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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Running from the Cops: Atlanta's Finest 5K

So A and I decided to run this to run something. Neither of us has a high respect for the cops, mostly due to the media's "highlights" of the few bad apples. However, spring day, benefitting the good ones, free T-shirt, etc. ok. Let's go.

So A picks me up at 6:30. I would have thought 7 was more appropriate but A was a bit confused on the time of the race, due to the Title saying it started at 7:30 (but the fine print said 8). I saw the fine print, she did not. No big whoop. It was 49 degrees. So I get in the car. A has on her flourescent green running shirt, black shorts with 2 white stripes. I have on my flourescent green running shirt, black shorts with 2 white stripes. Ah! We're going to Midtown, so we'll be partners.

We get there (Piedmont Park) and walk around. We get to pet 2 horses. They were so sweet. One was a rookie (the horse, not the cop on the horse). We see Kara, but can't catch her (why would we run BEFORE a race). Finally at 7:55 we meet up with her. We (A) decide to start in the front of the pack. This is due to no chip timing, and A's desire to have a more accurate time. She decides people can pass us. I'm not sure I agree, but eh.

So there was no pomp and circumstance, the race just started. Up 10th street. It is mostly up a hill. The rookie cops were running in their little groups, doing their chant drills. Luckily they all passed me, because "left, right, left, right" was annoying. Down the hill and around the corner at Flying Turkey, onto Piedmont. This is the same course at the Nike 5K for kids. There is this old man who totally underpronates (his legs go out) in front of me. He looks older than Jesus. I run his pace. The little boy running with his dad and they only run when I pass them are annoying me. So Jesus and I get to the top of the hill. And Mile 1. I look at my watch. 12:58. Holy shit! Less than 13 minutes! Wow. Way to go AL!

Mile 2 starts all down hill. I immediately notice I don't run fast downhill (like I run fast up hill). So Jesus gets far away from me. We pass Tierra. Are the horses here? No that is a man! Whew, he smells. He passes me, and so does his odor. We get to 1.5 mile. I must be weird. I never stop for water on a 3 mile run. I just don't see the point. So I passed a few here, and is where I made my move to pass the little boy and his dad. Turn onto Monroe. It is mostly up hill like the treadmill. Pass 1 Midtown Kitchen and start giggling, at Kara's and my conversation right before the race on how I hate Richard Blais (he use to work there), and how all restaurants he touches fail, yet all of Atlanta (and now Top Chef fans I guess...I don't know, I don't watch) are being duped by this imbecile. Anyway, back up the hill. Who is that? It is Jesus. I'm catching up.

Mile 2: 26:10. Cool. I have now passed Jesus. My steps feel a bit lighter. There is Park Ave. Go 804! the volunteer calls out. I look down. "Yes that would be you bright green," she yells. Go 15 she says to Jesus. Jesus passes me on the down hill and says something about politicians. I guess he doesn't like the volunteers cheering us on. Anyway we pass Park Tavern (where D and I partied like rock stars at our wedding), and turn onto 10th. 36+ minutes The HILL! This was the hill I lost all steam at the Nike 5K. I set it in my sights. Jesus is about 50 yards ahead of me. The incline starts. By now, I know Jesus is going to beat me, so I set some unassuming woman in my sights to pass. Up the hill. "Nike 5K," I say, "I ate my breakfast today, so I can beat you." I get to the top of the hill, the 3 mile marker and the entrance to the park (all the same place) at 39:39. I have never run this fast. I turn into the park and am running, when I see the finish line. Only Jesus is between me and the line, and I still know he will beat me (as I see him cross it). I look at the clock. 40:39, 40, 41. I can get there, I see Kara and A. I cross the line. My watch (my official time keeper) says 40:51.

No way! I made it in under 41 minutes. I PR'd! I'm ecstatic. Kara and A are so excited for me. I feel awesome. We get our shirts, and some bagels and diet coke and water. I'm still feeling awesome. I love everyone.

We say bye to Kara and A takes me home. I call D and leave him a message (he is at work), and then start typing this. In 2 hours, I'm going kayaking. Yes, kayaking.
Yours truly, Miss I don't do Nature, is going kayaking.

Oh and I have 1114 calories to drink while doing that kayaking thing.

Time: 40:51(run)
Mileage 3.1 (13:11 min/mile)
Calories: 1114


Viv said...

YEA AL!!! Aweome on the PR! I love that run from the cops. My fav though as the left right left got annoying. I can imagine.

Top Chef, I kinda liked Richard. So he sucks??

Delane said...

WTG Alb!!!! Awesome job on the PR... you have done so awesome since you started running!!!!


Carly said...

WTG on the PR!

Tammy said...

WTG on the PR AL!!

Yeah, I didn't know what to think about that Richard on Top Chef either... he always seemed odd to me.

Marcy said...

CONGRATS CHICA!!! Awesome job!! I don't stop for water either during 5ks. It's so short, ya know?

The Young Family said...

Enjoyed your race report! Congrats on the PR!