Weight I have lost

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I learned what turtles are

So in my sheltered life, turtles were these chocolate candies. Now 3 Musketeers (herck!) has come out with a turtle bar. Apparently, in D's world turtles are something completely different. But look quite the same. So I don't think I'll be ever eating a turtle again.

I have not worked on the doorbell. That's because when cleaning the shower, I took the caulk off the bottom. Which needed repair. Well then when was the last time I sealed the grout. So that's what I have been doing.

My runs have been ok. This is our last week of membership at the gym. I am sad about that. I like the gym. But that whole saving money thing...

I ran 3 miles today in 38 minutes.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 Week Mind Dump

So I still don't have a job. However, for the most part I have been pretty happy. I have my bad days (which coincide on days I don't run). I have also become addicted to Las Vegas on TV. Horrible show. I can't get enough!

After MIL and SIL left to go back to Snowmageddon on Feb 8th, I set forth on fixing the dryer. I determined everything worked that I could see. However I couldn't get the drum out.

After some cussing, I gave up and we took SB to dog training. The dog is perfect if you have treats. Otherwise a holy terror.

Tuesday I talked to my dad. We raced to see who could do a 15 minute diagnosis faster: me on the dryer or him on his car. I believe I won. I got the drum off and saw the heating element broken in 3 places. It took me 3 hours. I ordered the part, and was done with that for the rest of the week.

Running has occurred. I have hit every run. Maybe not on the day. Although we notice I am much happier on days I run.

D and I ran a fast 4 miles on Saturday. Yay, because we went out for Vday that day. Tres Leches Cake...yum!

This past Monday I finished fixing the dryer. This was after a 6 mile run on Sunday. My legs hurt so bad. Installing a heater element is an odd angle fix, and oh my back and thighs.

Tuesday I didn't run, but went to the GYN (before insurance runs out), got my car tag and did some errands). GYN and I have been talking about my weight for a year. We already know my thyroid is smack dab in the middle of fine. He suggested increasing vitamin D3. I'll buy some on the next visit to the grocery. Although I'm losing weight, he thinks it should be coming off a little faster considering the intensity of exercise. Also I'm not drinking, so...

Thursday was busy. It was my birthday, the anniversary of my grandmother's death, a 2 mile run, a desperate need for light bulbs and a job interview. I ran 2 miles the fastest I have ever run it. I have started running with my iPod again (I can't hear the music in the gym or it isn't good), and My Chemical Romance is a great band to run to. Also a 9 minute Daughter from Pearl Jam is good too. After I did that, I went to McDonald's where I promptly broke Lent by getting a birthday Diet Coke.

Then I went to Ace and got lightbulbs. They needed my ID for my CC and I gave them my TSA ID (no, I don't work for them...there was a possibility I would work at different ports so I needed the ID). Anyway Ace gave me a military discount. I felt bad since I don't defend my country's freedom the way the soldiers do, except at the moment, I'll take whatever discount I can get.

Got home, and studied for the job. Talked to my aunt. My cousin is looking for a job too, and she couldn't believe the rudeness of different HR companies. She was shocked that you don't hear anything after an interview unless you ask. At 3 I left for the interview, 18 miles away. The interview was at 430. I was late. 9 car pileup on first interstate. And 285 was shut down. I called since I could see the building I needed to get to. And I rode down the emergency lane and got there. A bit frazzled. Now who would schedule an interview at 430 on a Thursday in Atlanta? The interview was eh...I knew 10 seconds after meeting the guy I didn't have the job. I got out of there at 530. We had reservations at 7. At 6 when I finally got to the interstate, I talked to D. I burst into tears. Then I talked to V. She told me all her problems and I felt better. I finally got to the restaurant (11 miles away) at 645. Props to our waitress who had a beer ready for me, by the time I sat down. Awesome. M and B and M's bf joined us. It was good. Much to my surprise M and B picked up the tab.

On the way home, I talked to my brother. I told him if he called to tell me someone died, to just wait until Friday (he had to call and tell me last year my gma died). No one died. We talked about Ovi and Crosby and hockey. I love him. (AWWWWWWWWWWWWW).

I got home, and D's mom called to wish me a happy birthday. She and FIL were going to come in March but Snowmageddon has torn down a porch so they aren't sure now. After talking to them, I went to bed. Yesterday was not so great (I didn't run).

Today, I ran 4 miles. Tomorrow is only 5K. Taper week. I got my flush letter from the interview, so more resumes, cover letters, "I know your colleague" letters. Yay.

Oh and now the doorbell is broken. It broke when the FedEx guy rang it to bring me my dryer part.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chattahoochee Challenge 10K

So this week has been eh. Tuesday I got RIF'd. I think I was the only one stunned by this. Oh well. Happened before. Luckily that talk about Pearl Jam in Ireland...I never acted on it. Or the plane tickets for my grandfather's birthday, or a zillion other things. So we have a little bit of savings... But I'm not going to do the Triangle Tri. I really have no desire to see my former boss, at the moment.

So I was very upset on Tuesday and that whole running thing didn't happen. Just sitting in front of the TV staring. Wednesday, I did change the sheets so I could lay in a clean bed all day. At 4, D made me go for a 2 mile run. My numbness didn't go away. I took Guinness on the run. She did ok. We weren't really trying hard.

Thursday, I laid around on the couch, worked on my resume and and applied to 2 jobs. Then I decided I wasn't in the mood to do that, so I took 3 hours to hang a picture. It had to line up with 2 existing pictures. Well being an engineer, it had to be aligned, leveled, etc. and somehow I couldn't make it work. Even duct tape didn't work. 10 holes in the wall later, it is good enough. D got home and we went for a 3.5 mile run. Some idiot brought her dog to the gym, so it made me so mad, I felt my whole workout was ruined. D called the owner of the gym, and he took care of it...D said he was speechless, and then like WTF when D told him. Now, reasons a dog shouldn't be in a gym...messes on the ground stench up the place, allergies of other people, getting in the way of weightlifters, getting smashed by a free weight, etc. Just in case you were pro-dog in the gym...you are a moron, imo.

Friday I cleaned the house, and D's mom, sis and niece arrived from MD. Yes the snowmegeddon, they escaped.

Saturday D, A and I ran the Chattahoochee Challenge 10K. We picked A up at 620 so we could get a parking spot before the road closed at 7. Um every other person in the race thought the same, so we ended up parking .75 miles away. We made a decision that we would walk to the registration and not come back to the car, so no coats, or anything not needed to run (it was 40 degrees). We got to registration and the race was chipped. We still weren't aware if it was going to be a correct chip (not mass start but indiviual...it was correct, individual start time). We did the bathroom thing, and then walked to the start line .25 miles away. After what seemed an eternity, the race finally started. They had pace packs, but I was already lined up and the pacers came after me. I didn't feel like moving MORE to the back so eh. Not a big deal as we had over 3 miles before they made you file to one lane.

So on mile 1 a walker told me she liked my pace. And 2 women were walk/running. I ran with them for a mile. Then one woman decided to pick her pace up, one decided to walk, so I was in between them. Mile 2 was .1 mile farther than my Garmin read. No biggie. The time read 27 something. The first people were coming back (it was an out an back on one road and then another on another road). I finally got to Roswell Road, and turned around. I saw the "good pace" woman. She told me to slow down because she couldn't keep up.

Around Mile 3, I decided flat races were rather boring. (40:30). I looked at the Hooch and realized it was way fuller than last May when I ran this course last. Then the wind picked up. I seemed to run so slowly. 3 cops passed and told me they were opening the road, so I had to run on the bike path. Eh. I seemed to be the only one who move to the path. Fighting the wind, I didn't look at my watch. Mile 4 came at 55, according to the Mile 4 timer.

I turned off the first road. The second road passed the finish line. I am sure there are 2 people who think I'm a bitch because I yelled at them to get out of my way. Sorry, you didn't have people standing on the course when you were running, why should I? So I pass the finish and see D done. Curses! I want to be done. All that stuff made me get to Mile 5 fast in my head. 69 minutes. Fastest I have ever run 5 miles (done 2 5 mile races). Again, like Mile 2, 3, and 4, my Garmin went off about .1 mile before the mile marker. A passed me in Mile 5 (on her way back). I got to the hill and struggled up it but got down faster. At the turnaround I saw the walker lady. Back at the hill I started running, but my legs just decided no. And walker lady passed me. So I walked it. Another lady passed me. Damn it. I got to the top and ran down. And ran. I saw the 5 mile marker, and Garmin dinged 6 miles. Then I saw the 6 mile marker. I ran around the corner, and saw the finish line. I tried to run faster but my legs didn't want to go. I saw D and the photographer. I finally crossed. I saw the time and couldn't believe it. 88:03/6.32 miles. My previous best time was 91:58, and it was this course. I couldn't believe it. I got a dixie cup of water and D and I went up to the center to get shirts.

Kudos to the volunteers. For 2XL people, you had to pay extra for your shirt. I was worried there would be none left. Nope, they made you tell them your name. So I got my shirt! And a grocery bag (eco race). A did not get a grocery bag. Also weird thing, besides the Dixie cups there was no water.

As we were walking back to the car, I told A I thought it was weird that I was getting faster but seemed to be ending closer to the back on races. She said that with the crappy weather, only serious runners were out. I liked that explanation.

With G2 in the car, the ride home was uneventful. We dropped A off, and got home where I iced a cake, made corn bread and then got to spend the day with MIL, SIL, niece, BIL/SIL and 2 nieces. Nice day which made up for a shaky week.

Then the dryer broke (because you know I wouldn't end on a positive note, right?).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pics of the Dogs in their Scarves from Run With the Dogs

Finally found the camera cord... Pics of Scuttlebutt and Guinness from 01-16-10. Decatur High School gave us these scarves for the pups!

My new scarf, it tastes good!

Why must you take a picture of me in my new scarf?

Just take a picture of me!

Here is my serious pose!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 3 of HM Training is DONE!!!

January finished with 64.77 miles run/walked.
Yesterday was my 5 miler. I contemplated not doing it.

Friday, after spending $$$ at Toyota on my 30K tuneup (no my car wasn't recalled), I came home. Between leaving the dealership and going home, my throat got sore. I got tired. D had the beer poured (Bell's Java Stout) when I got home. We ate. He was doing the dishes and I was dozing off.

At 630pm I said I was going to bed. At 8am I woke up. I probably would have slept later but Scuttlebutt wasn't feeling well, and puked so up to clean that up.

I pretty much did nothing and then got up and got ready to go to lunch with M and B, meet M's new boyfriend, and introduce them all to Scuttlebutt. SB was not on his best behaviour. He stood on B's head, jumped several times on M and the BF, and scared M's daughter J. So after 5 minutes we went to lunch. Fox Bros, again. Yum. I introduced them to the Tomminator and I think everyone liked it. B dropped me off and I took a nap. D came home and we watched Sunny in Philly and had some Guinness.

Sunday, we went to breakfast and then I came home. I made a grocery list and went to the store...now it is even more Kroghetto as there was a drive-by shooting there a few hours after I left. Woohoo! I took SB for a walk and was out of breath, so I came home and took a nap.

5miles would be happening on the treadmill, I thought. D got home at 4, so before I could think about it, we changed and went outside. We walked up the hill and went. I was doing ok...breathing a little hard, but eh. I ran past the terrorist dogs, and got to BellSouth st. This is my favorite street of the run, because it is deceivingly long (like .3 miles) but only feels really quick. Well some guy was outside of a home. Last year, a black guy who always fixed his Acura Integra lived there. Last week, an obese woman (I think...hard to tell) was standing outside yelling to God knows what, and a stray dog was out, so I missed the road last week (I was with Guinness). This week, a Hispanic Man was out. He asked where I lived. I gave him the address of the elementary school. He then told me it wasn't safe for me to be running by myself. Totally creeped me out. On top of that, I didn't have Guinness since she didn't do 3.5 miles well last week. So no more running on BellSouth st. Anyway, I ran up the other street where the Friday house used to be. I haven't seen anyone around there, so I'm not sure if it is too cold to sit out front and smoke pot, or if they have moved. On one of my other various laps on another street, a little boy was walking. I didn't recognize him, but he recognized me. He wanted to know where my dog was. Finally I finished 4.5 miles, and went back home. I ran in a small circle from 4.7 to 5.0 to complete the run and the week.