Weight I have lost

Friday, August 1, 2008

And I'm still living in a hotel...

So the work week hasn't ended for me. I work tomorrow. In fact I work through Wednesday. But that is not all bad. I do get paid.

Monday I did get up and run. I ran/walked 3 miles. It was slow and it was not pretty. But I got it done. Then I switched shifts, and I have been so tired. I get up at 530 which isn't bad but working an 11 hour day, I'm tired, so I go get beer after work which doesn't work with the run. It also doesn't help the brewery is across from the plant.

Thursday, bossman and bartender set up a beer tour for me. So off to Ft. Collins I went. First I went to New Belgium Brewery. The facility is fascinating. First they try to close-loop their entire system, and any waste, they try to use. For instance the used wheat goes to a local farm for cow feed. There is some kind of water sludge, they are testing for fish food. Second the beer and the tour are free. So I had Fat Tire, 1554, Skinny Dip and Mystic Arrow. Mystic Arrow was my favorite.

After that tour I went to Odells Brewery. Now I have been to this size of a brewery before, so I didn't take the tour. I bought a sampler and then had 2 Nitro Cuthroat Porters. They were good. So good I found myself with a 6 pack 2 days later. So after that, I decided I was hungry. I would go to the Coopersmith Brewpub.

First it wasn't on the street, the address is on. It is around the corner. That was the first slam. Second I was making a LH turn, and didn't get the light, so I was backing up so as to not block the box. I didn't make it all the way back, and blocked part of the pedestrian walk. This woman wagged her finger at me. So I wagged THE FINGER back at her. Bitch!

So I finally find the place, and sit there with 2 bartenders. One finally notices me and asks if I need a menu. Before I answer, he gives me one and walks away. 5 minutes later, I flag the other bartender (they both disappeared) and order some fries. Before I can order a beer he walks away. I get my fries, and then order a beer. They give me a 20 oz POOR EXCUSE of a stout. I'm done my fries, and get my check. I drank 3 sips of the beer, paid and left.

So then I drove to Longmont to go to the Left Hand Brewery (note breweries don't serve food, brewpubs do). It is a neighborhood bar, and I sit down and get a Milk Stout. It is good, but I am still hungry. So I finish that up, and drive to get some pizza and then go home.

So now I feel better coming to Colorado and getting to see some of the things I want to see.

Tomorrow back to work...