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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Update

I'm just rocking in all the ways.

My allergies are making my eyes mucus-glued shut, and headache from hell since last Thursday.  I forgot I was going to write a guest blog for my friend over at Euphoric Agony (SOOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!).  I hurt my foot but am going to ignore it until May 2 (2 days after the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon). And I'm pretty sure the IRS will somehow screw me on my taxes since part of it didn't make sense.

So last week, I ran twice.  Tuesday I ran 5 miles.  Wednesday we took the dogs to Wagging Tales and Ales at the dog park. Basically you pay to go to the dog park and drink 2 crappy beers (Budweiser was the best they had, and there were no ales).  But it was a gorgeous evening, and the proceeds go to the dog park.  Scuttlebutt had a great time. McMenamin got out of the park (with 2 other dogs) because some moron doesn't understand the 2 gate system or the posted directions on the 2 gate system. I didn't have to yell at her because another woman yelled at her and summed up my views.  (Moron, stupid, idiot along with a lot of expletives were there)... I thanked her for yelling so I didn't have to.

I don't know why we didn't run Thursday. Laziness?  Long drive?  I don't remember.  Saturday came and my head was rocking.  Still, it was only 6 miles.  I put on the compression shorts (cheaper last week), and walked the dogs with D, and then went on my way.  A little later than last time, but no one was on Beer/Chess Hill.  There was a guy on the Ditched Stolen Car area, so I avoided that.  Went up my Nemesis hill, and to German Shepherd pass.  Still slow although not as slow as last week.  Terrorist Dogs were not out. Across from the free clinic, 2 needles...woohoo! Reminded me of why I will never run barefoot.  On Bellsouth Hill, 2 little girls were practicing their cheer moves.  Nothing else exciting for the remainder of the loop.

Went back to GS pass.  I waved to the lady who was out.  She asked me where my "beautiful mutt" was.  I stopped the Garmin, and told her that Guinness had passed.  I asked her about her new GS.  Apparently he is not full GS, and she had the breeder arrested. She told me all about all of her former German Shepherds, her husband, her neighbor Gussy and her dog Dussy, the man that lived down where those houses are, etc.  She has lived in her house 50 years, and is 87 yo.  I restarted my run 20 minutes later (with Garmin), and ran the fastest mile of my 6.  When I got down to the Boring Road, another neighbor yelled, "Looking great!  You've lost weight! Keep it up."  That made me feel good.  Finished up that loop and went back into the subdivision.

Coming down Nemesis hill, my foot hurt.  I looked down and noticed my shoes looked old.  I either had on my old running shoes or my really old running shoes (the problem with being a hoarder and with buying the same shoes).  My foot felt cracked which I bet it is since I broke it 8 years ago and never had it fixed (actually I went to Disney World the day after I fell off some stairs (sober) and walked on it for 4 days in comeplete pain and then mentioned it to my dad who told me I was an idiot after looking at it.  That was the end of my prognosis).  My hip also hurt.  Damn shorts!  I ran down the other hill and finished.

My dad and brother came later.  My dad and I fixed my porch stair, and then watched basketball (D was working).

Tuesday, another 5 miles for me and D. This time on the treadmill. I laced up the left foot very tight.  Running was fine until Mile 4.2.  Then I could feel it.  I will have to take Advil before trying 5 miles again.  I did a lot of stretching and then went home (D and I take seperate cars to the gym).  D was sitting on the couch, looking very somber.  I had no clue what happened but immediately thought the worst about a family member.  Then he showed me...seems someone was upset that we went to the gym.

Does Garmin have a McMenamin Clause?
There really isn't much to say...Garmin won't repair that (as in, I'm not even going to bother to ask them for fear of guffaws on the other end of the phone).  Why the 4 bones on the floor were no good or the power cord to the laptop I don't know...Anyway, I got on Amazon and ordered another one (cheaper than the Garmin site). It should be here Friday with a pair of non-insulated capris (still cheaper on Amazon).


GeorgiaSnail said...

ZOMG! My face cracked when I saw the pic of the Garmin(RIP)...oh, man! My dogs would have some serious 'splainin to do....

Dude, that really sucks. Hopefully the garmin replacement will last longer.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Woah! I didn't think such damage was even possible!

Julie said...

Wow what a bummer on the Garmin!!! I would be one unhappy camper.

Keeping my fingers crossed on your foot!

Becca said...

Awww...Uh Oh...Why couldn't it just have been an old shoe? :)

Curious about the compression shorts...

Christina said...

I think I will hyper-ventilate if my Garmin ever turn up like that.

I am curious about the compression shorts too. I kinda need it to wear under my Tempos so I don't chafe. Argh, Juicy Thighs!

I wish someone would yell at me and say "Looking great. You've lost weight." People would probably yell at me and say, "Hey! What did you steal out of my kitchen?"