Weight I have lost

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I will Study at Some Point

So I'm supposed to be studying reliability.
Instead, today, I made the dogs cookies. Guinness liked them this morning. Tonight, not so much.

The cookies

Guinness eating a giant Yoda Cookie (made from a pancake mold)

I also took a nap.
I also went on a run.
I also painted my toe nails.
I also made dinner.
So, it is almost 8pm and I haven't cracked the book.
Oh, and I have watched the Psych Marathon and am now on the repeat loop.

So HR answers...I keep a towel on the treadmill, and only looked when I was having trouble catching air. Then I couldn't get it down.
I use a Polar. It wasn't messing with anyone else's because there was no one else there.

So I ran Tuesday. 2 miles. I can run 1 mile without stopping but I get out of breath. Really, I'm not running fast so I don't get it. I did stop 3 times. My HR wouldn't drop from the 180s.

Today I ran 3 miles. I ran 15 minutes and then walked 2 minutes. My HR dropped to 155 from 185. I ran 3 minutes at 4.7 mph, then 4.4 and 4.5. Walked 2 more minutes. HR dropped to 165 from 185. Then I ran 5.o, 4.9 and 4.8 mph each 1 minute. Then 4.3 for 2 minutes, then finished at 4.5. Ran 3 miles at 41.04. So slow from a few months ago. It is a bit discouraging. But my HR is recovering faster, so that is good.

I also walked 1 mile (.5 before and .5 after), stretched the leg for 5 minutes, and rolled for 2 minutes. The rolling doesn't hurt at all now.

Work is good. I'm liking what I'm doing. I don't like getting gussied up (to me) every day. My makeup is making my face look like a 16 year old (Bare Minerals). I can hear my friend B chuckling, because when we went shopping she was getting cleaner, and was like, "You use Dial to wash your face?" That's probably it. I also haven't worn this much makeup since I was about 16.

Almay Mascara
is rocking...No flakes, and no bothering my eyes. Covergirl (don't know what kind)was bugging them after using CG for 20+ years, and they discontinued Covergirl Marathon.

And finally Gatorade, I have a plus and a minus for you. I'll start on the negative so I end on a positive note. Really, I don't like these stage drinks, since I always drink G2 and now keep accidentally pick up Gatorade Stage 2 thinking it is G2. Really, your marketing department gets a BIG FAIL on that.

But the Lemon-Lime and Strawberry Stage 2 is excellent. It tastes like margarita mix. I was drinking it on my walks and couldn't figure out why I had the urge to sit on a patio and eat chips and salsa. Then the light bulb went off. So great job on the taste.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rolling on the Floor

So I'm supposed to be making a grocery list. I have 2 days planned so far (meat loaf and lasagna pasta). Oh well.

So my foam roller came Wednesday. I immediately tried it out. OK, don't try one of these out in bare feet on a wood floor. My feet slid out from under me, I looked ridiculous, and I couldn't stop laughing. Somehow I rolled on the floor for about 4 minutes, laughing the entire time.

Saturday D and I went to the gym. I told him how long I planned to be there, and he planned his run accordingly. After my .5 mile warmup, I started running. I ran for 8 minutes, and then back to a walk for 2 minutes. Next I ran for 6 minutes. My first mile was 14+ minutes. The second mile was a little harder. I was having some issue breathing. My HR was 190. I had to walk for about 3 minutes just to get it down. Every time I ran it went up to 185. So I backed off a little more. I finally finished 3 miles in 42 minutes. So while running, I noticed 2 things...I'm afraid to speed up because I'm afraid my leg will give out (forget hurting, I'm afraid it will just buckle...irrational fear (I hope)). The second thing...what was up with my HR? Was the heat outside affecting inside? I don't know. But getting myself to agree to slow down is very difficult...even when I can't breathe. So the 2 things make me conclude I'm nuts.

After a .5 mile cool down (I got my HR to 160), I stretched and got it to 120. Then we went home. I rolled around on the floor with sneakers. OMG! I thought I was going to die with the roller. It hurt so bad. I got 3 rolls in before I was dying. I tried 2 more times, and then I went and showered.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Ran, and I still have a Hip!

So I decided I was running today.

In preparation for it, I went shopping yesterday with B and M. I bought a belt, some shoes, some more shoes, mascara, blush, hair gunk and toe nail polish. Yes, I still need polish to cover up the black and blue toenails.

Shoe #1. The most comfortable shoe ever!

Shoe #2: Not that great looking, but so comfortable!

I got home and walked SB and Guinness, separately. G and I did a mini-jog home (about 10 feet).

This morning, D and I went to breakfast and then he went to work and I went to the grocery store. My leg hurt, but more like a pulled groin except on the outer hip and under the butt cheek (the technical term). I took my dreaded Aleve and played with Guinness. Finally I decided to go to the gym.

I walked to the treadmill. Oh how I missed you, TM! I got on, and walked, between 2.6 and 3.0 mph. Still some twinging but the same amount as before I started. Longer strides made the hip feel better. .5 miles later, 10 minutes had passed. I burned a whopping 50 calories.

OK, so I decided I would walk 90/run 30 seconds. I started at 3.1mph. I jacked it up to 4.3 mph when it came time to run, and then brought it back to 3.1 when the time came. This wasn't going to work. It took too long to get it to the right pace, so I was only running for about 10 seconds. I tried it again only with 1 minute running. That was better. On the 3rd running segment, I tried 2 minutes. I wanted to go longer. Let me push it. No don't push it. I walked even though I didn't want to. At .6 miles, I ran for 3 minutes. By the time I got to run again I was at .9 miles. So the last run was less than 1 minute.

I walked .5 miles after. My hip still felt the same amount of soreness. It still felt sore under the ass. I finished the walk, and then stretched. That took 5 minutes. Then I went to Aldi to finish the groceries.

So I iced when I got home, and since I iced is when the hip got sore (also did laundry, and hung up clothes, and ironed). So I will try again on Tuesday if the hip feels ok.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bastille Day Came and Went

So yesterday was Bastille Day. I haven't exercised. I didn't exercise.

OK, well, let's back up.
Work started Monday. I sit in the SE corner of the floor. The Bathroom, printer, and soda machine/water fountain are all on the NW corner. Not to mention HR is on the 6th floor (take the stairs) and IT is on the first floor (I used the elevator). So every time I sat down, my hip hurt. But every time I walked, my hip felt good.

Tuesday, Aleve upset me lots, so there were lots of trips to the NW corner and back. Except for the drive home, the hip felt good.

Yesterday, I wouldn't even know I had a hip issue. Same with today.

So I'm going shopping on Saturday with B and M. Not a 5 hour...more like 2 tops. Work is business casual. But more business than casual. So I'm ironing everyday, and cargoes and jeans are a no go. And the zillions of black pants I own are all too small since I haven't worn them since 2004 (packrat). So I'm going with 5 pairs of pants 3 polos, and 4 oxfords. Fridays I can wear jeans, so yay!

I'm going to try the gym on Sunday. Not sure yet doing what.

I lost .7 pounds this week, but still didn't lose the July 4th weight. D on the other hand hit 51 pounds lost.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bastille Day is coming

Bastille Day is coming and I don't think I'll be running.
In fact, as of now I'm not running, biking or swimming.

D and I went shopping last weekend. I'm a once-a-year shopper, so it is usually 5-6 hours. And this trip was no different. Except around hour 4 I was uncomfortable, but trudged through it. Ice and Aleve and 8 days later, and my hip is still in pain. So I can't run or bike. And swimming, well walking to the pool (it is in the middle of the park so no parking), is a no go.

So adjusting Sparkpeople, I can eat 500 calories less. I am so bummed. I'm hoping my doctor will give me a cortizone shot (once I get insurance), and not deal with the MRI, the PT, and all that. Because I can't sleep either. So I'm a complete grouch.

First day of work tomorrow. So I can find out if insurance starts tomorrow or August...I can't remember how long before it kicks in.