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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Chomp and Stomp 5K and a man in my bed...

So yesterday morning I got up at 6, and put on my running pants and my brace, and got back in the bed and slept until 6:45. Put on my HRM, bra, and shirt, and found some socks, and got the shoes on.

Took the dogs out, and drank water, and Doug got ready as well. Anne came and picked us up at 7:15, and off to Cabbagetown we went. It is maybe 3 miles a way. It was 50 degrees out.

Anne was in shorts and a tank, and nuts, but oh well. Doug still hadn't figured out if he was going to run or walk. (His knee hurt). The sun started coming up. We registered and I actually did a lot of stretching so that I'd be warm. I don't know how Anne wasn't freezing.

Anyway we walked towards the starting line. Ran into our friend Brakel who was doing his 3rd 5K in a wheelchair, so we wished him luck as well. And Doug and I went to the back. We started...Doug ran. I ran and passed a few people. Down the first road and up a hill. No issue. Around the curve, and there is a water table...eh I'm not thirsty. Past the bar...I want a beer. Oh well. I always forget this block...Down this street and up this one. Car, you are just going to have to deal with me in the middle of the road...nowhere is this important this early in the morning, except for me. To the urine filled tunnel...it doesn't smell that bad. Passed the Bootcamp lady. Cool, I'm passing people.

Somewhere in the 2nd mile...Rooms to Go Truck if you back out and block my path I will be mad. You are... Man gets out of the truck... F you, I'm in a race and being timed. You will wait for me to pass. (Oh I said that outloud). Around the Milltown Lofts... There is a coffee house here? I didn't know that. Wait I'm in Reynoldstown, how did I get there, we are running in Cabbagetown. So confused. Any cones? Oh yes, I'm on the right path.

OK, DOA is on the ipod. That means I'm in minute 34 or about. I guess I'm into the last mile. Up a hill. This place is hilly. Another turn. I have no clue where I am. Another turn. DOA is over...I won't be under 40 minutes. Boo. But hopefully I can get in before Bon Jovi is over. There is DH. I have to be soon. Another hill. 40+...Dammm. OK, 41...I will get there under 42. Hi AL! WTF is that? I'll ask Doug later. I crossed at 41:48. New PR. Then vomit came into my mouth, but I managed to get it back down.

Wait in line to get the T-shirt. Anne is there. So I get in line with her. We finish and don't see Brakel anywhere, so we go back up the course, and ask the cop. Brakel is coming. He comes around the corner with 2 friends and the motorcycle cop cheering him on. Up that hill, and he looks spent but I know he'll do it. He gets to the top of the hill and we cheer him. He does one more push and drifts through the finish too. Awesome!

We talk to him and he tells us about how the course was hard considering the street was missing in one section and he nearly fell out of the chair on the RR tracks. But he is definitely made for this. He had to go do leg work during the day so he wasn't going to the Chomp and Stomp Festival.

Anne takes us home. Doug and I shower and get ready. We pack up the pups and go to the park. Get some beer and a spoon for the chili cook-off. See Anne, Johnathan and Caroline. It is N-A-P, so they are leaving, but Caroline is happy to see the pups. Balancing beer, chili and pups is hard. We probably ate a cup of chili total. Most were good. My favorite had garam masala in it. Doug thought it was gross. We sit on the lawn and listen to blue grass and Jack comes. We have another beer, and decide that we need to take the dogs home so that we can drink and take a cab later. So we do that.

Go home and Jack takes us back to the park. We have some more beer (chili is all gone). Man with bird is dancing to the bluegrass. He wasn't very good, because he keeps nipping the bird with his foot. A 2 yo is dancing too. I guess she though the Chomp and Stomp hadn't had a Stomp yet. She tried to Stomp the daylights out of the bird. Man gets mad. We can't stop laughing. The lady next to us is laughing so hard, she dumps her beer on her baby's head. Everyone is laughing. Man leaves because the look he gave the little girl was scary and he realized he was outnumbered. That band ended and we went to the other side of the park and listened to another band. And we got another beer.

Listened to that band and then decided to go get some pizza. So we walked to the pizza shop and ordered pizza and more beer. Ate that. Went next door to the bar and had more beer. Doug and Jack were talking to everyone. I was talking to the bartender. I spilled some beers and Bartender just shook his head. Jack and I were talking and Doug was playing at the juke box. We did some shots. We kicked the Guinness Keg. Someone bought us some other shots. Doug got mad and left. I went out and asked him what the issue was, but he didn't know. So back in the bar, I got the bill and Doug came in. Jack put his CC down and Doug took it, and left again. Bartender took my CC and I paid. He called a cab. Jack decided he couldn't leave since he didn't have his CC. I went back outside and Doug had it. I gave Jack the CC and the cab came.

Cabbie didn't take a CC so I told him to take us $14 and I would give him $15 total. He said he has taken us home many times and he knows from experience that he has earned more than his fair share so he will take us home. Doug tells him we really have more money but he didn't want me to know (I guess I'm not supposed to be able to hear him). So we get home and Doug gives him $30. I got $12 back. We go inside and Doug passes out on the LR floor. Porter pees beside his head.

Jack decides that Gordon Ramsay made an omelets so he must make an omelets and wants to know where we keep the eggs. I don't know where the eggs went, so Jack gets the mushrooms and sticks of butter out. I get out some leftover chicken and start eating it. Jack looks at that and decides he must have chicken, and I cut off what I have eaten and give him the rest. He cooks that with the shroom and the butter, and pours everything into a bowl. The shrooms taste like butter, so I don't want any and I go to find Doug. He isn't moving, and doesn't look like his head will hit the pee, so I go upstairs to get some PJs on. Then I decided I needed to check my email.
So Jack has turned off the oven, and comes and gets in the bed, and we look at the bartender's myspace page.

Then we looked for the remote, and turned on the TV. I went back downstairs to make sure he turned off the stove. Came back on and talked to Paige online. Jack decided he didn't like my pillow and took Doug's (Jack was on my side, and I was on Doug's side of the bed). Then Po came and got in the bed. I turned off the computer and we went to bed. At 6AM I awoke to loud snoring and I was on my side of the bed. Doug was on his side. At 8AM I got up and Jack was on the couch. So I have no clue how they all changed around.

We took Jack to his car and then went to McDs. Then came home and watched TV, and then went to lunch with my friend Nina.