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Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm alive, and I've Run 9 Miles

Long time no post...
I got sick (sinus infection fell into my chest), that took me out of work and life for a week, D went on a business trip that left me to clean the house myself (he did most of it when he got home) for the boys' birthday, and the pollen is out of control.

I did get a 5.68 walk in (instead of 7 miles) and I got in a 8 mile run (which was pathetic because it was with the sinus infection), and missed a whole bunch of running. Then I realized I had a month 'til my Half-Marathon and the shit was scared into me.

I got to the gym on Tuesday to run 5 miles.  It sucks...I have to run in the hot room, because it takes me over an hour to run 5 miles.  The TM's in the "cool room"...73 degrees... only last 60 minutes and I don't feel like starting over.  So the hot room...75 degrees.  I did that slowly (still don't have all my lung capacity back) and the next day did a 3miler.  Had 5 miles for Thursday but then I realized I had a gift certificate that was expiring on Thursday for a brew pub, so you KNOW I had to go there.

Saturday came and I had 9 miles.  Ugh.  Pollen was really bad, so I took a Claritin-D.  I didn't completely think that out.  I drank 64 oz of water, D and I walked the dogs, and I was on my way.  The first mile was pretty easy.  I had told D I was going to a bit of an iffy area, and he said to be careful.  My plan was thwarted by a train.  So I turned around.
Mile 1-- Behind the US Penitentiary

So I turned around and ran down back toward Turner Field.  It was pretty boring and hilly.  What's odd, are there are hills I'm scared of, and then I run up steeper ones because I can't see them when I first turn onto a road.  I noticed I had a bit of "fire" going on in my thighs.  I figured my compression pants had finally bit it and the hole on the inside of my thigh was rubbing.  But I didn't know why the other thigh hurt.  I got to the field and saw the parking lot I usually run in had a function going on (cars coming in and out).  I also heard loud exhaust from the upper parking lot (some NOS function), so I ran in the Lexus Lot.  I finally got to a walk interval and adjusted my pants.  Then I noticed a women's motorcycle group hanging out in the parking lot.  They were looking at me and laughing my adjustments.  I smirked and restarted my run.
Mile 4--Adjustments in the Lexus Lot...Olympic Flame
I ran up toward Oakland Cemetery.  I got to the Greek Takeout place and decided to run to the Capital.  I started toward the Capital but I didn't like the road, so I turned back around, and ran back toward the Cemetery.  I realized my lips were glued shut and I was really hot.  I had $1 in my pants, so I ran to the beer store and bought a water (mile 5.76).  I wondered about the temp because it seemed really hot.  It could have also be that I had no shade, or that Claritin.  Whatever, I enjoyed the water.  I ran slowly to the Cemetery and around it, and then I ran by the restaurants in the area.  I was going to run through Cabbagetown, but realized I would be done and have a long walk back.  I knew I could call D, but really didn't want to get in the habit of that (I called him after the 8 miler to come get me).

So I ran part of the route of the Grant Park Summer Shade 5K.  Now why I would knowingly run PITA hills, I'm not sure.  I got on BLVD and decided to run through the zoo top parking lot, rather than the sidewalk.  I got out of the parking lot, and drank some more water.  The road was really busy so I decided to walk to the end of the park, cross the street and run home.

I ran down the hill and got to the start of the incline up the last PITA hill.  A guy who I ran by informed me that I was gorgeous even with the snot on my face.  It made me laugh.  4 guys in a car wanted to know where McDonald's was.  They probably thought I was a loon because I didn't know where it was (I was too disoriented...I did know where the Sonic was).  I started up the hill.  You can't avoid this hill, on this route and if you go down it, well there is one you have to go up (the one I just ran down).  I got to a shortcut road and turned.  I couldn't go up that damn hill any more.  I was running at a 17 minute pace if you wanted to call it that.  Anyway I ran down the hill and the watch dinged 9 miles (for all the walking and slowness, it was 16 minutes).

I walked home, .68 miles.  I knew I was dehydrated.
.45 miles into my walk home...Fat Fingers
Got home and quickly downed 2 bottles of Gatorade.  In about 10 minutes, I felt/looked normal again.  Except the thigh burning...2 chubrub burns on my thighs that Band-Aids are now covering.  New pants are on order.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Totals

Totals for the month

I lost 1.1 pounds over the month for an annual total of 3 lbs.  My birthday turned into a birthweek, so I know where the rocking loss I was experiencing went.  But I got shots, Shamrock Shakes, Cookies, Fries, and Tacos out of my mind.  Sometimes you just have to.  But now I have to focus.
I kept my food journal every day...thus evidence and no, "I don't know why I didn't lose more."
I tried 16 new recipes.

I ran 53.67 miles in February.  This makes my total for the year 90.89 miles.

Half-Marathon Training is in full gear.  By days I  completed 11 of 17 runs (64.7%).  By mileage I completed 41.33 of 61.11 miles (67.6%). 

I need to improve my commitment.  I already knew this.  I just don't know how to get the "spark" back.  But I'll keep moving.

I did get a new Foursquare Badge yesterday.

Leap Year Badge, courtesy of Foursquare