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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Excitingly Boring Wednesday

Do you all have pollen counts?  I can never tell if it is just an Atlanta thing. It seems to be something made up like the Heat Index. I don't recall either of them when living in Maryland, but it seems Georgia is all over them.  So, a count of 90 is considered bad.  Ours are usually somewhere around 2000-4000.  Today they are lower (400) because of the rain.  Pretty much all spring in GA is miserable because everything is covered in yellow/green (snot-colored) dust, your head hurts, your nose hurts, your sinuses hurt, and if you are a mouth-breather, your digestive system is really messed up.  Add to that, 2 dogs who walk outside at least 3 times a day, and the fact I WILL NOT change my sheets every day to compensate for the 2 dogs who track the pollen into bed, and well, I'm miserable. (You can walk 10 minutes, and your black dog is covered in snot-dust).  I never had allergies in Maryland. D didn't either.

So you will rarely ever hear me talk about the wonderful Spring. 

D is also not feeling well.  We are probably on the big Meth Database with the amount of Claritin we bought and the coupons I keep finding.  So how do we keep training?

Well last night, the answer would be, we didn't.  We went to bed around 830PM.  Ugh...missing another day?  No, I got up at 5AM and went to the gym.  5 LONG MILES...mostly because I didn't want to be there.  But I can breathe better in the AM than in the PM (Who knows why since my office building is sealed, and I don't go outside all day). D will run immediately after work, if he can breathe.

McMenamin and SB don't seem bothered by the pollen.  This week (after last week's Garmin debacle), an IRA statement (mail) was eaten, a cookbook destroyed, and my hand-held water bottle devoured. Also a Mountain Dew Soda Box, a Fiber One Bar Box, 1 dog toy are all gone.  My nail polish has no top.  Each day it is a wonder to see what they can get into next (mostly McMenamin, but SB has a thing for mail).


2summers said...

I'm not totally sure about MD, but Northern VA definitely has a pollen count these days, as well as the snot-colored dust. I think it might be getting worse because of climate change.

This is one of the good things about living in Africa. No pollen count or snot-dust.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

The chewing is my biggest fear about getting a dog (I grew up with dogs, but never trained them). I guess it can't be much worse than having the cats barf over expensive things...

Carly said...

I am laughing about being in the Meth database....I am there with you.

Ugh...it is so easy to forget about the chewing stage of puppyhood. We want another dog but I don't know if I can add one more creature to this house that destroys stuff. ha!

Tammy said...

I am aware of the pollen count... I never really had allergies (lucky), so it doesn't really mean much to me.

Puppies chewing is so cute when it's somebody else's stuff. Ugh. Sorry.