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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Excitingly Boring Wednesday

Do you all have pollen counts?  I can never tell if it is just an Atlanta thing. It seems to be something made up like the Heat Index. I don't recall either of them when living in Maryland, but it seems Georgia is all over them.  So, a count of 90 is considered bad.  Ours are usually somewhere around 2000-4000.  Today they are lower (400) because of the rain.  Pretty much all spring in GA is miserable because everything is covered in yellow/green (snot-colored) dust, your head hurts, your nose hurts, your sinuses hurt, and if you are a mouth-breather, your digestive system is really messed up.  Add to that, 2 dogs who walk outside at least 3 times a day, and the fact I WILL NOT change my sheets every day to compensate for the 2 dogs who track the pollen into bed, and well, I'm miserable. (You can walk 10 minutes, and your black dog is covered in snot-dust).  I never had allergies in Maryland. D didn't either.

So you will rarely ever hear me talk about the wonderful Spring. 

D is also not feeling well.  We are probably on the big Meth Database with the amount of Claritin we bought and the coupons I keep finding.  So how do we keep training?

Well last night, the answer would be, we didn't.  We went to bed around 830PM.  Ugh...missing another day?  No, I got up at 5AM and went to the gym.  5 LONG MILES...mostly because I didn't want to be there.  But I can breathe better in the AM than in the PM (Who knows why since my office building is sealed, and I don't go outside all day). D will run immediately after work, if he can breathe.

McMenamin and SB don't seem bothered by the pollen.  This week (after last week's Garmin debacle), an IRA statement (mail) was eaten, a cookbook destroyed, and my hand-held water bottle devoured. Also a Mountain Dew Soda Box, a Fiber One Bar Box, 1 dog toy are all gone.  My nail polish has no top.  Each day it is a wonder to see what they can get into next (mostly McMenamin, but SB has a thing for mail).

Monday, March 28, 2011

9 Miles

So I finished Week 10 of training.  22 miles. All on the day scheduled.

The 9 miler was on my list of things worrying me all week. First my foot hurt.  Then would my hip hold up. Then the place I wanted to run was having a 5K so I didn't want to deal with that.  Then...

Saturday came and it was cooler than usual.  57 degrees.  I decided to test out the new capris. I decided to run the neighborhood. I decided I was going to run.

I did the normal Chess/Beer Hill. Chess/Beer Man #1 was getting home (730AM), it looked like from work.  We waved to each other.  Up Nemesis Hill. It was slightly easier to get up.  And up German Shepherd Pass. At the end of GSP, a guy was out and he said, "You are out early." I said, "Yeah, 9 miles today."  He said, "Good God.  I hope the dog will be ok."  I smiled and ran.  The thing was, I wasn't running with a dog.  Oh well.  Mile 1 came and went.  In the middle of Mile 2, I got to a stop sign at the Drug Corner House.  A car stopped, and the guy said, "Your dog is looking really tired. How much further you got?"  Ok, now, I must just be going crazy. Maybe I do have a dog with me.  But no, I don't.  I skipped the Park at the school, because it is when going down hill that my foot really hurts. Plus all the rolling hills will be adequate for the day.  All my miles are getting faster, although I averaged 14:35min miles.  On the 2nd loop, the 2 guys who recycle in a baby carriage asked me if I needed a drink.  I politely declined.  I did almost step on a used condom.  Again, eew, but yay for the usage. 

Mile 5 (3rd loop) I couldn't go down GSP.  A strange car was out sitting at the end of the street. It just didn't feel right so I turned around.  Up Terrorist Dog Hill and Free Clinic.  Recycling Baby Carriage Guys were returning from their trip.  We waved.  Up BellSouth Hill, still looking at the future death trap (unlicensed club with window boarded up on top floor), and I hear foot steps. I keep thinking it is the guy from GSP.  I see a guy at the top of the hill, so if guy behind me does something, he will see it.  Guy behind me is getting closer and closer.  I keep my pace and act cool.  D passes me and waves.  I really need to check my vivid imagination.  He said later that if he didn't know I was out running, he wouldn't have known it was me.  He said my figure has totally changed.  Anyway Mile 5 was in the 12 minute range...

One more lap around the hood, and then back to the subdivision.  I could tell I was changing my stride on Nemesis Hill to compensate for my foot.  I also know the HM is relatively flat.  I stopped by the house to grab some water because I knew I would be done 9 miles before getting back to the house.

Back up Chess/Beer Hill. The other CBH guy was out on the stoop, drinking beer (or apple juice).  He waved.  I got to the end of the street.  A car came.  There was a woman on the corner (on her lawn) with no pants (but this is not the Lady With No Pants that hangs at the gas station). This lady didn't show us her stuff. Instead, she yelled to the car driver, "Hey! You gotta a cigarette?  I don't feel like putting on pants to go to the store." And with that last guffaw from my lungs, I was done my 9 miles!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 Posts in One Week

So bitching about my Christmas Weight a few weeks ago, must have done something. The only 2 things I've done differently are is go from 14 Diet Cokes a day to 3 (they are free at work, and I LOVE fountain soda).  Really, all things in moderation. The other thing is up the running.  Still my weight likes to hang on and then fall off in a chunk.  Last week was a .1 or .2 loss.  Not sure which.  This week

And I don't do WW.  I just pay them to enter my weight. I know I should cancel the damn subscription, especially since I HATE the new program.  I just can't bring myself to do it. 

Yesterday was a 3 mile run.  I ran 1 mile (or 15 minutes) at a respectable (to me) 5.2 mph.  I ran the rest at 4.7.  I was worn out.  I'm sure the woman next to me thought I was checking her out when I was doing my post-run walk.  She looked just like D's cousin.  So I kept staring.  She told her friend I was staring. Oops.

And finally, McMenamin passed his tests!  He has been accepted into daycare!  I wasn't worried the way I was with Scuttlebutt (SB plays with his teeth showing), but still there is always that little bit of worry. Last night after getting home from daycare, he wasn't interested in anything but his bone.  Perhaps it was because D cleaned all the tables, and there are now no remotes, shoes, or Garmins for him to eat (leaving me worried on what he'll get into today).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Update

I'm just rocking in all the ways.

My allergies are making my eyes mucus-glued shut, and headache from hell since last Thursday.  I forgot I was going to write a guest blog for my friend over at Euphoric Agony (SOOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!).  I hurt my foot but am going to ignore it until May 2 (2 days after the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon). And I'm pretty sure the IRS will somehow screw me on my taxes since part of it didn't make sense.

So last week, I ran twice.  Tuesday I ran 5 miles.  Wednesday we took the dogs to Wagging Tales and Ales at the dog park. Basically you pay to go to the dog park and drink 2 crappy beers (Budweiser was the best they had, and there were no ales).  But it was a gorgeous evening, and the proceeds go to the dog park.  Scuttlebutt had a great time. McMenamin got out of the park (with 2 other dogs) because some moron doesn't understand the 2 gate system or the posted directions on the 2 gate system. I didn't have to yell at her because another woman yelled at her and summed up my views.  (Moron, stupid, idiot along with a lot of expletives were there)... I thanked her for yelling so I didn't have to.

I don't know why we didn't run Thursday. Laziness?  Long drive?  I don't remember.  Saturday came and my head was rocking.  Still, it was only 6 miles.  I put on the compression shorts (cheaper last week), and walked the dogs with D, and then went on my way.  A little later than last time, but no one was on Beer/Chess Hill.  There was a guy on the Ditched Stolen Car area, so I avoided that.  Went up my Nemesis hill, and to German Shepherd pass.  Still slow although not as slow as last week.  Terrorist Dogs were not out. Across from the free clinic, 2 needles...woohoo! Reminded me of why I will never run barefoot.  On Bellsouth Hill, 2 little girls were practicing their cheer moves.  Nothing else exciting for the remainder of the loop.

Went back to GS pass.  I waved to the lady who was out.  She asked me where my "beautiful mutt" was.  I stopped the Garmin, and told her that Guinness had passed.  I asked her about her new GS.  Apparently he is not full GS, and she had the breeder arrested. She told me all about all of her former German Shepherds, her husband, her neighbor Gussy and her dog Dussy, the man that lived down where those houses are, etc.  She has lived in her house 50 years, and is 87 yo.  I restarted my run 20 minutes later (with Garmin), and ran the fastest mile of my 6.  When I got down to the Boring Road, another neighbor yelled, "Looking great!  You've lost weight! Keep it up."  That made me feel good.  Finished up that loop and went back into the subdivision.

Coming down Nemesis hill, my foot hurt.  I looked down and noticed my shoes looked old.  I either had on my old running shoes or my really old running shoes (the problem with being a hoarder and with buying the same shoes).  My foot felt cracked which I bet it is since I broke it 8 years ago and never had it fixed (actually I went to Disney World the day after I fell off some stairs (sober) and walked on it for 4 days in comeplete pain and then mentioned it to my dad who told me I was an idiot after looking at it.  That was the end of my prognosis).  My hip also hurt.  Damn shorts!  I ran down the other hill and finished.

My dad and brother came later.  My dad and I fixed my porch stair, and then watched basketball (D was working).

Tuesday, another 5 miles for me and D. This time on the treadmill. I laced up the left foot very tight.  Running was fine until Mile 4.2.  Then I could feel it.  I will have to take Advil before trying 5 miles again.  I did a lot of stretching and then went home (D and I take seperate cars to the gym).  D was sitting on the couch, looking very somber.  I had no clue what happened but immediately thought the worst about a family member.  Then he showed me...seems someone was upset that we went to the gym.

Does Garmin have a McMenamin Clause?
There really isn't much to say...Garmin won't repair that (as in, I'm not even going to bother to ask them for fear of guffaws on the other end of the phone).  Why the 4 bones on the floor were no good or the power cord to the laptop I don't know...Anyway, I got on Amazon and ordered another one (cheaper than the Garmin site). It should be here Friday with a pair of non-insulated capris (still cheaper on Amazon).

Monday, March 14, 2011

Does it Really Count?

So, on Saturday I proved once again that I'm totally OCD.

I had an 8 mile run.  I wasn't having a good morning, and was thinking a run would help clear my head.  It was 36 degrees but supposed to be 56 2 hours later (by the time I would get back).  I laced up the shoes, and took Scuttlebutt and McMenamin (he now has a name) out for a quick walk/warmup and dropped them off.

The beginning of the run was ho-hum. I could tell I was running slowly.  I added a sidestreet to Chess/Beer hill. The 2 old men weren't out drinking and playing chess at 745.  No one was in the drug apartments so the sidestreet was ok.  My headphones only half-worked, so I wore them since I could still hear sounds of the road.

Up Nemesis hill and pass German Shepherd pass.  Lady got a new GS.  Gorgeous.  She is all black with brown feet.  Such coloring.  Anyway, Dog and I said hi and yes, I was running slowly...16 minutes for that mile.  I attributed it to going up hill (yeah...).  Terrorist Dogs are no longer there, although there are some new Terrorists (dogs, that is) at the next house over.  So they let their presence be known.  I ran up BellSouth Street and saw the new "Nightclub" (no license, and the back windows have been boarded up so huge fire hazard...but there is a rave with 5000 people invited coming on April 1, according to FaceBook...hooray Property Values!) .  Anyway at 815 in the morning, it is still a good street (long but seems short).

The pitbulls that escaped a few weeks ago were behind the fence, and the corner drug house is no longer.  People with a little dog live there.  They were eating breakfast on their stoop.  Up that hill. I thought about running around the church but for some reason decided against it.  I ran down the boring road, and crossed over.  I was going to run a new road. In the car, it was a hill going down and a hill going up.  I got to the down hill. It was much steeper than in the car.  I said, "Oh hell no!" and turned around and crossed back over.  The lady outside getting her paper giggled at me.  By now 2 miles had come and I was faster.  I went down the school hill which is probably just as steep as the one I said no way to.  Then back up to Terrorist Dogs.  Instead I went to GS Pass again and then to Terrorist Dogs.  Turning around, a man walking said, "Go Big Momma. Work it."  A year ago, I would have taken offense. Now, I'm pretty sure it was meant as a compliment. Even if it wasn't, I'm taking it that way.

By the time I did this loop again, I was up to 6+ miles (or maybe I did it 2 more times...that seems more plausible...Alzheimer's anyone?). So I decided to head to the subdivision.  I did pretty well but decided to go back up Chess/Beer Hill because I could stop by the house and grab a water bottle.  I got the bottle, and ran until my 9 minutes were up and then walked.  I was at ~7.1+.  Some guy in an SUV was looking for the park. I stopped the Garmin, and gave him directions.  He turned around, and I started the Garmin and ran again.  He came back and I stopped at ~7.3+. Apparently I gave him the wrong directions. Who does that...comes back and asks the person that gave you the wrong directions the right ones? It's not like I did it on purpose. It's not like I didn't give BIG LANDMARKS.  Anyway, I told him to get a f-ing GPS and continued.  I was almost finished the Chess/Beer Hill and looked at the watch.  7.3+ miles.

I restarted the watch and ran down the hill and finished the 8 miles.  And stopped.  I walked up the hill and tried to convince myself that even though I didn't know how far I ran, I did run 8 miles. That I didn't need to scrap the 8+ miles and start again.  That it counted.  Really, still, it is bugging the ever living shit out of me.  Yes, I don't believe I ran my 8 miler because of idiot who can't use Mapquest before leaving his house.

I'm not OCD or anything.

Sunday D and I took the dogs for a 3 mile walk (was supposed to run, but gorgeous day so we wanted to go to the park which is brick and cement paved...not good for the hip).  We went to the park, the cemetery and back to the park.  3.36 miles walked.  I can live with that.  

McMenamin getting water

SB saying it is time to go home!

Friday, March 11, 2011

People are Gross, even Me.

So 9 miles run this week.  The first was the 9 minutes run/ 1 minute walk.  I completed my 4.5 miles in under 1 hour.  The second run of 4.5 miles was "see if you can run 4.5 miles without stopping." I can, in over 1 hour (and 3 minutes).  So with that test out of the way, I will continue my 9/1 on medium and long runs.

I did get my new running shoes...so much better.

So in my ever fun gym, I pissed yet another person off.  I know you are shocked.  So, it was me and one other guy on 2 of 12 treadmills. Typical urinal fashion. Him at one end, me at the other (I went to school where the ratio was 4:1 male: female...I heard all about urinal rules...these are also movie theater seat rules, stall rules and now treadmill rules).  So 3rd guy enters.  He has 10 TMs to choose from.  Which one does he choose? The one next to me.  And I doubt that Sex And the City or Biggest Loser were that entertaining without the Closed Captioning.  Anyway, this douchebag was bathed in Axe.  I don't mean he spritzed some on. I mean he bathed in the shit.  My eyes started watering.  My lungs started closing up.  Then I started sneezing.  Now normal sneezing probably wouldn't be that gross, but keep in mind, I've been running.  I have some good snot rockets building, also good spit wads.  All kinds of good stuff.  I had 2 ways I could turn my head (I didn't want to sneeze on my towel which had my distance on the TM covered).  So which way do you think I turned?  Yeah, I wasn't polite.  I mean this was a "Distance and Accuracy Shot." I sprayed his arms, his neck, shirt...Awesome.  He said some words, I told him not to wear offensible cologne, and he moved. Because I heard him, I realized my headphones didn't work.  My friend said he liked me and that's why he got next to my TM.  I think he was gay (as are 90% of the men at the gym), so I don't buy it. And if he liked me before that incident, I'm sure he doesn't now.

My hip has been twinging, so Wednesday, I ordered the shorts (CW-X didn't give me them).  I didn't get the mesh ones.  I can't bring myself to look at them without thinking of the 80s guy with a mullet in his mesh top with his chest hair poking through.  That is not the image I want to see when I put on compression shorts. So I got normal ones.  And a set of headphones. Right now they are sitting on a mail truck in Kentucky!

Thursday's run was uneventful. My left headphone worked, so I could hear half my songs (I can only hear low-pitch in one ear and high-pitch in the other. I have no clue how long this has been going on but I think since birth since I've complained since about then I can't hear people on the phone). I did accidentally spray a man with 409, but apologized.  Someone hadn't cleaned up their used tissues on 2 treadmills, so I was cleaning 1 of them off for use (I left a note with mgt about people not cleaning, although not much they can do with the number of notes to clean up after yourself, and having 409 at every flat surface). When he saw what I was doing (cleaning), no issue. He did say people are gross (I guess I can't comment on my sneezing on a man).

Oh and you noticed I skipped yet another run (Wednesday).  This is why. "NoName" is now ours. It took a week to go through the adoption process but worth every second.

And if you need headphones head to Adam's Blog to try to win a Sony Walkman.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey CW-X! I really need those Compression Shorts!

So, Saturday came.  I had slept like crap.  It was raining out.  When D and SB got back from their walk, I knew there was no way I was running outside.  Shiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt!  I was not in the mood to run at the gym.  I don't know who pays their Utility Bill, but it is usually 72-74 degrees in there.  And a long run?  I need to wear compression pants.  And my feet still hurt from Wednesday's run.  And I just didn't want to run.

D was getting ready for his run, which was pissing me off (unsaid guilt trip). So I got out of bed and put on my INSULATED compression pants.  This run was going to be hell.  I still hoped I could run outside.  I finished getting ready.  Downstairs, I looked one more time.  No go on 7 outside. 

So to the gym I went.  (D went separately since our paces are so far apart).  I started my .5 mile warmup.  I was in the typical urinal/treadmill mode (1 TM between each runner).  I finished the warmup and plugged in 90 minutes.  Except the TM wouldn't go to 90. It would only go to 40.  And now I had to go to the bathroom.  Dammit all to Hell!  This run was going to be the end of me. 

After using the rest room, I used the TM next to the Germaphobe (she spent 3 minutes cleaning her TM while I was warming up).  I'm sure she loved me and my sweaty hands next to her.  Do your hands sweat?  Mine are awful.  So by 15 minutes in, I was completely drenched.  I mean, eyes, head, back of neck, hands, arms, neck, feet, knees, butt, etc...  At 30 minutes I want to stop.  At 40 minutes too.  By 50 minutes, the G2 was gone, and the water was almost finished. Germaphobe was gone too. I was cursing my pants. I was cursing the gym.  By 70 minutes, I was wondering who invented the treadmill.  Then some guy came in to run as fast as he could for 5 minutes, and then run only a bit slower sideways.  Truly annoying but it only lasted 10 minutes total.  Then the lady that annoys the shit out of me by running 30 seconds at full speed and standing on the side of the treadmill for 2 minutes got on (I really need to learn to run looking up, so I'm not constantly looking at people's legs/feet...this would solve that issue). She was only on for 10 minutes as well (and blocked the guy partially). At 80 minutes I realized I had to stop the TM and restart it to get 7 miles.  When was I going to stop it? Would I keep going? Could I subtract my distance correctly from 7 to run the right amount? I stopped it at 5.9 and restarted. I ran the last 1.1 miles.  All in all it was a good run, speed wise.  I kept my pace even at 4.5.  I think I could have done 4.7 but with the hip hurting earlier in the week, I didn't want to risk it.

After my cool down and stretches (and 30 seconds cleaning the TM), I left.  I barely got to the car before my shoes were off.  I pretty much hobbled around the rest of the day.  The new ones have been sitting somewhere in Atlanta since Saturday. Counting down to next week to order non-insulated compression capris and shorts.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Does it ever scare you when you think like someone else (like they wrote the blog you were thinking about...)?  That happened to me today reading Nitmos's blog.
Yesterday, I found this shirt at One More Mile (local GA store).
I sent it to my friends because it is so true about me.  Even when running with SB, if I have to wait for him, I pause the damn thing.
Oh well.  Type Whatever Personality...

I've done 2 runs this week.  I was going to run yesterday. It didn't happen because my knee/hip/back hurt from sitting oddly doing some work.  So I did a complete mind dump on my co-worker who doesn't know me well.  All about Guinness.  I talked to her for an hour (lovely woman) and didn't cry once.  I got out what I needed to say about G-dog, and actually feel free for being able to tell someone it.  Probably shouldn't have told a co-worker, but eh.

Tomorrow is 7 miles!  I'm not feeling ready.  I did order a new pair of shoes, that won't be here in time. My feet have been hurting on the treadmill.  Feels like I'm running barefoot on cement.  The shoes have 360+miles on them.  I had a $70 gift card to Amazon.  So my shoes were $22.  Score.  Why they are $149 every where else, I will never figure out.  I do need compression shorts, but the funds are short due to car tags, insurance, gas, etc. Maybe next paycheck.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February (and January) are done!

So the totals of February are behind us.  For the first time in 2 years, no one close to me died in February and nothing disastrous happened (2 years ago, my grandmother died on my bday; last year I lost my job, the dryer broke, the tile fell off in the shower, the doorbell broke and to cap it off my grandfather died).  Of course, part of this year was by design.  I couldn't bare to have G-dog put down in February or I would just crash and burn. Such as it is, that aspect of my life isn't doing that great anyway.  But I'll get through it.  Like D said, "We always do."

Anyway, I did a lot of running.  Much more than in January.  I think part of January's low mileage is because training for the half marathon started later this year.  Weight...hahahaha!  I've lost 5.2 since January 1, but I still have not lost the damn Christmas Weight.  I'm on a plateau.  Lose .5, .3 .2, gain 3 pounds. Oh well.  I'm still a lot less than I was last year.

I'm in Week 7 of HM training.  Only 9 more weeks to go.

Mileage (mostly running, some walking pre and post runs):
January 2010: January 2011
64.77: 38.21 (missed 7 miles of running in 2011)
February 2010: February 2011
72.93: 67.34 (missed 4 miles of running in 2011)