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Monday, March 14, 2011

Does it Really Count?

So, on Saturday I proved once again that I'm totally OCD.

I had an 8 mile run.  I wasn't having a good morning, and was thinking a run would help clear my head.  It was 36 degrees but supposed to be 56 2 hours later (by the time I would get back).  I laced up the shoes, and took Scuttlebutt and McMenamin (he now has a name) out for a quick walk/warmup and dropped them off.

The beginning of the run was ho-hum. I could tell I was running slowly.  I added a sidestreet to Chess/Beer hill. The 2 old men weren't out drinking and playing chess at 745.  No one was in the drug apartments so the sidestreet was ok.  My headphones only half-worked, so I wore them since I could still hear sounds of the road.

Up Nemesis hill and pass German Shepherd pass.  Lady got a new GS.  Gorgeous.  She is all black with brown feet.  Such coloring.  Anyway, Dog and I said hi and yes, I was running slowly...16 minutes for that mile.  I attributed it to going up hill (yeah...).  Terrorist Dogs are no longer there, although there are some new Terrorists (dogs, that is) at the next house over.  So they let their presence be known.  I ran up BellSouth Street and saw the new "Nightclub" (no license, and the back windows have been boarded up so huge fire hazard...but there is a rave with 5000 people invited coming on April 1, according to FaceBook...hooray Property Values!) .  Anyway at 815 in the morning, it is still a good street (long but seems short).

The pitbulls that escaped a few weeks ago were behind the fence, and the corner drug house is no longer.  People with a little dog live there.  They were eating breakfast on their stoop.  Up that hill. I thought about running around the church but for some reason decided against it.  I ran down the boring road, and crossed over.  I was going to run a new road. In the car, it was a hill going down and a hill going up.  I got to the down hill. It was much steeper than in the car.  I said, "Oh hell no!" and turned around and crossed back over.  The lady outside getting her paper giggled at me.  By now 2 miles had come and I was faster.  I went down the school hill which is probably just as steep as the one I said no way to.  Then back up to Terrorist Dogs.  Instead I went to GS Pass again and then to Terrorist Dogs.  Turning around, a man walking said, "Go Big Momma. Work it."  A year ago, I would have taken offense. Now, I'm pretty sure it was meant as a compliment. Even if it wasn't, I'm taking it that way.

By the time I did this loop again, I was up to 6+ miles (or maybe I did it 2 more times...that seems more plausible...Alzheimer's anyone?). So I decided to head to the subdivision.  I did pretty well but decided to go back up Chess/Beer Hill because I could stop by the house and grab a water bottle.  I got the bottle, and ran until my 9 minutes were up and then walked.  I was at ~7.1+.  Some guy in an SUV was looking for the park. I stopped the Garmin, and gave him directions.  He turned around, and I started the Garmin and ran again.  He came back and I stopped at ~7.3+. Apparently I gave him the wrong directions. Who does that...comes back and asks the person that gave you the wrong directions the right ones? It's not like I did it on purpose. It's not like I didn't give BIG LANDMARKS.  Anyway, I told him to get a f-ing GPS and continued.  I was almost finished the Chess/Beer Hill and looked at the watch.  7.3+ miles.

I restarted the watch and ran down the hill and finished the 8 miles.  And stopped.  I walked up the hill and tried to convince myself that even though I didn't know how far I ran, I did run 8 miles. That I didn't need to scrap the 8+ miles and start again.  That it counted.  Really, still, it is bugging the ever living shit out of me.  Yes, I don't believe I ran my 8 miler because of idiot who can't use Mapquest before leaving his house.

I'm not OCD or anything.

Sunday D and I took the dogs for a 3 mile walk (was supposed to run, but gorgeous day so we wanted to go to the park which is brick and cement paved...not good for the hip).  We went to the park, the cemetery and back to the park.  3.36 miles walked.  I can live with that.  

McMenamin getting water

SB saying it is time to go home!


Christina said...

Adorable dogs!!!

Gee! I don't think I would dare to run where you were running ... terrorist dogs, beer men, drug house ... goodness gracious!

Delane said...

I hate when I muck up my garmin. It just bugs me.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Can you guestimate using google maps how far you ran without your Garmin on?

McMenamin is adorable! I live on the same block as a McMenamin's pub. I am there several times a week (it is a surprisingly great place to get work done!)

Rose said...

Your dogs are beautiful!

When I was using the Nike+ app it would stop randomly if I was at a stop light too long, and I wouldn't realize it for miles later. SO annoying.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

It does count!!!!

I love running in shady neighborhoods. My old neighborhood had some areas like that. I always loved running by Mr. Wafle (yes it is spelled that way)

Adam said...

I totally think you ran the 8. But, I understand what you mean. I would question it too if it were me. (But I still think you shoudl count it.)

Nitmos said...

Beware of the innocent poeple with the little dog eating breakfast in the former drug house. Sounds like a front. They're making crystal meth in the basement.