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Monday, March 28, 2011

9 Miles

So I finished Week 10 of training.  22 miles. All on the day scheduled.

The 9 miler was on my list of things worrying me all week. First my foot hurt.  Then would my hip hold up. Then the place I wanted to run was having a 5K so I didn't want to deal with that.  Then...

Saturday came and it was cooler than usual.  57 degrees.  I decided to test out the new capris. I decided to run the neighborhood. I decided I was going to run.

I did the normal Chess/Beer Hill. Chess/Beer Man #1 was getting home (730AM), it looked like from work.  We waved to each other.  Up Nemesis Hill. It was slightly easier to get up.  And up German Shepherd Pass. At the end of GSP, a guy was out and he said, "You are out early." I said, "Yeah, 9 miles today."  He said, "Good God.  I hope the dog will be ok."  I smiled and ran.  The thing was, I wasn't running with a dog.  Oh well.  Mile 1 came and went.  In the middle of Mile 2, I got to a stop sign at the Drug Corner House.  A car stopped, and the guy said, "Your dog is looking really tired. How much further you got?"  Ok, now, I must just be going crazy. Maybe I do have a dog with me.  But no, I don't.  I skipped the Park at the school, because it is when going down hill that my foot really hurts. Plus all the rolling hills will be adequate for the day.  All my miles are getting faster, although I averaged 14:35min miles.  On the 2nd loop, the 2 guys who recycle in a baby carriage asked me if I needed a drink.  I politely declined.  I did almost step on a used condom.  Again, eew, but yay for the usage. 

Mile 5 (3rd loop) I couldn't go down GSP.  A strange car was out sitting at the end of the street. It just didn't feel right so I turned around.  Up Terrorist Dog Hill and Free Clinic.  Recycling Baby Carriage Guys were returning from their trip.  We waved.  Up BellSouth Hill, still looking at the future death trap (unlicensed club with window boarded up on top floor), and I hear foot steps. I keep thinking it is the guy from GSP.  I see a guy at the top of the hill, so if guy behind me does something, he will see it.  Guy behind me is getting closer and closer.  I keep my pace and act cool.  D passes me and waves.  I really need to check my vivid imagination.  He said later that if he didn't know I was out running, he wouldn't have known it was me.  He said my figure has totally changed.  Anyway Mile 5 was in the 12 minute range...

One more lap around the hood, and then back to the subdivision.  I could tell I was changing my stride on Nemesis Hill to compensate for my foot.  I also know the HM is relatively flat.  I stopped by the house to grab some water because I knew I would be done 9 miles before getting back to the house.

Back up Chess/Beer Hill. The other CBH guy was out on the stoop, drinking beer (or apple juice).  He waved.  I got to the end of the street.  A car came.  There was a woman on the corner (on her lawn) with no pants (but this is not the Lady With No Pants that hangs at the gas station). This lady didn't show us her stuff. Instead, she yelled to the car driver, "Hey! You gotta a cigarette?  I don't feel like putting on pants to go to the store." And with that last guffaw from my lungs, I was done my 9 miles!


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Oh my God! You win the sketchy neighborhood award! Is there nowhere you can drive to to run 9 miles in peace?

Julie said...

LOL!!! That neighborhood you live in is crazy! I don't have that many crazy things happen in a year of running let alone one run! :)

Good for you for getting it done!

GeorgiaSnail said...

Give that dog some water already!?!?!?

Trish said...

Way to go!! I agree - crazy neighborhood!! What's up with the dog?