Weight I have lost

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's On!

That's what I said when I got on the scale this morning, disgusted with myself. I don't even know how much I gained because my stats weren't right to begin with.

So this whole week I have been eating for 3. No, I'm not PG and thinking I'm having twins. I have just been eating 3 bfast's, 1 lunch, and 3 dinners. And I am not full!

OK, so last night, I had some major bowel issues, and Porter's dancing on the bed ticked me off, and I went and slept in the other room. I told D my alarm was going off at 5:40 so I could run. Except at 6:40 he came and got me, because I never turned the alarm off. Oh well. Then I got on the scale.

So back to basics.
I had a Clif Bar for breakfast (it is the breakfast of champions) along with 3 bottles of water.

Lunch is Red Chile Pork Tacos with Caramelized Onions, Elote, and applesauce.

Dinner is Quick and Easy Salisbury Steak with Simply Potatoes Mashed Potatoes, and carrots.

Water will be consumed all day, with some diet ginger ale.
And a run is scheduled for when I get home from work.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

4 Miles and a Great Hairdo

Where have I been? I was resting my legs after Viv ran her marathon. LOL! I have just been lazy. So I got up and went for a run today (after my breakfast at Einstein Brothers with D). So it was 69 degrees (69, heheheheheh...I'm such a child). I decided to go to the traack.
So I walked my warmup lap, and started mile 1. Around lap 3, I decided I would run 4 miles. Mile 1 was fine. Track to myself, basically. There was a guy who would run a lap and then go somewhere and then come back. Anyway...I started Mile 2. I knew I was not going to break any world records. It was rather boring. I heard lots of birds, and wondered when I started living in the country.

Mile 3 started and I decided I would only run the 12 laps. On lap 11, I decided that I would finish my 4 miles. I wasn't happy with this thought, by actually all the way to lap 14 was pretty fast (in my mind). Lap 15, I probably could have walked faster. Lap 16 was long. I thought I must be nuts because people don't take a week off and then run 4 miles, and what was up with me. Then 16 was over, and I walked 3 more laps for the cool down, for a total of 5 miles.
During my walk, I now had 3 people on the track, and I noticed they all were looking at me. I figured it was because no one ever saw such a good looking specimen as me. I got in my car and drove home. I passed 2 people with mohawks (which I snickered at). I passed one more person, and they pointed. So I got home and checked my hair. Well it turns out, I had a righteous 'do. When I run, my hands sweat, and I run them in my head.
So I decided to grace you all with my lovely 'do.

Have a good Memorial Day.

Time: 59:25(run)
Mileage 4 (14:51 min/mile)
Mileage 1 (22.03)
Calories: 1064
Max HR 185
Avg HR 164

Update: Beer, glorious beer.... I am drunk and need to get off now. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In Zone 27:08

Thursday, May 22, 2008


A post nothing about running.

So, as you know, I don't live in the best of neighborhoods. I watched the city tear down the public housing project by my house. I can't go to the nearest gas station because there are too many shootings, and the 2nd closest one has too many prostitutes. I'm pretty sure lots of children are left behind in the school.

However, I'm not an urban pioneer, most of my neighbors have jobs, and there aren't a lot of foreclosures. When people get robbed or vandalized, your heart breaks whether it was a BMW or a KIA that broken.

Overall the neighborhood is a community, and everyone knows it is outsiders who do the crap. It doesn't matter if your house was $500K or $50K.

But enough of that.

Every Spring, we have that annoying thing in Atlanta called the Braves. Where all the suburbanites trek down to the Big City so they can say they have been to it (the city) once this year, and they bitch about the traffic (yet won't allow public transit into their areas) etc. Well, to get home, I have to pass the GA Dome and the Ted. So as you can imagine, they don't typically put stadiums next to $million homes, so I travel through some dilapidated places.

And without fail, some white idiot (I have yet to have a black person nearly kill me while they are trying to park their car) in an SUV will decide he can park his car at a public lot for $15 (which makes me laugh because Turner Field's parking is $12). This is after he has decided he was too good to follow the signs directing him to the stadium and took a "short-cut." He decides this $15 parking thing while he is in the right lane (of a 5 lane road) and makes a left. And can't understand where my big OFF-RED Car has come from. And flips me off.

Or better yet, because I seem to know where I'm going (or because I am white), people follow me. I love that, because then I purposely drive in the wrong direction and then whitey has to make a u-turn because there are 2-5 black tweens on a corner (heaven forbid).

So we are almost into summer, and the Braves are looking good (I guess Chipper has herpes...that's when his batting average goes up...perhaps he'll find another Hooter's waitress to cheat on his wife with and marry)... No one better hit my car, or I'll will be living in a nice big house in the suburbs. That's all I have to say.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Kayaking adventures...

Last week, my friends said they were going kayaking. Yes, sure I will go! By Wednesday, I was hoping they forgot. Thursday, I checked to see and yes, it was still on.
Anyway, I think B (who was organizing the trip) thought I was going to bail. She called me on Friday and offered me the opportunity. She called me on Saturday morning and offered me the opportunity. She also offered to drive me, but the distance to her house, vs. the distance to the place was silly for me not to drive myself.

So nervously Saturday after my 5K and after the last time she called, I got ready. I had no idea what to take, so I took an extra outfit, but forgot shoes. I went to the store and got cash, beer, water and Coppertone Continuous Spray sunscreen. (It worked well on the places I sprayed it...I forgot to spray it on my feet and my cleavage). With 55 minutes left until meeting time, I drove to Up the River. I got there and didn't see B's car. I had time to jump back in. Oh wait, I just filled out my insurance information in case I die... No worries...

B shows up about 3 minutes later, with K, J and M. They answer UTR's questions about what kind of kayak I want (on the top). We pay for a 4 hour trip, we get on our sunscreen, everyone gets their sunglasses on, so I go get mine from my car with my Thermos cooler (brand new and leaks), but still is cool.

We get our life vests, and then the truck comes to take us to the river. B and K get gracefully into their kayaks. No, I have to go into 50 degree water and plop my ass onto the kayak. The water was refreshing. The guy hands me my paddle. He explains to us that we will go under 3 bridges and he'll meet us at the boat dock after the 3rd bridge. I'm getting used to the paddling but get it (I'm smart like that).

So B had told me there wouldn't be a lot of paddling for our 8 mile trip. Hahaha. But right before the first bridge we stopped at a rock and got out and stretched and everyone but me goes to the bathroom in bushes. I was having a lot of fun. We finally get to the first bridge. I had a beer (I had already had 2 waters).

K, M and I were talking about HRMs and calories burned. Somewhere along the way I decided I wanted another beer. Well I was pacing them to the bridges. So I started paddling. M was with me. Then I fell into this zone. I finally got to the second bridge. Had I had my HRM on, I would have probably used enough calories to have another beer freely. So I pop one, and look back. Everyone was so far away. Apparently, no one else got in my little zone.

I drank that beer under the bridge while waiting for them. We went a little further, and J and I each had the last 2 beers. Then he and M went off. B, K and I just drifted and then saw the 3rd bridge. And the boat dock.

"Gracefully" I got out of my kayak, and J helped me park it on the side (a car was trying to get his boat in the water, so I couldn't take up the dock). B and K got theirs together. We waited for the van to come and get us. Finally it did. We got back to the place, and checked in. Then I had a granola bar, said bye, and called D to let him know I was on my way home.

Got home and D had dinner ready for me. We watched the Replacements, while I complained about my arms. After that I took some Advil and went to bed.
It was fun.
Yesterday I had to clean the bedroom. It was very hard considering how bad my arms hurt. Whew. They are still sore today. I have to mow the lawn. I'm not sure if I am going to ride the bike or run today. D and I are supposed to go to the grocery store. If I go, I will ride the bike. If I don't, I'll go run.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Running from the Cops: Atlanta's Finest 5K

So A and I decided to run this to run something. Neither of us has a high respect for the cops, mostly due to the media's "highlights" of the few bad apples. However, spring day, benefitting the good ones, free T-shirt, etc. ok. Let's go.

So A picks me up at 6:30. I would have thought 7 was more appropriate but A was a bit confused on the time of the race, due to the Title saying it started at 7:30 (but the fine print said 8). I saw the fine print, she did not. No big whoop. It was 49 degrees. So I get in the car. A has on her flourescent green running shirt, black shorts with 2 white stripes. I have on my flourescent green running shirt, black shorts with 2 white stripes. Ah! We're going to Midtown, so we'll be partners.

We get there (Piedmont Park) and walk around. We get to pet 2 horses. They were so sweet. One was a rookie (the horse, not the cop on the horse). We see Kara, but can't catch her (why would we run BEFORE a race). Finally at 7:55 we meet up with her. We (A) decide to start in the front of the pack. This is due to no chip timing, and A's desire to have a more accurate time. She decides people can pass us. I'm not sure I agree, but eh.

So there was no pomp and circumstance, the race just started. Up 10th street. It is mostly up a hill. The rookie cops were running in their little groups, doing their chant drills. Luckily they all passed me, because "left, right, left, right" was annoying. Down the hill and around the corner at Flying Turkey, onto Piedmont. This is the same course at the Nike 5K for kids. There is this old man who totally underpronates (his legs go out) in front of me. He looks older than Jesus. I run his pace. The little boy running with his dad and they only run when I pass them are annoying me. So Jesus and I get to the top of the hill. And Mile 1. I look at my watch. 12:58. Holy shit! Less than 13 minutes! Wow. Way to go AL!

Mile 2 starts all down hill. I immediately notice I don't run fast downhill (like I run fast up hill). So Jesus gets far away from me. We pass Tierra. Are the horses here? No that is a man! Whew, he smells. He passes me, and so does his odor. We get to 1.5 mile. I must be weird. I never stop for water on a 3 mile run. I just don't see the point. So I passed a few here, and is where I made my move to pass the little boy and his dad. Turn onto Monroe. It is mostly up hill like the treadmill. Pass 1 Midtown Kitchen and start giggling, at Kara's and my conversation right before the race on how I hate Richard Blais (he use to work there), and how all restaurants he touches fail, yet all of Atlanta (and now Top Chef fans I guess...I don't know, I don't watch) are being duped by this imbecile. Anyway, back up the hill. Who is that? It is Jesus. I'm catching up.

Mile 2: 26:10. Cool. I have now passed Jesus. My steps feel a bit lighter. There is Park Ave. Go 804! the volunteer calls out. I look down. "Yes that would be you bright green," she yells. Go 15 she says to Jesus. Jesus passes me on the down hill and says something about politicians. I guess he doesn't like the volunteers cheering us on. Anyway we pass Park Tavern (where D and I partied like rock stars at our wedding), and turn onto 10th. 36+ minutes The HILL! This was the hill I lost all steam at the Nike 5K. I set it in my sights. Jesus is about 50 yards ahead of me. The incline starts. By now, I know Jesus is going to beat me, so I set some unassuming woman in my sights to pass. Up the hill. "Nike 5K," I say, "I ate my breakfast today, so I can beat you." I get to the top of the hill, the 3 mile marker and the entrance to the park (all the same place) at 39:39. I have never run this fast. I turn into the park and am running, when I see the finish line. Only Jesus is between me and the line, and I still know he will beat me (as I see him cross it). I look at the clock. 40:39, 40, 41. I can get there, I see Kara and A. I cross the line. My watch (my official time keeper) says 40:51.

No way! I made it in under 41 minutes. I PR'd! I'm ecstatic. Kara and A are so excited for me. I feel awesome. We get our shirts, and some bagels and diet coke and water. I'm still feeling awesome. I love everyone.

We say bye to Kara and A takes me home. I call D and leave him a message (he is at work), and then start typing this. In 2 hours, I'm going kayaking. Yes, kayaking.
Yours truly, Miss I don't do Nature, is going kayaking.

Oh and I have 1114 calories to drink while doing that kayaking thing.

Time: 40:51(run)
Mileage 3.1 (13:11 min/mile)
Calories: 1114

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Check out the ticker

.8 more down. Woohoo, me!

Run tonight, if I don't fall down over the million of errands. Stamps went up, gas went up, and so did my hair dryer. Sheesh. It never ends.

You so know I'm running. Check back tonight for an update (if you care).

Since when did hairdryers get tourmaline and valvoline and car terms? What happened to "I want one with a On/Off switch." Some were $200. I got mine for $25. It is hot pink. It has 3 buttons on it.

I got in the car and sat for 2 hours in traffic for no accidents, just rain to go 34 miles. So no run...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You checked and saw no update, yesterday

So naturally you assumed I didn't run. Ha! You are wrong. I made dinner. This cooking thing is for the birds. Then I watched Law and Order: Criminal Intent. That ended at 7:30 (dinner ended at 7:15). I decided I would watch half of Special Victims, and wouldn't you know it, they put one on that I had not seen.

So at 8:15 I found my running clothes. I finished watched SVU, and then went to the gym, since it was going to be too dark to run in my hood, or at the track. Even with Guinness.

I got there, and walked .2 miles on the treadmill. I had to laugh because my friend was telling me about Workout on Bravo, and I said it is on too late, plus the lady looks like a bitch. Guess what was on. But I didn't watch it (I look down when I run, so TV is never a distraction on the treadmill).

So I started at 4.2 on my run. Moved up to 4.3. At 10 minutes I moved it to 4.6. All this at a Level 0 incline. At 13:50 I finished the first mile. I told myself to run at this pace until 20 minutes. Around 20 minutes, the Level 2 incline kicked in. I said, "Oh run until 25 minutes." I was past 2 miles at 26:50 and around a level 3.5 incline. It went back down to level 2. Still on 4.6. At 30 minutes, I started having trouble breathing so I took it down to 3.5 mph and walked. I told myself I was done. Then I "mentally" kicked myself in the forehead and said, "No, walk until 32 minutes, and then start back up." So I started back at 32 minutes, and ramped up to 4.4 mph. I hit 3 miles in the 41 minute range. I kicked it up to 4.7 and crossed 3.1 at 42:24.
Then I walked .8 miles.

Today is a DOR.

Time: 42:24(run)
Mileage 3.1 (13:41 min/mile).
Mileage 1 (23.06)
Calories: 767
Max HR 186
Avg HR 156
In Zone 21:30

Monday, May 12, 2008

Scratched eye and glasses= no run

Really, how do legally blind peeps run? Of course I should probably go to the eye doctor and get the right prescription... Anyway, my eye has been itching for a couple of days which usually means I've scratched the eye.

It feels much better, but I didn't want to put my contact lenses in yet. Well, glasses slide and I'm legally blind and can't see anything without corrective lenses, so running outside would be out of the question, and for some reason I forgot about the treadmill.

Soooo... if you are still reading my excuses, I got on my bike. I rode. It was terribly exciting. I planned to go 35 minutes, but around 32 I started having mind games. I decided I could only bike if I went as long as my last run. So that meant 43 minutes. So that is what I did.

I did think about the fact that level 2 is a good workout, but I might almost be to level 3. That or I should use a pre-determined workout. Next time.

Tomorrow I will have my contacts in, so I will run!

So here are the stats:
Time: 43:44
Mileage 10:25 (4:16 min/mile)
Calories: 271
Max HR 125
Avg HR 109
In zone (111-129): 19:40 min

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Race for the Cure 5K

My donation page
D's donation page

So D and I got up this morning. 6:30am. We got dressed and left to my *favorite* place...Atlantic Station. It once again proved to disgust me. We couldn't get from the parking to street level. We ended up walking forever and finally found a stairwell that wasn't locked.

There were a lot of people. We ended up going to the finish line and talking to Thornygirl. We helped her break her camera, after she took a picture of us (she dropped the camera, but only had it out because I asked her to take a picture). We felt bad, so we left.

We ended back up on street level, and somehow ended up walking part of the 1mile Survivor Walk. We realized that and got off the course.

At 8:30 we lined up. We saw my friend Kara. As usual she was looking cute. However, every pet peeve that runners listed the other day on Marcy's page came into my head. Hand holding, strollers, walkers in front, etc. So I tried to focus on the purpose of the race. The race finally started.

D had hurt his knee so he didn't know if he was running or walking. He did the Guinness-Prance at my pace. We dodged around lots of people across the 17th Street Bridge. Onto Spring. I thought there was a hill. Cross 14th. Aha the Hill! Still was passing people. Started coming down the hill and smelled bacon. I probably slowed for this. Anyway we got to 10th Street and turned. Left onto W Peachtree. Back up a hill, and then down the hill. Thornygirl passed us and cheered us. D was having trouble at my pace so I told him to go ahead. He didn't. Finally back to 17th street. I don't remember running down the hill from the bridge, so I was surprised to see a hill to run up. D left me there. I was suprised he stayed with me as long as he did. I crossed the Start Line which was also the 2.1 mile at 29 minutes. The rest of the course was flat. I really wanted to walk.

Every time I thought about walking (it overcame my thoughts), I thought of Dawn. I have no idea what chemo feels like, but I'm sure 2/3 of the way there, she wants it to stop. So I kept going. I finally reached the turnaround and saw D and waved. He didn't see me. I picked up my pace until I got to State (I think). Then I went into some sort of funk. The quick turn on 19th brought me out of it, and then it was downhill to the finish. The time said 43 something, but my timer (when I turned it on as crossing the Start Line) was 42:51. Although it is over a minute off my PR, I feel proud. Last year, this was the first 5K I ever ran, and I ran it at 49 minutes. So this year, 18 pounds lighter, I got 6 minutes quicker.

Leaving, we got lost in the parking lot, and found our car, but couldn't get to it because there was a big construction site between us and the car. We found a hole in the gate and cut through. Else, we would probably still be in the parking lot.

D and I raised over $400 for SGK, and so all is good.
Right now I'm going to take a nap, and then have some beers.

Time: 42:51
Mileage 3.1 (13:49 min/mile)
Calories: 766
Max HR: 190
Avg HR: 159
In Zone 6:12

Good luck to Yas on her SGK Race today. Good luck to Viv on her Tri tomorrow!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My 56 Pound Running Buddy, Guinness

Yes, A is a bud, and D is a bud, but this is my latest running buddy, in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What goes down must come back up

No, it's not a post about vomit. I live on the top of a hill. Anyone who has been to my neighborhood has commented that it would be a hard run. blah, blah, blah.

So thanks to a link Duck had which I found better than map my run, I checked out my hood to see if I could run 3 miles. I could. So Guinness and I started out with a .25 mile walk so she could do her business. Then we started.

Down the big hill and we took a right. (A) Up the hill and around the culdesac twice (B) . And down the hill. Another right (C) to the end of the subdivision and turn back around (D) and back up the hill. Continue up the hill and take a right (E). Still up the hill and take a right (F)and down the hill. Come back around and back up the hill. Out of the subdivision. To the jail and back (G). Take a left. (H) Take another left (I). By now I should have gone a mile. Back to the jail (J) and back and a left again(K). Pass street and run to the Prostitute Penis Truck(L). Turn around and take a left(M). Take another left and to the church by the Penis Truck(N). Back again, and another left. Down to the crack house (not really) (O), and back. Take another left. Up a slight hill and dead. Left again(P) and by the school. To the main road and back again (Q). Looking at the hill. Knowing if I go down it I have to come back up. I didn't take that left. (R)

SOOOOO Guinness and I went straight and took another left (S) on our way back. We were supposed to take a left, but we took a right and ran back to the jail (G) and back and then back to the subdivision. We thought we would let it all hang out at the hill all the way down to the house, except, I live on a hill, so we ran up the hill past the house to the end of the street (T) and back (FINISH) .I swallowed some vomit. We came inside and Guinness got water, I walked around.

Then I unleashed her and leashed Porter and she and I went for a .75 mile cool down. Sooooo....

Time: 47:25(run)
Mileage 3.14 (15:06 min/mile)...horrible time but it is done!!
Time:30:00 (walk)
Mileage 1 (30)
Calories: 977
Max HR 188
Avg HR 164
In Zone 21:38

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

4 days left until my race and ramblings about my shoes

I have 4 days left until I am going to do the Race for the Cure. Today I am going to bike or walk.

So I started thinking about my shoes. I started with New Balance 816s.

I loved these shoes. Anyway I got them in Dec 2006 after I decided I was going to do the Breast Cancer 3-day. I went to New Balance and a pimply 16 year old had me walk across a computer on the floor. He asked me some questions about height and weight, and these were the shoes. Well, I decided I wasn't going to do the 3-day. Instead around March I decided I would start Running and started a program called Couch to 5K. You basically run a 5K in 9 weeks. After 18 weeks, I was able to do one. And I signed up for a 10K to do in September. Well somewhere in that training I decided my 816s were walking shoes.

So to the running store I went. Not to the New Balance Store. But I went to the famous Atlanta running store that an Olympian who has his own Marathon Running Method opened. After 2 hours getting 2 sales people to look at my gait, I walked out with a pair of Mizunos. I returned them the next day and got the New Balance 857s. I ran in them and my feet hurt like they were in a pair of Asics. (Note, I don't think Asics are bad, they aren't good for my foot). At this point I was running on a treadmill. So I tried them on the track.

3 miles and my feet hurt. Damn. So I ended up with a pretty (expensive) pair of every day sneakers. What ticked me off about this whole thing was that the running store which is widely known in Atlanta didn't even have NB 816s or that they didn't carry shoes with motion control. So computer and teenager turn out to actually know things.

So I didn't have much mileage with my 816s and it turns out they are running shoes. And they are good for fat chicks! In December, I ran a 10K and a 5-miler. In both of them, around mile 4 my feet were uncomfortable. So I decided I would get another pair and treat myself.
Low and behold, I go to the New Balance Store, and they discontinued my beloved 816s.
They had over 270 miles on them because I didn't count all the Couch to 5K things.
The 17 year old sale guy (who I gave kudos to his manager) set me up with 817s. These things were ugly. Green and Red. But I put them on my feet and they felt good.

I trained for my next 10K in them. I still like my 816s better, but maybe it is that secret love affair or the romance that you always associate with your first. I don't know... But the 817s have now crossed the 100 mile marker. And they are still holding up. So they aren't really a bad fit.

Time: 29:30(walk)
Mileage 1.0 (29:30 min/mile)
Calories: 159
Max HR 126
Avg HR 106
In Zone 8:23

Monday, May 5, 2008

I will run for others

So I have less than 5 days left until my 5K (Komen Race for the Cure). D and I are running it. Last year it was our first 5K. It wasn't very personal for us. A bit, but I decided we would run it to raise money for others, because I was blessed in not knowing anyone who had Breast Cancer.

Fast forward 10 months and D's sister has been diagnosed with it. So it means more this year. For all my bitching about weather, sinuses, etc (I'm not going to count the lung thing, because I couldn't breathe!), she has it much rougher than I will ever have it. Thankfully she *only* has Stage 2, has had surgery and is now undergoing chemotherapy. She is so funny. We are going to do the Komen in DC in June. She won't be able to since she will still be having chemo, although she postponed it a week to after we come, because she just doesn't have time to be sick that week (no, it isn't about me...her oldest daughter is graduating from high school).

So anyway, I am looking to run 3 times this week with Saturday being the 3rd.
Today I will run 3 miles. It is 77 degrees outside. I will sweat, bitch, moan, gripe. But in the end, everytime I want to give up, I'll think of D's sister. She hasn't given up in her fight (and she is winning). The least I can do is fight through 3 miles 3 times for a week.

Update: I ran 3 miles with the Chia Pet Song in my head. Thanks Yas! And I wore my new REI OTX Running shirt. Yes in Green Banana. I bet I looked HAWT!!!! A tight fluorescent green shirt on my rolls. The arms are a little tight, which was weird feeling because the shoulders are loose, but I'm sure it'll fix itself.

Time: 42:30(run)
Mileage 3.0 (14:10 min/mile)...horrible time but it is done!!
Time: 22:10 (walk)
Mileage 1 (22:10)
Calories: 793
Max HR 185
Avg HR 160
In Zone 24:10

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Al 2: Track 1

I got up this morning with my shoulder still bugging me (I slept funny the other night). But it didn't hurt that badly, so I decided to go for a run. That and I needed extra beer points for the KY Derby Party today.

I thought about going to the gym but it was 64, so I decided to go to the track. Was doing fine and at lap 3 decided I would run 3 miles instead of 2. At lap 6, I decided I would quit right there. But I didn't. At lap 7 I noticed my shoulder tightening up and the other shoulder starting to hurt (maybe a compensation thing). At lap 8, I was really hurting and having trouble breathing. I decided I would walk a lap and see how I was doing which in my head meant I wouldn't be running again. Anyway as I was cooling down (the walking thing), the sky turned black and it started thundering. So I picked up my pace and finished. But I'm done for the day.
Time: 28:08(run)
Mileage 2.0 (14:04 min/mile)...horrible time but it is done!!
Time: 22:36 (walk)
Mileage 1 (22:36)
Calories: 660
Max HR 193
Avg HR 166
In Zone 12:16
Oh, and if you didn't notice, the tracker moved 0.9.