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Friday, May 11, 2007

Komen 5K 5/12/07

The race went pretty well. It was crowded and REALLY muggy. We (D and I) got there at 7:15 and looked for my friend Thorny. Finally found her at 8. We said hi and then Doug and I went and got in line to run. We were in the middle of the pack. We walked 5 minutes, and then said bye to each other. I ran 5 minutes, and then got to the hill at 12th street and walked it. It looked monstrous and huge. Started running again, at 10th street. Ran 2 minutes. Walked 2 minutes. Ran 8 minutes. Had to run in the street (where cars were) because it was so crowded. The police told the walkers to use their common sense and walk toward the middle, and let the runners have the outside. Walked 8 minutes. Now I was back on 17th street.

The water table I passed (didn't stop) said I was at 2 miles. I thought I was going fast. I ran 2 minutes, walked 2 ran 3 walked 3. I saw Doug near the finish realizing I still had about a mile to go. I walked/ran some 1 minute intervals. I ran the last 4 minutes and got there in 49 minutes (about 15.8/mile). Doug was waiting for me at the finish line. He finished by 41 minutes. We then went and got our T-shirts.

The honorariums people had on their backs was really moving. I remember thinking the future doesn’t bode well with “In memory of Mom and In honor of my 3 sisters.” I choked up at a guy with “In memory of my wife X and in Honor of my wife Y.” The one that really got me though was “in memory of Mom and Dad.” After that I stopped looking at them.

Thorny took a picture of me and Doug, but she accidentally erased it. She got the pic of me and her. I look absolutely HUGE!(I'll use it as motivation to lose more weight or as resume fodder to become a linebacker for a football team). I believe since Doug and I started training for this he has lost 13 pounds and I have lost 4.

But in the end, I was really proud of us for committing and doing.

We went for a run yesterday. It was really SLOW (much slower than that 15.8 min-mile I ran in the 5K).

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