Weight I have lost

Friday, April 1, 2011

March is done...One more month of training!

March Totals:
Weight Lost from March 1: 3.6 pounds
Weight Lost from Jan 1: 8.8 pounds
Miles run in March 2010: 77.93
Miles run in March 2011: 84.38
Total Runs missed in March 2011: 5 runs missed for 20.5 miles (2 runs missed this week because I am sick 3 mi and 5 mi), one run missed to drink beer for Guinness's birthday (5 mi), 1 run missed for Wagging Tails and Ails Benefit (3 mi), and 1 probably missed because I am lazy (4.5 mi)). 

Looking at my schedule it seems I like to skip my Thursday run. 
Right now I'm sick.  Hopefully, I will feel ok to run a crappy 10 miler tomorrow.  I'm not concerned about the time...I just remember last year that I had problems with the mind playing games on 10+ mile runs at mile 10.  So I just want to get it done.  We shall see if my throat allows me to.


Becca said...

kicking ass and taking names...and 2011 has just begun!! hope you can get some rest :)

Delane said...

you go girl!!! Great job!

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

10 miles when sick does not sound fun!

Lisa said...

best wishes. i've always had a mental hurdle at 10 miles