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Friday, March 11, 2011

People are Gross, even Me.

So 9 miles run this week.  The first was the 9 minutes run/ 1 minute walk.  I completed my 4.5 miles in under 1 hour.  The second run of 4.5 miles was "see if you can run 4.5 miles without stopping." I can, in over 1 hour (and 3 minutes).  So with that test out of the way, I will continue my 9/1 on medium and long runs.

I did get my new running shoes...so much better.

So in my ever fun gym, I pissed yet another person off.  I know you are shocked.  So, it was me and one other guy on 2 of 12 treadmills. Typical urinal fashion. Him at one end, me at the other (I went to school where the ratio was 4:1 male: female...I heard all about urinal rules...these are also movie theater seat rules, stall rules and now treadmill rules).  So 3rd guy enters.  He has 10 TMs to choose from.  Which one does he choose? The one next to me.  And I doubt that Sex And the City or Biggest Loser were that entertaining without the Closed Captioning.  Anyway, this douchebag was bathed in Axe.  I don't mean he spritzed some on. I mean he bathed in the shit.  My eyes started watering.  My lungs started closing up.  Then I started sneezing.  Now normal sneezing probably wouldn't be that gross, but keep in mind, I've been running.  I have some good snot rockets building, also good spit wads.  All kinds of good stuff.  I had 2 ways I could turn my head (I didn't want to sneeze on my towel which had my distance on the TM covered).  So which way do you think I turned?  Yeah, I wasn't polite.  I mean this was a "Distance and Accuracy Shot." I sprayed his arms, his neck, shirt...Awesome.  He said some words, I told him not to wear offensible cologne, and he moved. Because I heard him, I realized my headphones didn't work.  My friend said he liked me and that's why he got next to my TM.  I think he was gay (as are 90% of the men at the gym), so I don't buy it. And if he liked me before that incident, I'm sure he doesn't now.

My hip has been twinging, so Wednesday, I ordered the shorts (CW-X didn't give me them).  I didn't get the mesh ones.  I can't bring myself to look at them without thinking of the 80s guy with a mullet in his mesh top with his chest hair poking through.  That is not the image I want to see when I put on compression shorts. So I got normal ones.  And a set of headphones. Right now they are sitting on a mail truck in Kentucky!

Thursday's run was uneventful. My left headphone worked, so I could hear half my songs (I can only hear low-pitch in one ear and high-pitch in the other. I have no clue how long this has been going on but I think since birth since I've complained since about then I can't hear people on the phone). I did accidentally spray a man with 409, but apologized.  Someone hadn't cleaned up their used tissues on 2 treadmills, so I was cleaning 1 of them off for use (I left a note with mgt about people not cleaning, although not much they can do with the number of notes to clean up after yourself, and having 409 at every flat surface). When he saw what I was doing (cleaning), no issue. He did say people are gross (I guess I can't comment on my sneezing on a man).

Oh and you noticed I skipped yet another run (Wednesday).  This is why. "NoName" is now ours. It took a week to go through the adoption process but worth every second.

And if you need headphones head to Adam's Blog to try to win a Sony Walkman.


Nitmos said...

The Sneeze-Off. Bold, but muted. You might want to consider the Shart-Off next time.

RockStarTri said...

"90% of the men at the gym are gay" had me laughing. I'm Mr. Antisocial when I go to the gym. Get away from me, don't talk, and let me get my work done.

Lisa said...

cute dog. i have a cat with those very colors!

Delane said...

Congrats on the pooch. So happy for you.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Oh I am laughing at the guy with all the Axe on. That was good way to get him away from you.

I have my own set of weirdos. The most recent that I encountered in the locker room as naked texting man.