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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Run of the Year

Well, I got up this morning and walked the pups. Got home and was wide awake, so I put on the pants, the shoes, the brace, the HRM, the Garmin, the bra, the shirt and a coat. Put Guinness back on her leash and off we went. We went on our tried and true 3.1 mile course. I hate it/love it very much. It is ALL hills. You start out downhill then go up hill and seem to climb for awhile. The first mile was ok. I had to stop twice to adjust my knee brace. My knee cap seemed to want to move around. Finally I got the brace set right.

We did the first mile in 17 minutes. The other 2 miles I guess were better, I didn't hear the beep at mile 2. It was rather peaceful being up and running at 8. No one was out. So it was just me and Guinness. I showed her what a Dumpster was, we woofed at the German Shepard, stayed away from the Pit Bull, and waved to the Dalmation in the window. I have stopped using my iPod on neighborhood runs, because I already don't hear very well, so I need to be aware of the cars. Lots speed. I think we yelled twice at cars to slow down. Got the finger and returned it once.

Finally we were done.

Then getting through some issues, D and I went to the liquor store and got some coffee stout from Milwaukee (I have to look up the name), LH Milk Stout, Guinness, and Pipeline Porter.
Oh and besides contacting the credit bureaus, if you know what to do if a medical drug test with your SSN, name, birthday, and address, flew out of your car and went high in the sky, across the street and disappeared, let me know.

Happy New Year.
Time: 52:08 (run)
Mileage: 3.13 (16:40 min/mile)
Calories: 383
Max HR 181
Avg HR: 158

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I have been running really, I have

Just haven't been posting.

I hope Santa was good to those of you who celebrate Christmas, and otherwise, I hope whoever was good to you.
D and I had a very nice Christmas. We both got what we wanted although I was shocked because I didn't even think about what he got me. He got a Capitals Hockey Jersey. He has been looking at it since they changed the design last year. But really who has the money for that...apparently his mom and I do. He was totally shocked, I think, and he was very happy.

I got 3 books and 2 CDs and a leaf blower from his parents (I asked for it). D decided I was getting a Garmin, but then realized he knew me and wasn't sure if I had researched which one I wanted and all that. So on the 26th we went to the running store so I could talk to the guy about it. He answered all my questions but was selling it (the 305) for $80 more than Amazon. I got him to sell it to me for $20 more. Since neither of us was sure that it would work with Vista, I felt the $20 was worth it as it would be easier to return to him.

So today Guinness and I got all set up and off we went. We changed our route but not by much. The first mile was very slow. I didn't use all the fancy stuff so I know the first mile was 17 something (we had some pee and poop breaks). The second 2 miles were hell. It was raining and that's where all the hills are. Finally we got through it and beep beep. Mile 4 was done. And I wasn't even home yet. So we got home at 72 minutes. Our pace was slow, but we had fun on the run. We (I) talked and she ran in the puddles.

Good run in terms of relaxing, bad in terms of time. Eh!

Time: 72:38 (run)
Mileage: 4.34 (16:44 min/mile)
Calories: 532
Max HR 185
Avg HR: 168
From last Saturday:
Time: 73:38 (run)
Mileage: 5 (14:44 min/mile)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Robinson Crusoe...wait who is that?

OK, so yesterday was the Jingle Jog 5K. I woke up at 5:40 with the alarm set to go off at 6:00.

My bladder was very full, but I didn't want to get out of bed. I decided to rough it like Robinson Crusoe. At 5:50 I realized I had no idea what that meant. I never read Robinson Crusoe, so who knows. At 6 I got up, relaxed the bladder and got ready. I wasn't sure if D was going or not since he was feeling horrible the night before. He got up and got ready too.

It was a lovely 27 degrees. We got in the car and went to the race. I told D about the Robinson Crusoe thing. He asked if I was on drugs. We got to the race, parked, and went and looked for registration. We found that, and then realized we had 40 minutes to kill. We walked around a lot. Mostly to keep warm. We looked for my co-worker Seth who was the one who convinced us to run. We couldn't find him. We also couldn't find the start line. So we kept walking around. Finally we found it. We asked a guy to take our pic and then Seth found us. We all got in the start. Seth went up front, I stayed in the back. D decided he was going to run with me. That lasted about 10 seconds into the race.

Me and D

Me and Seth

So the race started. Lots of kids. I really wish there were age limits to these things. Lots of moms, making sure everyone was holding hands! Yay (insert eye roll). Anyway, after tripping over 1, I decided to run my own race. D was infront of me, but I could see him. We ran down to Einstein Bros and they yelled at 14 min for mile 1. I decided that albeit slow, I was just going to run. I have been sick, and there were a lot of people, and WTF is that...dogs running. I don't mean German Shepherds, Goldens, Labs, or other normal size dogs. I mean Pomeranians and other rat dogs. Never mind I don't like toy dogs, but it seems cruel to make those legs run 3 miles.

I thought about this at the start of mile 2 which was a HILL. Everyone around me was walking. I kept talking (so people thought I was crazy), telling Guinness to pull me up, we can do it. Now this was crazy, because Guinness was back at home sleeping. But it got me up the first part of the hill. The hill would flatten and then go up. All of Mile 2 was like this. I seemed to have surrounded myself with this annoying woman and 4kids, the mom/son/shitzu combo and 2 women with a poodle. The 2 women with the poodle had no patience for anything, and had I been walking I think I would have made 2 new friends. Everything I thought was annoying they voiced. The road was crappy. If I'm going to pay $1M for a home around here, I want a better road (there were lots of potholes.) Those kids are brats. How is it 10 year olds have better running gear than me? I thought it, they said it. Finally we finished mile 2...30 minutes.

Mile 3 started. It was mostly flat. I just started to try to pick it up. My lungs hurt but I felt I was going fast (my time would show me I wasn't). So the 2 ladies were still talking. We got to some photographer and the rat dog people stopped and posed. But they STOPPED. That was it. The 2 ladies fell into them, and finally said, "Pick up your damn dog will ya!" This made me laugh and forget about the fact that their posing made the photographer not get a pic of me. Oh well. The last turn was all downhill. I went on my way and left everyone behind. I crossed Mile 3 at 44. So I crossed at 46:05.

D and Seth were waiting for me. Seth ran at 31 something and D ran at 37 something. We went and got our shirts and get water. Did I mention it was 27 degrees. Well I guess water wasn't important. Of course I could get coffee or hot chocolate. We realized too that Seth lost his key. So we looked everywhere, and went into Home Depot where D bought me some water. We finally found the key at Lost and Found of the race. So we all parted. I was still perturbed about no water. This seems to becoming a theme.

So later in the day D and I decided to check out the Porter Bar. Pretty good. A little confused with the name since the beer list seemed focused on wheats. I did have a Left Hand Milk Stout and a Great Divide Porter. D had a Beamish and a Great Divide. We also split a Reuben and a Ham and Cheese. The French Fries were awesome. Although the bartender thought I didn't like them because I only had 5.

Then is when we decided we should leave...the man and woman who sat down next to us were interstesting. First the woman had enough collagen that we were sure she wouldn't be able to feel if she was giving her man a BJ. And he had this little case. It was black leather and it was a little roll. It looked like a dildo. So with his little dick on the bar and her lips we were making fun. Then they wanted to know if the fish and chips were greasy (huh!). The bartender goes, "No, they are just cooked in oil." The 2 didn't get what he meant so they ordered it. I think they were high too because they ate popcorn, fries and the fish and chips. And they were grubbing. I stretched back and then saw it. The chick had hair extensions that were coming through. It was so bad. I don't think the picture did justice. It is hard to take a pic in a dark bar incognito.

Bad hair

So we left.
Fun day!

Time: 46:05 (run)
Mileage: 3.1 (14:52 min/mile)
Calories: 1277
Max HR 190
Avg HR: 143
In Zone 13:10

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm STILL here

It is like I almost fell off the face of the earth.
Well, I have sort of.

First, SIL's biopsy was benign. Yay!

Second, my knee finally feels better, I went and got yet another brace and was ready to run!
And then I got a cold. All in my head. And then I got better for a day. And then I got the flu.

So I'm recovering from that. I decided to sign up for a 5K this Saturday since I haven't run since 11/15. Aye yi yi! I'm a bit nervous.
But as my friend Kara pointed out...eh just have a good time for 45 minutes and then you'll be done!