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Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Does it ever scare you when you think like someone else (like they wrote the blog you were thinking about...)?  That happened to me today reading Nitmos's blog.
Yesterday, I found this shirt at One More Mile (local GA store).
I sent it to my friends because it is so true about me.  Even when running with SB, if I have to wait for him, I pause the damn thing.
Oh well.  Type Whatever Personality...

I've done 2 runs this week.  I was going to run yesterday. It didn't happen because my knee/hip/back hurt from sitting oddly doing some work.  So I did a complete mind dump on my co-worker who doesn't know me well.  All about Guinness.  I talked to her for an hour (lovely woman) and didn't cry once.  I got out what I needed to say about G-dog, and actually feel free for being able to tell someone it.  Probably shouldn't have told a co-worker, but eh.

Tomorrow is 7 miles!  I'm not feeling ready.  I did order a new pair of shoes, that won't be here in time. My feet have been hurting on the treadmill.  Feels like I'm running barefoot on cement.  The shoes have 360+miles on them.  I had a $70 gift card to Amazon.  So my shoes were $22.  Score.  Why they are $149 every where else, I will never figure out.  I do need compression shorts, but the funds are short due to car tags, insurance, gas, etc. Maybe next paycheck.


Julie said...

LOve that shirt!

It's good to say what's on your mind sometimes.

Lisa said...

best wishes with the 7 miler!

Nitmos said...

That is a cool shirt.

And, btw, I always know what everyone is thinking. Just a gift.

Christina said...

I like that shirt. It sounds like ME!
Good luck on the 7 miles .... :)

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Autopause, people! Autopause! Then if you pass out, it pauses on its own!

Christy Z. said...

That shirt is totally awesome!