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Monday, February 2, 2009

Shit... the weekend is over...

So, Friday started pretty good. Got up, went to work. Knew happy hour was going to start at 6. Got some work done. Planned 2 miles for Saturday and 5 for Sunday. Then I found out I would get to come in on Saturday. That pretty much stopped all work flow from me on Friday. Coworker and I went to Taco Mac. I got a Highland Cold Mountain Winter Ale, and a Redhook Winter Ale. Neither was on my passport yet (up to 55).
Afterward we went to other co-worker's house and I had a couple of Terrapins.

I got home rather late, and had some Guinness with D. Then we went to bed. Exciting night.

Got up and got ready for work. No run.

*******Girl Talk**********
My TOM came. Only 12 days late. Last month it was 4 days late. The month before that is was 62 days late. So to say this thing is not very welcome is an understatement. And yes, this is with BC.

So I went to work. Someone else took over my body. After my co-worker explained how to use and save a file in Excel is when I told him that I had been using the program since the early 90s and was aware how to use it. I don't think I was that polite. At 1 I nearly fell asleep. At 330 I yelled at the co-worker. So I left. Cried all the way home. Got home and was ticked off the Christmas tree was still up, burst into tears and went and took a nap. Got up and watched a hockey game for about 20 minutes and went back to bed.

Sunday, I woke up and D asked me if I wanted to go to breakfast. I think fire-like venom came through my nose. I told him we had no money, he said whatever and went to work. I went back to bed, and cried. Then I got up and puked and found some Advil for the evil contorting pain that makes me drop to my knees and beg for my uterus to be taken out. After that 20 minutes... I got on the internet. Apparently you can't have a hysterectomy unless you have a good reason, and dementia is not a reason. I DID find out that I probably do have PMDD and not PMS. It would make sense...
I have thrown a box of tampons at a woman for cutting in front of me in the grocery store.
I have been thrown out of the grocery store for telling a woman she should not only get in the back of the line (instead of cutting in front of me...different than the tampon lady), but be thanking for me, because if it weren't for me working, she wouldn't have food stamps (after she had refused to buy her son milk, but bought 6 2-L bottles of Coke).
Yelled in the middle of the bank that no one would f-ing help me and why was that.

I don't think normal sane people do this, even ones who already take Prozac. So doctor's appointment on Monday. Woohoo! So perhaps they will give me Yaz.

I hope so.

Things already tried...and not worked and documented
Organic diet
No caffeine
No alcohol

Oh the Christmas tree is down, all over the floor. I decided it was coming down yesterday. But I didn't go get the box to put it in.