Weight I have lost

Monday, September 17, 2007

10 K and other events of the day...

Got up at 5:45 this morning. This was after Guinness decided to play at 2 and I put her under the bed to sleep and Porter had to go out at 5 (thanks Doug!). Went to the bathroom and couldn't figure out why I was up so I got back into bed until 6:25. Got up and got dressed and got back into bed. Finally got up for real. Dogs went out, Body-Glided my body, and had a Clif Bar and water. Doug finished getting ready and we were off.

Got to the 4 Seasons. Free parking. Checked in. Got our numbers and walked around. Many people around, some tools, but mostly normal looking people. I checked out everyone's legs and they were all different, and lots of different sized people. 10K was getting started so I went to the back of the line (proper etiquette if you are slow). Doug stayed with me. And we're off. Bye Doug.

Mile 1: Down 14th and to Piedmont. Past the Driving Club. Ew! Glad I chose not to get married there. Sewage issues! Guy- really, just run, don't run backwards to stay with your girlfriend. That's annoying. What's this? Mile Marker 4? Turn into the Botanical Gardens. There is MM1; He yells out 13:01. Geez I must slow down if I'm going to stay at this.

Mile 2: Through Piedmont Park. Oh this is the festival J must have told me about. Lots of people out this morning. Who is this person waving at me? Oh that is Z? Big wave! Must remember to not ask if she is pregnant later. The park is nice. Water table is coming. Oops missed my lips. Oh well. Mile guy. 26:07. OK going way too fast.

Mile 3: Where did these hills come from? Why didn't they level this city when it burned and make it flat. Decline. Yay. WTF? Another hill. There is Flying Turkey. Another hill? OK. Still going. Crossing Peachtree. When do I turn? Jock's and Jill's hill is killer. There is W Peachtree. ANOTHER HILL!? I can't go anymore. That's ok, I trained with walking so here I go. That's where Element is?
I won't go there. R Blais is the biggest arse. Downhill!!! Start running. Mile 3- 42 minutes.

Mile4: Still on the decline. Turn onto 14th. Ugh another hill. Just look at your feet. There's the 4 Seasons. No, that's the Marriott. Keep going. There's the 4 Seasons. Where is everyone? Who cares. Hi Copper. Thanks for stopping traffic. You are so nice. Back to Piedmont. Ew the sewage. OK these hills are killing me. I'm going to walk up every hill and run down. Yes that's the plan. Mile
4: 59 minutes.

Mile 5: Whose idea was it to walk the hills? The Park is flat, so I have to run the whole thing. OK mmm Famous Dave's. I love Pork. Maybe I'll just run in place right here. No keep going. OK, festival people in your motorized cart. I am not THAT fat, either pass me or stop revving your engine. Oh you aren't going to pass. Well screw you. I'm going to run in the middle of the path. hahahaha! Thanks festival man for cheering me on. Through the park. Dammm, that means the hills. Mile 5: 73 minutes.

Mile 6: I think I will stick with that walking plan. There is Flying Turkey. How do these walkers walk so fast? Keeping up with them is hurting my butt. WTF is W Peachtree. Oh there is Jock's and Jills. Hi Copper! Still walking. Onto W. Peachtree. I really dislike R. Blais. I hope this restaurant fails. Haha, you lost Iron Chef with your stupid hair tuft. On the downhill. Where is 13th street? Back to running. 12th street. There is Doug with the volunteer. Here is 13th. Finish is down the hill, Doug says. He jogs, but lets me get ahead of him. OK Baby stroller people won't let me pass. Boom right into them. But I have finished. Here is my tag. WTF is the water. OK I said that out loud to the stroller people. Live with it. The little boy has water. Hooray.

Time 74 minutes. That cannot be right. I couldn't run a mile in a minute. My watch says 94 minutes, so I'll go with that. (official time is 93:07)

Doug and I get some water and I eat part of a banana. T-shirts. We get them and double check. 2XL. Yay, I got my T-shirt.

We leave and go buy dog food and beer. I can drink 7 with no guilt.

Go to Johnathan and Anne's at 3:30. Dave, Johnathan, Anne and Mr. Dave's Dad are there. We watch the Michigan/ND game. I think a group of 6 yr olds could play better. Ep, it is 5:15, off to Tech. Drink and eat ribs. Go to the game. What is happening? We are getting bad calls, can't execute, argh!

Go back to the coolers. Drink some more. Decide to go to Milltown to ... drink.
Having a good time shooting the shit and telling stories. In walks a guy with a red shirt. I swear that looks like his butt crack. Clay tells him he has to leave. He says he has shoes and a shirt. Clay carefully walks him to the door. I see his full package. I SEE JUNK! Clay gets rid of the chair he sat in. We ask Clay later about it, and it seems normal for this guy. The funny thing was he walked home that way!

Lights in the bar come on. Clay calls us a cab, and to home we go. 430AM. Ah to be 21 again.

Wake up hungover. Ah to be 33 again.