he didn't want me to know (I guess I'm not supposed to be able to hear him). So we get home and Doug gives him $30. I got $12 back. We go inside and Doug passes out on the LR floor. Porter pees beside his head.

Jack decides that Gordon Ramsay made an omelets so he must make an omelets and wants to know where we keep the eggs. I don't know where the eggs went, so Jack gets the mushrooms and sticks of butter out. I get out some leftover chicken and start eating it. Jack looks at that and decides he must have chicken, and I cut off what I have eaten and give him the rest. He cooks that with the shroom and the butter, and pours everything into a bowl. The shrooms taste like butter, so I don't want any and I go to find Doug. He isn't moving, and doesn't look like his head will hit the pee, so I go upstairs to get some PJs on. Then I decided I needed to check my email.
So Jack has turned off the oven, and comes and gets in the bed, and we look at the bartender's myspace page.

Then we looked for the remote, and turned on the TV. I went back downstairs to make sure he turned off the stove. Came back on and talked to Paige online. Jack decided he didn't like my pillow and took Doug's (Jack was on my side, and I was on Doug's side of the bed). Then Po came and got in the bed. I turned off the computer and we went to bed. At 6AM I awoke to loud snoring and I was on my side of the bed. Doug was on his side. At 8AM I got up and Jack was on the couch. So I have no clue how they all changed around.

We took Jack to his car and then went to McDs. Then came home and watched TV, and then went to lunch with my friend Nina.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Alzheimer’s Walk 5K

Well, it has been a hell of a week. Sharon's death, and 2 other life events, and we were ready to drink our sorrows away Friday night. I was off most of Friday and made a Guinness Cake and some pupcakes. The Guinness Cake was left on the counter against the wall to cool.

Doug and I went to Manuel's and broke our rule of no drinks before a 5K. We had 2 each. So we left, and got some beer for Porter's Party.

Got home and went into the kitchen and 1/8 of the cake was gone...Guinness was licking her chops. We really didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and just started shaking. It turned into laughter. So I cut off the cake, and frosted it abd Doug put it away so we could have it for Porter's Party.

We tried to watch TV, but both of us were going through the motions, and we went to bed. Last words before sleeping...Why are we running?

So at 6:30 AM, Doug woke me up. He had already started the grill for the brisket. I brushed my hair, got dressed and put on my shoes. Then he got dressed. We watched the news and there was a shutdown on the Interstate, so we decided to leave to be in Kennesaw (30 miles away) to avoid any major traffic. We got within 1 exit and traffic came to a halt. We looked at each other and said it figures. We went the wrong way down the Barret Pkwy exit (got off on the on ramp) and continued. Parked. We went to the desk, and the people asked us if we were here to volunteer. They said the registration desk was somewhere else. Doug thought it would be nice if they had signs, but they were under the desks doing nothing. We went to the registration desk and signed in, and got our t-shirt tickets. We went and got the t-shirt, and decided to put them in the car. We got to the car, and looked at each other. We got in the car and drove home...no we didn't run. So then having so many people who supported us (we raised over $800) we felt bad and selfish, so we decided we would run at the track.

Went to the track and the parking lot was closed, so we would have to drive to the other side of the track. Instead we just went to the gym.

Warmed up, and hit 5K on the dreadmill.

I was watching the news, and started get dizzy so I stared at my feet. Ran. Thought about Nana. How I didn't have many memories of her, but she was the one who got me over my fear of Swiss Cheese. For some reason I was afraid of the holes, so she would stick her tongue through the holes, and taught me to do the same. Because she looked so silly I could eat the cheese. She also taught me how songs with no words (classical) needed them and just make them up.

Mile 2: I thought of Grandma and how she used to joke she had Oldtimer's Disease, and it used to make me so mad that she was so indifferent to my Nana. Now it is different. If you know me, I try to joke about things that are serious to deal. I think that's what Grandma was doing. OK, so now I was tearing up.

The hill setting set in on the dreadmill. I always turn them off. I decided I didn't deserve to turn them off, and kept going. I tried not to think about Sharon, because I was pissed off. Not at her, but the circumstances that prevented her to get checked. I thought of the first time meeting her and how I thought she was so nice. And how she thought it was so funny that the "girls" had to pass daycare tests to get into doggie daycare, and how she always sent us cards for our anniversary, how she helped us get Doug's mom's Christmas present. Overall, I didn't know her well, but she was one of those people that was just a really good person to know.

Amazingly, I didn't tear up thinking all this, like I am writing it. At .25 miles left I looked and saw that my time was going to be pretty good.

I turned up the speed, and looked up. They were talking about the 3rd place finisher at Chicago Half-Marathon. I don't kow what they were saying because I was listening to Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer. But I ended the race at 43:10.

After walking and drinking Gatorade, we went and got ice and flowers for Porter's Party. Then like every other Saturday...I took a nap.

Monday, September 17, 2007

10 K and other events of the day...

Got up at 5:45 this morning. This was after Guinness decided to play at 2 and I put her under the bed to sleep and Porter had to go out at 5 (thanks Doug!). Went to the bathroom and couldn't figure out why I was up so I got back into bed until 6:25. Got up and got dressed and got back into bed. Finally got up for real. Dogs went out, Body-Glided my body, and had a Clif Bar and water. Doug finished getting ready and we were off.

Got to the 4 Seasons. Free parking. Checked in. Got our numbers and walked around. Many people around, some tools, but mostly normal looking people. I checked out everyone's legs and they were all different, and lots of different sized people. 10K was getting started so I went to the back of the line (proper etiquette if you are slow). Doug stayed with me. And we're off. Bye Doug.

Mile 1: Down 14th and to Piedmont. Past the Driving Club. Ew! Glad I chose not to get married there. Sewage issues! Guy- really, just run, don't run backwards to stay with your girlfriend. That's annoying. What's this? Mile Marker 4? Turn into the Botanical Gardens. There is MM1; He yells out 13:01. Geez I must slow down if I'm going to stay at this.

Mile 2: Through Piedmont Park. Oh this is the festival J must have told me about. Lots of people out this morning. Who is this person waving at me? Oh that is Z? Big wave! Must remember to not ask if she is pregnant later. The park is nice. Water table is coming. Oops missed my lips. Oh well. Mile guy. 26:07. OK going way too fast.

Mile 3: Where did these hills come from? Why didn't they level this city when it burned and make it flat. Decline. Yay. WTF? Another hill. There is Flying Turkey. Another hill? OK. Still going. Crossing Peachtree. When do I turn? Jock's and Jill's hill is killer. There is W Peachtree. ANOTHER HILL!? I can't go anymore. That's ok, I trained with walking so here I go. That's where Element is?
I won't go there. R Blais is the biggest arse. Downhill!!! Start running. Mile 3- 42 minutes.

Mile4: Still on the decline. Turn onto 14th. Ugh another hill. Just look at your feet. There's the 4 Seasons. No, that's the Marriott. Keep going. There's the 4 Seasons. Where is everyone? Who cares. Hi Copper. Thanks for stopping traffic. You are so nice. Back to Piedmont. Ew the sewage. OK these hills are killing me. I'm going to walk up every hill and run down. Yes that's the plan. Mile
4: 59 minutes.

Mile 5: Whose idea was it to walk the hills? The Park is flat, so I have to run the whole thing. OK mmm Famous Dave's. I love Pork. Maybe I'll just run in place right here. No keep going. OK, festival people in your motorized cart. I am not THAT fat, either pass me or stop revving your engine. Oh you aren't going to pass. Well screw you. I'm going to run in the middle of the path. hahahaha! Thanks festival man for cheering me on. Through the park. Dammm, that means the hills. Mile 5: 73 minutes.

Mile 6: I think I will stick with that walking plan. There is Flying Turkey. How do these walkers walk so fast? Keeping up with them is hurting my butt. WTF is W Peachtree. Oh there is Jock's and Jills. Hi Copper! Still walking. Onto W. Peachtree. I really dislike R. Blais. I hope this restaurant fails. Haha, you lost Iron Chef with your stupid hair tuft. On the downhill. Where is 13th street? Back to running. 12th street. There is Doug with the volunteer. Here is 13th. Finish is down the hill, Doug says. He jogs, but lets me get ahead of him. OK Baby stroller people won't let me pass. Boom right into them. But I have finished. Here is my tag. WTF is the water. OK I said that out loud to the stroller people. Live with it. The little boy has water. Hooray.

Time 74 minutes. That cannot be right. I couldn't run a mile in a minute. My watch says 94 minutes, so I'll go with that. (official time is 93:07)

Doug and I get some water and I eat part of a banana. T-shirts. We get them and double check. 2XL. Yay, I got my T-shirt.

We leave and go buy dog food and beer. I can drink 7 with no guilt.

Go to Johnathan and Anne's at 3:30. Dave, Johnathan, Anne and Mr. Dave's Dad are there. We watch the Michigan/ND game. I think a group of 6 yr olds could play better. Ep, it is 5:15, off to Tech. Drink and eat ribs. Go to the game. What is happening? We are getting bad calls, can't execute, argh!

Go back to the coolers. Drink some more. Decide to go to Milltown to ... drink.
Having a good time shooting the shit and telling stories. In walks a guy with a red shirt. I swear that looks like his butt crack. Clay tells him he has to leave. He says he has shoes and a shirt. Clay carefully walks him to the door. I see his full package. I SEE JUNK! Clay gets rid of the chair he sat in. We ask Clay later about it, and it seems normal for this guy. The funny thing was he walked home that way!

Lights in the bar come on. Clay calls us a cab, and to home we go. 430AM. Ah to be 21 again.

Wake up hungover. Ah to be 33 again.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The 5K Sucketh

OK. Got up at 6:30 to take a shower. I'm not sure what that was about, but I felt the need to shave my legs. Plus I was excited.

Opened the door for the dogs and it was a sauna out there. Steamy 75. Dang!

D and I finished getting ready and drove to J and A's house. A was running with us.

She took some pics of my face for me to compare from last race. So we walked from their house to the race.

We get there and they give us everything.
US: Can't we get it after?

Them:No, because if you pre-registered we want to
make sure you get your shirt.
US: Ok... XXL.
THEM: Oh we don't have XXL.
US: Ok, XL,
Them: we don't have those either.
US: Give me the largest size you have.
Now we are registered.

D put all our stuff under a tree, so we wouldn't have to run with it. A was nervous and talking and D was looking at all the ugly runners. I started looking around and realized there was going to be a problem. I was the heaviest
there by 40 pounds. All these people were runners. Even heavy set women, had the thin runners legs.

OK, stop Al, you're fine.

They said some stuff I couldn't hear, and we were off. Most people passed me, not a big deal. First mile done.

Second Mile started with a hill. I run hills, I'll just take it slow.

Clod, click, clod, click...WTF is that? A 1-legged runner is passing me. OK, she is probably an Olympian and used to this...yes, that's it. D later said she could go faster because she was missing the extra weight...thanks Hon!

Out on the main road. 2 MARTA busses...I thought they ran on Natural Gas. cough, cough... how is that truck in Atlanta with all those fumes. Now I can't breathe. Here is mile 2. I can't breathe. I have no clue what volunteer is telling me. I can't breathe.

Brain1: OK if I walk, life will be good. I can't breathe.
Brain2: You're weak if you walk!
Brain1: Shut up! OK, if I' don't walk, I'm going to die.

So I walked to the hill. Then I ran down it. Who is this...Granny is passing me? Geez I am slow.

I thought we finished on a downhill, where did this hill come from? I can run it.

Lady walking passes me...oh no you aren't passing me. Get to the top of the hill and see the finish. 44 minutes. That is horrible. Walker woman you aren't passing me again. There is D, I love him. There is A, J and C. They are great.

I crossed at 45:23.
I had to immediately fill something out. I was a bit disoriented. A gave me some water. I drank that and went to get some more. There wasn't any. I got some gatorade...one of the last. And had a banana.

Sweat everywhere. I think J took a picture.

We walked back to A&J's house, A knew I was disappointed with
my time. She reminded me that I hadn't been able to run a mile
last year oreven in February. D pointed out from my
hills training last weekend I was on point.

We going back to their house. I looked at my HRM. I had burned 1100 calories.
Thats 4 beers to drink with no guilt.

All is right in the world again.

But the dang T-shirt doesn't fit!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Komen 5K 5/12/07

The race went pretty well. It was crowded and REALLY muggy. We (D and I) got there at 7:15 and looked for my friend Thorny. Finally found her at 8. We said hi and then Doug and I went and got in line to run. We were in the middle of the pack. We walked 5 minutes, and then said bye to each other. I ran 5 minutes, and then got to the hill at 12th street and walked it. It looked monstrous and huge. Started running again, at 10th street. Ran 2 minutes. Walked 2 minutes. Ran 8 minutes. Had to run in the street (where cars were) because it was so crowded. The police told the walkers to use their common sense and walk toward the middle, and let the runners have the outside. Walked 8 minutes. Now I was back on 17th street.

The water table I passed (didn't stop) said I was at 2 miles. I thought I was going fast. I ran 2 minutes, walked 2 ran 3 walked 3. I saw Doug near the finish realizing I still had about a mile to go. I walked/ran some 1 minute intervals. I ran the last 4 minutes and got there in 49 minutes (about 15.8/mile). Doug was waiting for me at the finish line. He finished by 41 minutes. We then went and got our T-shirts.

The honorariums people had on their backs was really moving. I remember thinking the future doesn’t bode well with “In memory of Mom and In honor of my 3 sisters.” I choked up at a guy with “In memory of my wife X and in Honor of my wife Y.” The one that really got me though was “in memory of Mom and Dad.” After that I stopped looking at them.

Thorny took a picture of me and Doug, but she accidentally erased it. She got the pic of me and her. I look absolutely HUGE!(I'll use it as motivation to lose more weight or as resume fodder to become a linebacker for a football team). I believe since Doug and I started training for this he has lost 13 pounds and I have lost 4.

But in the end, I was really proud of us for committing and doing.

We went for a run yesterday. It was really SLOW (much slower than that 15.8 min-mile I ran in the 5K).