Weight I have lost

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Ready for a Half-Marathon

  • Hip hurting- Check
  • Trees blocking Interstate to Kentucky-Check
  • Work Suggesting this is not the best weekend for me to take a "vacation"- Check
  • Dogs waking us up at 2AM and staying up until 4AM- Check
  • The last 3 runs include 2 crappy ones, and one missed- Check, Check and Check.

Am I ready for Noon on Saturday so I can drink the rest of the day away- CHECK

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Another run checked off on my plan!

3 miles.  I wasn't happy at all last night. McM ate my wedding shoes. Yes, I only wore them for an hour (almost 8 years ago) before I put on Guinness slippers for the rest of the day. But still. I might have worn them again (iroll).  No, it was the sentiment, and I was pissed. Not to mention he got them from the center of the dining room table. And the fact we have no picture frames left in our house.

I also finally remembered to get some tie wraps. So McM got put in the crate and the crate got tie wrapped.  Oh I was mad!

So I got dressed and went to the gym for a nice 3 mile run.  The more I walked on my warm-up, the madder I became.  A lot of it was at myself...I don't like feeling this way about something/one that can't understand why I'm upset. 

I started at 4.7 mph and decided after 5 minutes I would go to 5.2, and go down every 5 minutes.  Except after 5 minutes at 5.2, I decided to go another minute. And then 4 more.  Oh, let's make it a full mile (11:32 minutes).  You are already into that 5, so just finish it.  Oh what's another 5 minutes.  After 25 minutes at 5.2 (so 30 total), I finally brought the speed down to 5.0 and ran for a few minutes.  Then to 4.8 when I finally got to 3 miles.  When I looked at my time, I nearly fell off the non-moving treadmill.  35:34.  I don't think I've ever run that fast.

I followed up with a .5 mile cooldown, and then my stretches/PT exercises.

When I came home, D said that McM hadn't escaped the crate (D left after me, and got home before me from his run). McM was so happy to see me.  I know he doesn't mean to piss me off. He is just getting really good at it.

Today, D and I weighed in.  We both had losses.  When I tallied them up, we have a combined total of 102 pounds.  This astonishes me on so many levels.  Wow, that we were able to do it. Wow, that we let ourselves go that we had to do it. Wow, just in general.

And I finally am able to say, " I lost 37 pounds and then gained it back," instead of "I lost 37 pounds and then gained it back plus 34+ more pounds."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One more 5 Miler

So while talking about having 2 more 5 mile runs to do until April 30th, I got more and more frustrated with having to run last night.  The more I thought about running on the TM, the more I didn't want to do it.  I thuoght about running on the track. I would do that. But then I didn't know if the Boot Camp Nazis were going to be there.  (I hate our local BC...they put their shit all over the track and act like they own the place. It really makes a run non-enjoyable).  Not to mention 20 laps in a circle.

So I put on my shoes and went through the hood.  I was a little apprehensive going so late in the day. The sun was setting and a bit blinding.  I didn't want to be out when the sun got behind the trees. I didn't know who was going to be out, etc.  I went anyway.  Nothing exiting about the run, but I got my 2nd to last 5 miler done!!!!

Compression shorts
I don't recommend the CW-X Performance Shorts for piriformis/bursitis issues.  The material is just too thin, compared to their Stabilyx line.  Honest to God, Spanx is more supportive/commpressive.  I still recommend the Stabilyx Capris.  This may be why they are so much more priced than the Performance Line. 

Bursitis and Piriformis
Someone (Kendra?) asked about how I overcame my hip injury (I have bursitis/piriformis).  In truth, I haven't.  But things I did to minimize the pain:
  • Went to the Doctor and got the hip X-rayed.
  • Took lots of Aleve
  • Switched to Advil against Doctor's advice because new job and stomach/intestinal issues don't mix
  • Went to Physical Therapy for as long as insurance allowed
  • Did all the exercises the PT told me to do at least 4 of the 7 days each week she told me to do them
  • Went back to the Doctor to tell him to give me a shot
  • Got the shot
  • Got new X-rays that showed my hips were uneven, so got a lift (insert) for one shoe.
  • Still did PT exercises
  • Started running when PT said I could for as long as she said I could
  • Still did PT exercises
  • Looked online for Compression Pants specific to hips and lower back (Zoot and CW-X). Chose CW-X because the chart (I was 10 pounds outside the size chart...they still fit).
  • Try my best to listen to my body while running and slow down or stop accordingly
  • Don't listen to my friends who tell me I will hurt myself running, when it hurts more to sit on the couch doing nothing
  • Continue (albeit slowly) to lose weight
  • Do PT exercises when I finish running
  • Accept that I will most likely need a hip replacement at age 60. 

I should have also been lifting weights this whole time, but that didn't happen.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

12 Miles and Still Standing

This week was very trying training-wise.  I was travelling, which included standing 7-9 hours a day in steel toes on a concrete floor.  It started ok.  I ran 5 miles before getting on a plane.  It was a painful 5 miles. I didn't want to do it.  I have grown tired of running 5 miles.  I don't like the distance.

Anyway, I finished it, packed and left for the trip.  The next day I got up and went running on the Hampton Inn Treadmill that I don't ever think has been serviced.  It was hot in the room and again I wanted to quit.  But I toughed it out.  Then went to work.  By 5 my legs were like jelly and I was leaning on any cart or table I could find.  Even going to dinner made my legs hurt.

Thursday, I got up and my hip was in dire hip pain.  I hit the Advil and skipped the gym.  After work, the boss and I drove 2 hours back to the airport and I caught a flight back.

Friday, I stretched every hour and was still heavy on the Advil.  I was worried about 12 miles.  My friend was giving me a hard time, which I told her I would listen to my body and go from there.

Saturday at 3AM, McMenamin and Scuttlebutt decided to play. D and I aren't happy about this new development they have decided to make a hobby.  We finally got up and moving around 7. Of course, both pups were sleeping.  D walked them while I ate breakfast, got dressed and shuffled around the house.  Neither of us were into 12 miles.  Still we packed Gatorade and decided to take one car to the Silver Comet Trail.  We got there around 845. Parked and walked to the trail.  D took the keys and we were off.

I didn't see D after about 2 minutes.  I ran my 9:1 thing. I decided I would do that until my times started going up. I noticed lately I've been paying attention to keeping time whereas last year, I was focused on finishing.  Yesterday, I focused on the first 2 digits to be 14 at each mile.  I would switch when the miles started getting longer.  The first 2 miles were hard. I couldn't find a tempo to run at.  But both miles were in the 14s.  Mile 3 was also 14 something.  I got to Mile 4 and the bike depot.  Mile was 13... Whoa. I knew I would see D soon.  He was returning when I was at mile 4.7.  Damn, he was fast.  I was very confused at Mile 5.  12 something.  I got back into Mile 6 at 14.  Better.  I was worried about getting tired at Mile 10.

This course is fairly flat, so I wasn't really straining myself.  Still my watch must be broken was all I was thinking.  I got to Mile 7.  13.  Mile 8. 13.  I was really getting confused.  A.) I wasn't tired.  B.) My pace was definitely going to be faster.  As I ran through Mile 9, I started wondering when I was going to hit the Mile 10 wall.  I got to Mile 10.3, and was still feeling ok.  I decided that I wasn't going to hit that wall.  And I was wondering if I should not drink something while I do my half-marathon.  Last year, my stomach knotted up.  On my long runs, I'm not drinking anything during.  I wonder if that keeps my stomach ok.  This all got me to Mile 11.  The rest of the run seemed really long. Mostly because there are mile markers at .9, .6 and .3.  When I finished, I still had a ways to walk.  And I did.

D met me at mile .1 marker with Gatorade.  I still felt really strong.  He had been waiting for less than an hour.  He said his run was uneventful.

Afterwards we went and got pizza and beer.  :)

12 Mile Comparison: 2010 and 2011
                2010                          2011
Mile 1:    13:48                           14:14
Mile 2:    14:19                           14:19
Mile 3:    14:31                           14:02
Mile 4:    14:36                           13:35
Mile 5:    14:21                           12:54
Mile 6:    15:28                           14:22
Mile 7:    16:05                           13:52
Mile 8:    15:17                           13:59
Mile 9:    16:09                           13:37
Mile 10:  16:17                           13:20
Mile 11:  18:04                           13:52
Mile 12:  18:03                           14:05
Total:      3:07:03 (15:35/mi)      2:46:14 (13:51/mi)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Managed 5 miles

So I still have the cold from hell.  Yesterday, I told the cold it was going to have to go away, for at least 2 hours while I went to run.  It seemed like it  might cooperate.

I started my journey to the gym (from work) with a major road shut down, or so the signs said.  I called D to tell him that I wasn't sure I would make it to the gym, but got side-tracked when we realized we had nothing pulled for dinner.  Hung up and tried to figure that out. Since we were having fish, and we buy frozen fish, the fish at the store would be just as frozen as the ones in our freezer.  So that wouldn't work.  I guess we could microwave defrost it.  That would have to do.

Then talking to my friend J about what keg he should buy.  Being that I can barely taste a jalapeno right now, what beer he should get wasn't top on my list.  I tried to be attentive and helpful.  The one he wanted, I don't like (Duck Rabbit Milk Stout...I think I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't like it). But I told him he should get that anyway. When I stop by on Saturday, if I don't like it, I'll run to the store and get something I do like.

I finally got to the gym.  As I warmed up, I noticed my HR was high for a walk (121).  Usually it is 110.  I still wasn't sure if I was going to run 5 or 3 miles.  I did decide I would forgo my 9 minute run/1 walk, and change to a 4/1 deal.  This did prove helpful.  And for the first 35 minutes I did run faster than usual.  Although at that 4 minute mark, I was done each time.  I still felt decent at 40 minutes so I kept going for the 5 miles.  I got up to 55 minutes and my HR was at 196.  So I walked for 2 minutes to get it to 160.  Weird thing is I didn't feel it.  I slowed down the rest of the running, and finished up my 5 miles at 66 minutes. 

D was there.  I finished my walk, and then went hi and do my stretches.  We agreed to go to Willy's for dinner.  I did my stretches and realized I wasn't really hungry.  Like popcorn would suffice. I waited for him to finish and he agreed.

In other news McMenamin is Houdini.  Even though we have puppy-proofed up to 4 feet high, we have grown a little tired of coming home to this every day:

The McMenamin Party

So I put him in the crate yesterday morning.  When I talked to D at the gym, he asked if I had crated McM.  Yes.  Why?  Because he got out of the crate.  When we got home, I looked at the crate.  It was against the wall, where I left it.  The bed was straight and his toy was there.  The bottom latch was still latched.  We have no clue how he got the top latch undone and how he got out of the little area.  We will be puppy-proofing to 9 feet high. 

But how can you be mad at this?

McMenamin- One ear is always up, one is always down

Monday, April 4, 2011

The 10 Miles that was almost 9.6

So 10 miles was on tap for Saturday.  Friday night, I wanted to curl up and go to sleep. This cold was hitting me hard. Instead, we went to the Park Tavern and saw Kevin Griffin and Ed Roland (of Better than Ezra and Collective Soul, respectively) perform.  It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it.

Saturday I woke up from a nightmare of a boa constrictor around my chest. Upon waking up, my chest felt tight and hard to breathe. 10 miles was not happening.  Putting my head back on the pillow was.  I didn't do a lot on Satuday but rest.  Between 4 and 8 I felt good.  But by 9 I felt crappy again.  Yay! D felt the same way.

Sunday came and we got up and got bagels and went to the grocery store.  We both knew we needed to get the 10 miles out of the way.  He suggested some route, but between the running on sidewalk, and running far from the house, I didn't really listen to his route, and decided to run by home.  If I couldn't run the whole 10, I would just sit on the steps and wait for him (he had the key).  I was still concerned with the mental block I get at mile 10ish.

We warmed up by walking up Nemesis Hill. I thought he was going to go back down (like I always do) but he started heading to German Shepherd Pass.  Considering how heavy I was breathing going up Nemesis, I just followed.  At the light post, I started running.  He passed me and I didn't see him for awhile.  Most of the first 4 miles were uneventful.  Since we started late in the morning, almost everyone was at church. No one was out walking and most cars were heading to one of 3 churches by our house. 

On the 3rd lap (each lap was 2+ miles) I stopped to retie my shoe.  I saw D with water. Apparently he stopped by the house to get some. He said he had long stopped sweating and was tired.  I was still feeling pretty good with the exception of having to cough up my chest to get my  throat moist.  At mile 7ish, I still felt good.  I thought about running another 6 (instead of 3) so I could cross off my 3 mile run.  I decided to just go with how I felt. I noticed that mile increased by 1 minute. At mile 8 a little boy fell off his bike. I stopped to make sure he was ok (he was).  Starting back up seemed impossible.  I did it but another 30 seconds to that mile.  At mile 9.6, I decided I was done.  I was going to call D and tell him to come pick me up.  My legs were barely moving.  I then thought about the time it would take him to get to the car, and come get me...In those 4 minutes I could be home, or at least done with the 10 miles. I decided to keep going.  Finally I was done, coming back down Nemesis Hill. At mile 10, I walked the rest of the way home.

Then I went back to bed.

It probably wasn't the smartest thing to run being sick. But I needed to know I can run 10 miles.  I have such a mental block with it, that I need to know I can push through it.  So this week is 5,3,5 and 7.  Right now, I don't think I could run 1 much less 3 or 5 or 7. We shall see.

Friday, April 1, 2011

March is done...One more month of training!

March Totals:
Weight Lost from March 1: 3.6 pounds
Weight Lost from Jan 1: 8.8 pounds
Miles run in March 2010: 77.93
Miles run in March 2011: 84.38
Total Runs missed in March 2011: 5 runs missed for 20.5 miles (2 runs missed this week because I am sick 3 mi and 5 mi), one run missed to drink beer for Guinness's birthday (5 mi), 1 run missed for Wagging Tails and Ails Benefit (3 mi), and 1 probably missed because I am lazy (4.5 mi)). 

Looking at my schedule it seems I like to skip my Thursday run. 
Right now I'm sick.  Hopefully, I will feel ok to run a crappy 10 miler tomorrow.  I'm not concerned about the time...I just remember last year that I had problems with the mind playing games on 10+ mile runs at mile 10.  So I just want to get it done.  We shall see if my throat allows me to.