Weight I have lost

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August's Tallies

Weight Lost: 1.8 pounds
Miles Run/Walked: 83.64 miles
Longest Run: 12 miles
How many runs missed: 3 (1 10 miler and 2 3milers)
Achievements: Keeping my leg healthy
Craziness: Running/Walking 28.55 the last week of August

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bursitis Rears Its Ugly Head

So for about a week, my outer knee has been hurting.  Did I stop running?  No.  Did I wear a brace?  No.  Did I do kicks or any exercises I know I should be doing?  No.  Did I use the foam roller?  No.

Am I totally shocked I woke up on Thursday with pain in my hip running down to my knee?  Yep!

Funny how that works. 

So Thursday morning I got to work and read how to combat bursitis/ITB without going to the doctor.  Anti-inflammatories, ice, a band on leg, rest, slow down, etc.

Then Runner's World put something on Facebook about avoiding injury.  It was all about the recovery run.  Reaching in the cobwebs of my brain, I recall the PT telling me this.  To run slowly. To stop if it hurts, etc.  I also recall that I have been running pain free up until I gained too much weight to wear my CW-X compression capris that don't require me to wear a brace.  That hold in my hip and knee, etc. (Stabylix)  And that no other brand really works as well in that department (and they don't have my size at the moment).

I had a class to take yesterday so I couldn't run and buy yet another brace (it's not like I know where all the other ones are).  So I took Advil throughout the day and felt remarkably better.  I decided I would try to run and if I couldn't, I would walk.

Running is a relative term.  Yesterday it was running at a 4.3 pace.  It was easy since it was so slow.  I walked every 3 minutes.  This is what I could recall my PT telling me to do.  The walking was really hard because I didn't feel tired, so I didn't want to do it.  I did.  When I finished, I felt accomplished.  And then I did my kicks.  And when I got home, I rolled on the roller.

So after work, I'm going to go get a brace.  10 miles should be interesting tomorrow.  I am not sure if I will use the brace or am I going to try to stuff myself into compression capris.  Either way, I know if I feel pain to stop.  But I also feel good that I have a plan to tell the bursitis to STFU, and to go away.  I just wish I hadn't gotten cocky and been doing this plan all along.

Friday, August 1, 2014

July's Journey

Weight Lost: 1.3 pounds
Miles Run/Walked: 68.99 miles
Longest Run: 7 miles
How many runs missed: 3 (1 6 miler and 2 3miler)
Achievements: Running on a Sunday in SC to get my 4th run in
Craziness: Running 6 miles on a TM almost 30 minutes faster than running 7 outside.